Butcher Minecraft: Trades & Features

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The butcher is a villager, dressed in a white apron and a pink headband on his head. You can buy from this representative of the fair sex all kinds of roasted meats, emeralds, stews and bows.

Butcher villager Minecraft

Butcher Minecraft adds several unique features to the game. The first and most important of them is a new villager with a unique profession and appearance! Traits depend on the biome in which the village was generated. Butcher villager has certain traits and functions, which we will explain below. 

Cooking is one of the most useful things that players can do in a survival game. There are many kinds of food and drinks in Minecraft. When you drink a cup of hot chocolate, you start to warm up. But when you eat a steak, strength appears.

Butcher Trade

In order to be successful in the sale of meat to a butcher in Minecraft, it is necessary to know prices for different butchers. Since they differ, players have to learn the price lists of all butchers before they step up to the counter and trade with them.

Buys Price
Chicken x 14  x 1
Raw pork x 7  x 1
Raw rabbit meat x 4  x 1
Coal x 15  x 1
Raw lamb x 7  x 1
Raw beef x 10  x 1
Dried Kelp Block x 10  x 1
Sweet berries x 10  x 1
Sells  Price
Braised rabbit  x 1
Roast pork x 5  x 1
Fried chicken x 8  x 1

In Minecraft, there are many varieties of butcher, ranging from the standard to the very rare ones. Each of them has its own assortment and a unique trading scheme. 

To buy pork, beef, chicken and mutton you need to find a butcher NPC. He is easy to recognize: a pig will be hanging in the window or near the house. You can trade with him as with any other NPC but he has his own small features: his interest in trading for various types of goods changes over time. 

Buying and selling Minecraft goods will give you the opportunity to sell or purchase various goods. At the beginning, you can buy not so many goods from the butcher. 

If you trade with it, its assortment will gradually expand to: . Prices for different butchers in Minecraft may differ. 

Butchers will sell you the aforementioned food items for one emerald each, but they will only buy raw meat. 

This is great because it means that you have a steady supply of flesh to eat when you're in a bind, but also means that you can't get rid of all that extra pork or mutton that your animals reproduce.

Butcher Job block: Smoker

To set up a butcher's job site, right click the smoker with raw pork/beef in your hand. If a villager does not have a trade for fished items, you can lock him out of the smoker by using second hand-click (shift + right click).

The smoker is a basic powered furnace that cooks food twice as fast as a regular Furnace. It can cook all pre-existing food items and has two input slots, but it only has a single output slot. 

They are twice as fast as regular furnaces and can cook every item that furnaces can, but not like popcorns or cake. Smokers take longer to make but this is a small price to pay for being able to cook food at twice the speed of regular furnaces.

You prefer a traditional stick burner over an electric unit, because that’s what gives your meat the best flavor. 

This smoker operates off of charcoal, so you get that authentic smokehouse flavor. Also, this smoker comes with a handy remote control so you can monitor the pit temperature from up to 100 feet away. We know you’ve got other things to do, like tending to your other pits, or sampling homemade barbecue sauces while trying to perfect your own recipe.

Learn to Create a Butcher in Minecraft

Minecraft characters can be customized, but the options are easy to miss. We found this website and know we've got around 37 emeralds. Make a crafting table you will need to make a crafting table to craft some clay blocks.

The Butcher can always be found standing next to his smoker. He'll sell you all kinds of cooked meat, as well as stew and emeralds. He also buys raw meat and sweet berries. 

But beware! Never buy cheese from the Butcher as he's been known to substitute that Cubical Curd for salty Cubic Salt! Yuck!

Unlocked at the village level, the butcher can oftentimes be seen in his butcher shop. Sometimes they prefer to set up shop at other locations like pillager outposts where they will sell treats like berry pies and beetroot soup.

Other Villagers: Armorer

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