Blue Flag With Yellow Stars: European Flag Explained

The European Union is the continent's largest, socio-economic and cultural union. There are unions and agreements between the states in it. In this article, we will examine blue flags with yellow stars.

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Europe flag

Its color is a dark blue. 

And there are 12 yellow stars on it. When we think about the reason for this number, the number of member countries may come to mind first. But the number of stars has nothing to do with the number of member countries.

The number 12 simply represents perfection. When we look at it, the only continent in the world where public rights are equally distributed is the continent of Europe. 

According to other fields, there is a form of government in which equality is most prominent and democracy is practiced as much as possible. It is also know as blue flag with stars.


This union originally started as a council in 1955 and turned into a union in 1986. First of all, it was pulled to the upper part. 12 small flags on a dark blue color form a circle.

The circle is generally used for tables where everyone is equal. Angular designs are more common in structures with hierarchical differences.

Rejected flags

Considering the size of the organization, it is no coincidence that more than one flag is proposed. In this section, we will examine the ones that are worth talking about among the rejected ones.

Kalergi request

A red cross inside a yellow circle and a blue background. Although this flag is stylish in design, it may have been rejected in terms of the message it gives. The red cross is often associated with Christian values. Although a large part of European countries are Christian, this flag proposal has never been formalized since it was thought that the union would be governed by values independent of religion, in terms of secularism and loyalty.

8 Rings

8 Rings flag

The blue of this flag is a much lighter blue than that of the original flag. Perhaps it would be correct to describe this blue sky in good weather. This flag reminds me of the Olympics at first glance. The Olympics is also a very deep-rooted organization, but it remained a suggestion, as it could create a conceptual conflict.

Single Yellow Star

Single yellow star

As you know, at that time, the yellow star with a red flag was the symbol of communism. If you notice today, the official color of the Chinese state where communism continues is still red.

When we look at this flag, we see an image that depicts the opposite. But as long as you use the same language, you cannot be against the view you are against. 

You just become another version of it. For this reason, this flag selection could not go beyond being a draft. This is also the flag that I most deserve to be rejected on this list.



This is a great idea. Really. But some design ideas don't make the impression they do when they become reality. This happens all too often in the creative industries. Here is another example of this situation. Designing a flag inspired by the galaxy is great, but the result is definitely outside of the basic aesthetic values.


As you know, after a long period of war, all European countries learned that they can no longer develop by fighting. Over the years, they have seen maintaining their unity in a sensitive and distant manner as a necessary action for peace. Today, the European Union is still as effective and robust as it was on the day it was founded.

Among the reasons for the establishment of the European Union is the economy as well as peace. Against the population and money of the USA, individual states were not in a position to cope with their own currency in volume.

For the independence of their economies, all European countries switched to a common currency called the Euro, and a currency close to North America was formed economically. Of course, this is one of the latest developments. Because the euro currency was introduced in 2002.

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