+200 Blue Things in Nature: Learn With Photos

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Blue things in nature have always intrigued me. I just love them, and it's not just because I'm an Internet nerd or a surfer guy. Not only do they make everything look better, these Blue colored things are really important for our survival as a species.

I'm going to be listing these things and putting them in a list that you can check out. Nature is an amazing thing as it provides us with a lot of beautiful and colorful things.

Popular Blue Things

Balloon flower

Balloon flower with green blur background

Platycodon grandiflorus has been known as the balloon flower, or leopard plant among cultivators and horticulturists. This perennial wildflower is native to China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia. 

Blue Eyes

girl close-up photo with blue eyes

Most people with blue eyes have blue or a mix of different blue shades. That includes sky blue, cobalt blue or deep sapphire. Eyes are normally different shades, with the darkest color in the middle of the iris.


Blueberry close up photography photo

Blueberries (also known as bilberries, huckleberries and whortleberries) are native to northern North America and Eurasia. Blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) are small bushy plants with alternate, simple leaves. 


Uranus 3d in dark space

Uranus is a gas giant with an average radius about four times that of Earth and is one of the handful of planets in our Solar System whose rings are composed of ice and debris rather than rocky material like that found around Saturn or Jupiter.


grass hill and blue cloudy sky

The blue color of the sky is a result of light scattering by the constituents in the atmosphere, primarily visible nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor. The light from the sun passes through a long path of our atmosphere before reaching earth. So it bounces around … and around … and around ... way more than most people realize.


Earth photo from space

Maybe it's not the first thing that comes to our mind blue, but I think it's the most popular blue object in the world. Billions of people live in it and contain tens of billions of different stories and emotions. 

Until the famous blue marble photograph was taken, information about the color of the earth was mere conjecture. 

However, after the photo taken by the Apollo 17 team, it was understood that the predominant color of the Earth is blue.

Dallas Mavericks Jersey

The Dallas Mavericks are an NBA champion basketball team. It is owned by Mark Cuban. The legend of Dirk Nowitzki played in this team. 

Their current star is Luka Doncic. And it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if they win a new championship in the coming years.

Blue Jellyfish

a Blue Jellyfish in deep dark ocean

Blue jellyfish are a unique species of jellyfish found in Hawaii. These beautiful creatures have a very distinctive look to them, and can be seen easily in the waters of Maui.


Oreos hanging on space on light blue background

In fact, the inside of the Oreo is black. So it's a black biscuit.

But its packaging is blue. For this reason, when blue people are asked about a blue object, it turns out to be one of the things that comes to mind in Oreo.

Light Blue Things in Nature

Who doesn't love light blue things? Well, unless you're color blind or something, you'll probably see that they have some pretty awesome benefits in nature. Let's dive into this soft, cute color. 


calm ocean and non-cloud sky

In fact, the oceans have no color. In other words, water has no color. Our water gets its color from the sky. The sky is actually the color of space. But this does not change the fact that the oceans come to mind when we say blue.

Gas flames

Gas flames

A blue flame is supposed to mean that all the combustion products are leaving the burner without any un-combustion gasses. This generally means that complete combustion is happening.  However, this can also vary depending on several factors such as turbulence in the flame, dirty burners and incomplete mixing.


Aster flower image in nature

Aster flower is one of the many flowers you can share with others. Aster flowers come in various designs and shapes to suit your decor, and to compliment your look or style.

Ulysses Butterfly

Ulysses Butterfly

In the world of butterflies, papilio ulysses belongs to the large swallowtail family. If you're wondering what's so special about this butterfly and what it has in common with another big genus in the same family (butterflies), you'll find out soon.

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain bluebirds are one of my favorite birds regarding their appearance and behavior. These elusive birds are found at high altitudes in the mountainous regions where they can be seen feeding on blossoms of alpine flowers and insects.

Indigo Milk Cap

Indigo Milk Cap on earth

Indigo milk cap, also known as lactarius indigo is a white fungus. It is characterized by its blue cap, that colours up when it matures. The milk-like hue comes from the presence of spores that are modified to contain an element called indigo-dye, which is formed by mycelium of "Indigo milk cappings".

Dark Blue Things

Dark blue is the color of the mineral haupt gold, a form of gold that is almost black. 

It's also a color associated with open space and water — both things which make it attractive to humans living in urban environments. 

The fact that parts of the ocean are blue is well established by now, so that part of the color description remains accurate. 

Siamese fighting fish

Siamese fighting fish

The Siamese fighting fish is also known as the betta, or the Betta splendens. They are one of the most popular aquarium fish kept in homes across the globe because of their hardiness. 

These small freshwater fish are no longer considered rare or endangered and are increasingly being kept as pets for the owners who appreciate their vibrant colors and interesting behaviors. 

The Betta splendens is one of the few Southeast Asian freshwater species whose native range extends all the way into India where it tolerates a wider range of water conditions than other species.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone with an intense blue color that originates from Afghanistan. It's often found in other locations around the world, including Pakistan and Mexico.



Describing the Starfish Linckia laevigata's anatomy is quite simple. Its body is brown in color, roughly 5 centimeters long and has five arms: the first one being longer than the rest. Its shape is a very unique one that prevents it from being eaten by predators.

Blue dart frog

Blue dart frog

Blue dart frog is native to the rainforest around the Sipaliwini River. Its bright blue body and pointed, yellow teeth make it one of the most well-known frogs in the world.

Blue Racer Snake

Blue Racer Snake

The blue racer snake is a striking, colorful snake available from New England to southeast Texas. The body is dark brown or black with parallel stripes running from its head down the body. 

The nose and belly are lighter in color with a dark band running along them. This pattern is unique to each individual snake but provides distinctive identification for parents of young snakes.

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Blue Crayfish

Blue Crayfish

Everglades crayfish aren't the only kind of crayfish around, but they are definitely one of the most well-known ones. 

There are many other types of crayfish out there, but the Everglades crayfish is known for its bright blue color.

Blue Foods

Blue Spirulina

a spoon of blue spiruline

Spirulina is a biomass of cyanobacteria that can be consumed by humans and animals. Some spirulina consumption may be helpful to cellular health, helping endurance performance.

Blue Corn

two blue corn

Blue corn is a sweet, delicious grain with a rich and slightly nutty flavor. It is not genetically modified, making it an excellent gluten-free alternative to the yellow corn found in products like couscous, chips, and cornbread. 

Blue corn is also higher in protein than yellow corn and is often used to grind into flour for tortillas and baked goods.

Blue Caviar

a cup of blue caviar

Blue Caviar is a rare delicacy that is only available during a short three month period leading up to Christmas. 

This edible gemstone roe comes from wild scampi that are hand-selected, hand-harvested and hand-sorted. Add it to your seafood platter for an unforgettable taste sensation.

Lingcod Fish

Lingcod Fish in deepsea

A popular fish, the lingcod has firm white flesh. Foodies like it for its delicious flavor and sweetness. The fish is also much sought-after for its culinary prowess in the Asian and European markets where it has a wide following among the gourmets.

Blue cheese

a slice of Blue cheese

This can be achieved by creating an environment that allows the mold to thrive and then adding it to the curds after draining them from their whey. 

The resulting cheese is often punctuated with visible spots or veins in shades of blue or green as a result of these spores.

Concord Grape

concord grape

Concord grapes are a cultivar of Vitis labrusca, the family of grapes that includes most native wild grapes and garden vines. Concord grapes grow well in cool climates and can be harvested in late summer. They are often used for wine-making, juice production and jellies.

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