+15 Cardano NFT Projects You Should Take a Look Before Hype

In this post I will help you to Discover the best Cardano NFT projects and learn how you can interact with the world of crypto-collectibles.

The term 'fungible' is sometimes used to describe cryptocurrencies. It means that they can be all the same or interchangeable and interchange easily. But the word 'fungible' has a slightly different meaning in software, specifically when it comes to cryptocurrency. 

It generally refers to units of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that are all the same and can't be exchanged. The word 'non-fungible' comes from this definition and means that it is 'not interchangeable.'

NFTs allow for the digitizing of tangible or intangible objects, and is becoming a de facto standard across industries including real estate, art, sports, gaming and music. 

They are also poised to transform social media, as Blockchain technology allows for the secure exchange of digital assets between users.

Cardano offers a lot of NFT projects that have fascinating features and innovative uses. Let’s dive in and discuss what they are, who is behind them, and how you can use them to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. 


HashGuardians is a game that allows users to earn digital assets by playing. The game uses Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and is built on the Cardano blockchain. As you complete tasks within the game, you earn digital assets in either $ADA or one of HashGuardians’ stable coins ($DOGE, $GARD, or $HGLK). Each time you level up within the game, you can claim an item from our treasure box which contains a variety of NFTs.


TeddyTroops is an interactive play experience of collectible toys with a blockchain twist! TeddyTroops are toys that have been handcrafted and designed by renowned artist Flying Frtress. They are made out of vinyl and are meant to be collected and displayed as designer art.

Yummi Universe

Yummi Monsters are an innovative new collectible item. We believe that digital art is part of the future and we have created a unique way to make collecting 3D characters fun and accessible for people of all ages. Each character has a unique design and feature which makes it fun to curate your own collection.

Bears Club

Are you interested in digital games and blockchain technology? If so, you may be interested in Bears Club — a play-to-earn game that helps gamers interact with virtual characters. Each character is designed to be unique and special. This comes in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) which can be bought, sold, or traded on the blockchain. All bears that are part of the collection can be used to play the game of Bears Club.


DeadPXLZ is the first interactive NFT collectible on the Cardano blockchain. With this platform, you can purchase a unique digital character — each character is represented with a unique token locked on the blockchain. The characters are non-fungible tokens which means it can’t be duplicated, hacked, taxed or taken away.

ADA Handle

ADA Handle is a new way to have a unique name for your Cardano wallet address. It allows you to easily create and mint a handle on the Cardano blockchain that you can use as an address for your wallet. A Handle sits on top of Cardano Layer 1, which means that even in the event of an unlikely smart contract bug, routing will always be accurate 100% of the time. Handles are stored entirely on Cardano’s blockchain and do not require any additional databases or zones, which help make handles efficient and scalable.

Blockchain Samurai

Blockchain Samurai is a collectibles game based on blockchain technology. Each samurai is unique and lives in a transparent, open, and uncensored virtual world. All the artworks are crafted with love by our community of artists from around the world through contests.


Dracards is a card game that allows users to collect, trade and use cards in battles. With over 166 cards already available for purchase, users can join the Dracards universe by purchasing their very own Cardano card and become a part of the Dracards community. Dracards has a built-in rewards system that allows users to earn tokens by playing the game and participating in votes. 

Cardano Valley

Cardano Valley is a new blockchain game that brings the beloved Tamagotchi of the 90s into an open, decentralized universe. Inspired by the original virtual pet fad, Cardagotchi is an adorable new character waiting to come to your virtual life. Collect, raise and show off these pocketable pets—hand-drawn with love by artists who have worked for Disney, Pixar and other well-known studios.


Crypteus is an in-game digital collectible system powered by blockchain technology. A total of 1840 unique gods will be released during the first period of the project, the Greek phase. Each god has their own unique stats that increase as they gain levels, allowing them to further participate in gameplay. Gods that have maxed out their stats can be leveled up and assigned to a different branch of Godly DNA to further specialize their powers.

Dijital Kings

It offers a variety of kings with different abilities and stats. There are dozens of unique NFTs (items, buildings, etc) that players can own in addition to their kings. Digital Kings was developed by a group of passionate gamers and crypto enthusiasts, who believe that NFTs and gaming are the perfect combination for providing real-world value to digital assets.

Reddish Panda

Reddish Pandas is a blockchain-based game where you can own digital animals. When you purchase one of these digital animals, they help raise awareness and money to save real red pandas in the real world. 

Each digital animal has unique attributes and are collectible items. 

Reddish Pandas also plans to incorporate NFTs with unique cool features, such as playing background music when opening your NFTs and having their own reserve currency that is based on their rarity to obtain. 

Curse Birds

Curse Birds is a one of a kind, blockchain-based social media platform that gives you the opportunity to hatch eggs, raise birds, create a flock, and go on an adventure! 

Curse Birds is a pet game built on blockchain technology that centers around hatching eggs and raising birds. 

In addition to owning and training your bird, you get the opportunity to invest in unique eggs through our token economy. Further down the road we plan to create a marketplace for users to trade their eggs, birds and other content such as unique bird names.


Mateland provides a sexy, luxurious, and playful metaverse where you can buy land and do whatever you want with it. Mateland is a private adult paradise in the Metaverse! Purchase land in our exclusive world and become an owner of the PlaymateSociety populated by Playmates and models. Join us in this limited time offer that will make you part of our society.

Mixed Heroes

Mixed Heroes is a collection of NFTs non-fungible tokens on the Cardano blockchain — Every token is unique, as it is based on a hand-drawn character. Each Mixed Hero comes with unique accessories and outfits. The project is designed and developed in Germany. Tell us about yourself, your special skills and powers.

HHMC 3D Coyote NFT

The Hell Hyenas Motorcycle Club is a virtual motorcycle club that aims to create an ecosystem where anyone can hop on their bikes and take off on a road trip without having any coding knowledge. As such, we believe that NFTs and blockchain technology is the key to achieving this goal. We have devised an ambitious long term project with many twists and turns over the future. The HHMC project will be built upon an adversary at odds with another motorcycle club.

The Shy Salamander Society

The Shy Salamander Society is a NFT collection found on the Cardano Blockchain. These slithering creatures are owned by society members who can earn passive income by mating the creatures. In addition, the Shy Salamanders will be collaborating with other NFT societies for special cross-chain events.