Cartographer Minecraft: Trades & Features

The cartographer, as a blue-clad villager with gold glasses, is a hard worker. He will sell you maps, while also buying emeralds, paper and compasses from you. 

His own inventory is filled with different types of maps - blank ones, treasure maps, maps of underwater monuments and woodland mansions, and more. 

The cartographer - there are both male and female variants - will also trade you flags, framed glass panes and other materials that he has made in his workshop at home.

You can trade with him. Cartographer uses his gold monocle for all of his trading, so he is easy to identify by sight from the other villagers. 

He wears brown pants and a brown shirt, with a cravat tied around his neck in whatever color his profession's theme is. In the current update, he also has red shoes.

There must be a cartography table in the village for the cartographer to appear there. The cartographer has 5 levels: novice, apprentice, journeyman, expert and master - which indicates the price of the items he buys from you.

Cartographer Trade

Buy Price
Paper x 1
Glass Pane x 1
Compass x 1
Sell Price
Empty Map x 7
Ocean Explorer Map
x 13
Woodland Explorer Map
x 14
Item Frame x 7
White Banner x 3
Banner Pattern (Piglin) x 8

The nautical villager, or the cartographer, is the only villager who buys what you have to offer. Their job is to sell maps that help you find your way around. Here we list everything that the cartographer will buy. 

The cartographer will sell you these items, but with a much higher price tag than other villagers. The list is not complete: there are many other items that can be traded for emeralds, and sometimes, by meeting certain requirements, you can improve these trades with an emerald bonus.

Although they use the same texture as nitwits, they are fully functional villagers in Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Their main jobs is to make maps out of paper and a compass. You can trade items with them, just like any other villager.

This character will buy items from you for one emerald each and sell about 3 different items to you for an emerald too. It is easy to recognize a cartographer because he will have binoculars around his neck.

How to Make Cartographer Villager

After that, you need to find a common villager who will become a cartographer. 

Right-click on the common villager with an empty bed block. 

If there is no bed in the village at all or it is occupied by another villager, then you will not hear any sound. 

If the bed is free, you will hear footsteps and the villager will come to this bed to lie down for a few seconds. 

During this time you can check if he has become a cartographer or not (now his profession will be written above his head in green letters - "cartographer"). 

In order for the cartographer to start trading with you, it is necessary that the cartography table (workstation) was also free when he received his profession.

Place the tools of the trade into the house and add a door to keep other villagers out. After that, do not place anything that would block villagers from accessing their workstation or bed. 

Once they discover them they will begin using them, eventually gaining the profession of cartographer.

When you place the bed and cartography table, limit it so that it doesn't overlap with your other villagers' beds and tables. 

Then, close the door (if you want). This will keep your existing villagers indoors and make them 'visit' the worktable and bed in their free time.

Cartography Table

A cartography table can lock maps when right clicked on. The player then receives a copy of the same map, with a white pointer instead of red. This copy is called an ‘empty locator map’.

It also serves as an aesthetic feature in villages and an ergonomic alternative to the crafting table.

Locked versions of any map can be cloned by using a cartography table to create a copy of the specified map. The lock must be undone in order for the clone to be made. 

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