+40 Caterpillar Pixel Art: High-Resolution Free Images

You can find over 40 Caterpillar Pixel Art images on this page. All in high resolution and free. Pixel art is reborn. And this design trend is most suitable for animals. After our work on cats, we also made an art production on Caterpillars.

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The caterpillar is an insect that lives on leaves. Some breeds later develop into butterflies. The caterpillar feeds on the leaf on which it lives. It is a herbivorous creature.

Butterflies that transform from caterpillars have colorful wings. Although they have a short lifespan, they have a great place in the ecosystem as they help plants in pollen distribution.

There is no particular tree species that caterpillars need to feed on. They can feed on all kinds of plant leaves. Therefore, butterflies are also different in each region. After all, we can show differences according to what we eat genetically.

The wing designs of butterflies are unique and special in almost every one of them. The caterpillar is an important species with its contributions to the ecosystem as well as its beauties.


  • Caterpillars live and eat leaves. If you're wondering about the process of transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. You can easily feed it in your own home.
  • After reaching a sufficient size, the caterpillars take the form of cones to turn into butterflies. The cocoon in this form is also used to obtain silk fabric.
  • The life of a butterfly is not as long as a teddy bear. They do not live longer than a few weeks.

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