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The black lion represents power. If you want to choose this type of logo for your company, I can say that you made a good decision. We can see that companies working in fields such as real estate, finance and money management often use such logos. 

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You can use the following black lion logo designs for free, personal or commercial!

Before choosing this type of logo, you may want to learn about the values that the lion represents in human history. The strongest value represented by a black lion in mythology is courage. However, it also carries concepts such as love and power.

Companies With Black Lion In Logo

If you really want to make a black lion the symbol of your company as a logo, I highly recommend checking out real-life examples.

That's why I've included real-life logo examples in this part of the post.


Peugeot logo svg

Peugeot is a world-renowned long-established brand. The world now knows this brand as a famous automobile manufacturer. However, it was previously engaged in steel production.

Of course, this is not a coincidence. As automobiles began to become widespread, cotton producers were unable to produce them. It is very common for steel producers to turn to this area. The animal in Peugeot's logo is actually a Leopard. However, I added it to this article because it reminds me of a lion and is the most famous company on the list.

Premier League

Premier League svg

Here is the new logo of the Premier League. I think, of all leagues, the most important league that deserves to have a lion in its logo is the English Premier League. Because he always gives a big fight on the field.

It's not actually black. But it is a dark color. That's why I added it to the list because it has dark tones. After all, this list has been created for your inspiration.

Pringle Of Scotland

As you can see, the lion is used by companies in different industries that want to emphasize power. Pringle Of Scotland is a textile company in the third place of our list. Contrast is created by using the white lion figure with the black background. You can see similar examples in our free logo designs. 


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