+40 Captain America Fanart: Free High Resolution Wallpapers

April 29, 2024

Captain America is one of the top five superheroes in the Marvel universe! If you're a fan too, you can use these captain america fanarts as your phone wallpaper for free!

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Steve Rogers (captain america) was actually an ordinary soldier who served in the second world war. Super Soldier Serum, a military experimental drug, was first tested on Steve. Although he was a weak soldier before, he has turned into a superhero.

In short, it's science that makes Steve the hero.

His symbolic weapon is his shield. The shield, which is very durable, also has the ability to absorb and reflect the applied force.

Super Powers

Super Soldier Serum

As I mentioned above, Captain America is the work of a war period. During the second world war, all kinds of methods were used to defeat the enemy. 

This serum was also developed during this period.

This drug made Steve more agile, durable and faster than other people. And it made it so lonely because scientists put Steve to sleep so that this technology could be passed onto future generations. And when he woke up 100 years ahead of his time, everyone I knew had already died.

Although his body remained young, his soul belonged to a 100-year-old man.

Master Martial Arts

As Roger was already an enlisted soldier, he had a basic knowledge of martial arts. However, his body was not equipped to apply this knowledge. It was here that the serum acted as the catalyst to reveal Captain America's mastery in the arts of return.

Shield with Vibranium

The most durable material in the Marvel universe is Vibranium. Steve's shield is also made of this material. It is natural to see this shield, which provides defense against even the deadliest enemies, in captain america fanart designs, because it is the most obvious symbol of this character.

Area Commander

It is no coincidence that Captain, a soldier, leads other superheroes on the battlefield. The combat training he receives also helps to unlock the potential of the other superheroes on his team.

No matter how many superheroes you have, defeat with the wrong tactic isn't that far off.

Although official records on this subject are controversial, there are also sources stating that the serum that Roger received healed him faster.

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