Cleric Minecraft: Trades & Features

The cleric is one of the 5 villagers available through the standard villager spawn egg in Minecraft. You can also create a cleric by trading with a priest villager, then releasing him from a village with a zombie villager on it. 

The cleric can be found selling items associated with potion-making, including brewing stands, glass bottles, glowstone dust, redstone dust and enchanted golden apples. 

This type of villager is one of the rarer breeds to find in Minecraft villages.

The cleric is one of the original villagers from 1.0.0 and until 1.14 it was impossible to cure a zombie villager without trading with a cleric and curing it manually, which is still the case in Bedrock Edition. Clerics are now only needed for brewing.

The type of weapon he sells depends on the biome in which he lives. 

He likes to buy golden ingots, emeralds, rabbit's feet, rotten flesh, and turtle shells. The cleric can also buy blocks such as glowstone and lapis lazuli, as well as items such as flint, redstone dust and ender pearls, and can sell them to you.

They appear as a pale-skinned villager wearing pink with gold trim, high collar and cuffs. Each type of Biome has their own clothing color corresponding to that biome. 

For example, in a Jungle Biome he wears turquoise clothing, in the Desert he wears Brown instead of green with yellow trim and in Snow biomes, the clerics wear purple instead of pink.

Cleric Trade Table

Buy Price
Rotten Flesh x 1
Gold Ingot x 1
Scute x 1
Nether Wart x 1
Rabbit's Foot x 1
Glass Bottle x 1
Sell Price
Redstone Dust x 1
Glowstone x 4
Ender Pearl x 5
Bottle o' Enchanting x 3
Lapis Lazuli x 1

An average player who plays Minecraft can buy or sell items to or from the cleric. The player can choose from 5 items, which can be sold by the cleric in Minecraft. 

Below you can find a detailed description of these items that a cleric can sell in Minecraft. The player, who is the seller of an item, needs to have an appropriate inventory. 

Tools generally have durability, a condition which decreases with use. Some can be repaired by combining them with certain materials.

They are usually found wearing robes, with a hood and glowing eyes. In Minecraft, you can trade with a cleric by right-clicking on them while holding an item (such as wheat or potato) that they accept. In exchange, they will give you emeralds or another item.

 He also buys 5-12 rotten flesh in exchange for an emerald. The player can buy 5-20 mana bottles or 2 obsidian in return for 1 emerald from him.

How to Make Cleric Villager

The first thing you need to do is find a villager without a trade certificate and create a workbench for them. 

After that, you will have to make a bed for the villagers. 

From now on, your little worker has a chance to get into the list of available trades.

The easiest way to get a villager profession is to simply make one "sleep" overnight, by attempting to trade with him and closing the trading menu before the trade finishes. 

While commonly encountered careers are assigned randomly, clerics can only be found in their corresponding workstation, which is the brewing stand. 

Once a villager has been made into a cleric, he will quickly begin his trading; after that, you can get new loot.

Brewing Stand

Brewing stands are the centerpiece of any cleric's job site and sit on top of a job site block when not in use. When brewing with a fuel, the fuel goes in the bottom-left slot, the ingredient goes in the top-left slot, and water bottles go in all other three slots.

It has two slots for fuel and three slots to hold ingredients so you can brew up to 3 potions at once. You need Blaze Powder as fuel, which gives 20 brewing charges per piece.

Each slot accepts only one item, each time the player right-clicks the potion slot with an ingredient, it increases the progress by 1 (20 clicks total). While brewing there must be a fire block under the brewing stand.

Holding the right-click button while crouched on a brewing stand, or upon looking at it, will open its inventory. Brewing stands have one ingredient slot that can hold a single item and three potion slots where the finished potions will be stored.

Each slot accepts only one item, each time the player right-clicks the potion slot with an ingredient, it increases the progress by 1 (20 clicks total). While brewing there must be a fire block under the brewing stand.

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