+40 Danganronpa Characters Explained

Aug 4, 2021
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Being an absolute fanatic this game, when I began planning to create this blog, the first thing I thought is how can I use this as a platform for my obsession? The answer was simple: a post all about the Danganronpa characters of the series.

The franchise began in 2010 with the release of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc in Japan for PlayStation Portable, with two sequels released for the PlayStation Vita. The series was expanded into other media, such as manga, novels and anime adaptations.

The games follow a specific school scenario where a group of students find themselves inside a school making the ultimate decision: kill or be killed by one another. The students are forced to make this decision as they are trapped in a school run by a giant purple teddy bear named Monokuma (bear box). 

This game is also an anime series.

The series is written by Kazutaka Kodaka, who also wrote the original game, with storyboards provided by Seiji Kishi. 

Kazutaka Kodaka is a Japanese video game designer, director and scenario writer. He is also the founder of the Japanese video game company Grasshopper Manufacture, and has been involved in founding two others: H.I.T.S., which is now known as a2m, Incorporated, and GameOn.

Shihoko Hirata is the art director for the anime's fictional Hope's Peak Academy, while Satoshi Hasegawa works as color designer. Jouji Yanase handled prop design and sound direction for the anime.

Danganronpa 1

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a visual novel adventure game where the player takes on the role of Makoto Naegi, a high school student who has recently been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy. 

He and fourteen other students have been told that they are "Ultimate" - an elite group of students who are the best in their field. As a part of a training exercise, Byakuya Togami locks them inside the academy with no way to escape. The only way for them to escape is for one of them to murder another and get away with it in a subsequent Class Trial. During this time, there is no time and never-ending night until someone is killed.


Monokuma is the main antagonist of Trigger Happy Havoc and Monokuma returns as the main antagonist in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. He is a stuffed teddy bear and the self-proclaimed headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy.

He is a stuffed robotic bear, resembling an actual preserved animal, whose appearance changes depending on whose actions lead to murder within the school.

Makoto Naegi

You first meet him as a talented “Ultimate Lucky Student”, but he soon becomes the Ultimate Hope when he and his fellow students are trapped at Hope's Peak Academy, where they are forced to participate in the Killing School Life game orchestrated by Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Fashionista. 

Despite his talent and title of Ultimate Hope, Makoto isn’t overly confident in himself. He tends to lack confidence during social situations, even with a group of friends.

Aoi Asahina

Aoi was also a talented rhythm gymnast and dancer. She took ballet lessons from an early age and loved dancing to Modern Jazz. She often won the “Best Ballet Dancer” award at the school dance events and local ballet competitions, and had even received a few offers for a professional ballet career but eventually declined the offers to concentrate more on her education and her future career as an educator...when she was still alive.

Although Aoi participated in many sports throughout her school years, she was never very good at them. In fact, all of her elite athleticism went into becoming an idol instead of into anything physical.

Byakuya Togami

Byakuya is the oldest son of Byakuya Togami, and heir to the Togami fortune. All in all, this is a very orthodox situation. After the apparent suicide of his father -- who supposedly set himself on fire after having become enraged at being forced to take a wife -- Byakuya became the head of the family. 

He is currently attending his third year at Hope's Peak Academy, as part of "Ultimate Hunt Club". It is also in that school year that he believes he will be wed to "Betio O'oron", (a byakuren from Ireland), whom he has known for years and with whom he was romantically involved in the past — until she broke off their relationship (after eloping with three

Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Ludenberg is a beautiful girl who used her cryptic charisma and deception to obtain the position of Ultimate Gambler before entering the  Killing Game. 

While a prodigy in many fields, Celestia was also known as someone prone to lying and manipulation. 

On top of being a compulsive liar, Celestia is also heavily involved in gambling, often using betting and gambling strategies to win her seemingly impossible gambles.

Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro was always bullied by the other children, who told him he was "too weak to be a boy" despite being male and physically fit and ready for any activities. 

His father, however, told Chihiro that he was a girl, which embarrassed him greatly. He envied his younger sister for not having such horrible bullying problems

Chihiro's older sister took care of him more than anyone else, but she also looked at him with a gentle smile that felt like scorn to him.

Hifumi Yamada

Before the Tragedy, a giant boulder was going to fall into the school and Jin Kirigiri plotted to seal the building and let all the students live inside the Academy forever. 

That’s why he gathered students who wouldn’t be affected by The Tragedy and those who could survive in any physical circumstances. 

He told them that they were gathered to play a killing game, and these students became unwilling participants of this game. 

However, Kyosuke Munakata opposed his plan, because Jin didn’t know who participated in the game, so he might have sealed innocent students inside.

Junko Enoshima

Junko has become the first character to have her voice and speech pattern revealed. Junko's voice is first heard in the opening of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, where she mutters, "Killing games are fun...thou shalt kill..." Her true name, Junko Enoshima, is not revealed until much later in the game, where it is casually mentioned by Monokuma when he sees Makoto Naegi staring at her body.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

The first time we saw Kiyotaka he was patrolling the halls in uniform, reprimanding students for being out of line. 

His tone and manner were much more serious than when we encountered students like Sakura or Touji, but it was still pretty obvious that Kiyotaka was just putting on a show of authority to fit his role as the Nanami-senpai’s younger brother. 

He seems to enjoy making fun of his little sister, Tomoyo, and he gives off this air of importance, which sometimes leads to him making overblown announcements in the lunchroom, but there have been a few times where he shows his softer side.

Kyoko Kirigiri

She is a cool-headed, popular, and highly intelligent teenager who possesses an eidetic memory. She is described as mature with long dark hair that reaches past her shoulder blades with a single lock of hair that

Leon Kuwata

Kanon was a part of the cast of a play at her school called Midsummer Night's Dream. The play had auditions and Leon decided to enter. 

Whilst in the early days of rehearsals nobody thought Leon had a chance of landing a role because he was rather shy and reserved, however when one of the girls dropped out Leon was surprised to find himself given the part of Oberon, the fairy king. 

During rehearsals, Leon became open and outgoing and quickly found himself having fun with his fellow cast members. 

Although he was spending much more time with Kanon he still didn't see her as anything other than a little sister.

Mondo Owada

Mondo is a serious and reclusive person, preferring not to interact with people very much. However, others often misunderstand his behavior as shyness (which he denies). 

He hardly acknowledges the presence of others unless they speak out to him first, as he finds communication to be a waste of time. 

He also appears to have trouble understanding jokes at times due to his serious nature. The only people against whom he can be unreservedly open and honest are his brother, Daiya Owada, and his best friend, Shogo Kawada

Mukuro Ikusaba

She has long, light purple hair with bangs and she wears a pink headband to keep her bangs back. 

In the illustration by Rui Komatsuzaki at the beginning of Danganronpa Zero, it is shown that Mukuro had rather large breasts as a younger teenager. 

She usually wears a knee-length red skirt accompanied by an elegant black sarashi (a Japanese wrapping cloth used primarily for kimono) worn like an obi sash and tied into a bow on her waist that reveals her navel. 

Sakura Ogami

During her time at Hope's Peak Academy, most of Sakura's spare time was spent reading instead of associating with other students. She often borrowed several books each week from the school library.

She had memorized the locations and organization of all the books in that library by the time she graduated, and even asked to remain behind after-hours on some days so she could read.

Sayaka Maizono

Sayaka Maizono was announced as a DLC character for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls via the Danganronpa 3-Gumi Megami Shuu V-Jump magazine. 

Although this is considered to be non-canon to the main series, she has her own storyline in the Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls manga, which takes place before the events of Ultra Despair Girls.

Toko Fukawa

Toko Fukawa is a normal high school girl who lives with her parents. She was raised in an environment similar to the average Japanese child (since Propeller Town is a typical urban sprawl, it's inferred that the family is of moderate income). 

Though academically proficient in subjects like English, Science, Math, and Problem Solving skills, she fails at other subjects such as Fine Arts and Physical Education, which led to her being homeschooled by her parents. 

In class she is rather quiet and observant, preferring not to interact with other students much.

She claims she feels more comfortable learning things on her own than working with others.

Yasuhiro Hagakure

Yasuhiro is one of the characters that I can't help but like. He is very funny, though he is rather stupid at times, and most of his happy-go-lucky personality is an act. Behind his mask lies an extremely depressed person who's constantly plagued by self-doubt and the fear of abandonment.

Danganronpa 2

In D2, the player controls Hajime Hinata, as well as other characters during some story chapters. The gameplay is split between segments of investigating the island, interacting with objects or characters to progress the story, conversations with other characters that advance the plot, and class trial sequences where discussion with other classmates must uncover clues in order to proceed the story. 

The flow chart shows the sections that can be selected at any time, and indicates if any characters are missing (denoted by a question mark or Hifumi Yamada's head).


Monokuma is a robotic teddy bear sadistically trapped on an island with a group of students inside Hope's Peak Academy. He presents the students with the ultimatum that they must murder one of their classmates and get away with the crime in order to escape the island. This new game arises as an alternative after his previous arrangement - killing a stranger - didn't achieve the same popularity.

For a while this went on with Monokuma only having one student left each time, and the killing game still continuing. It would have ended there if not for Sayaka Maizono. 

She had the idea of using Monomi’s spare, which was still in the building. The transfer was close enough to work, which resurrected Monokuma without killing him and another ending began.

Hajime Hinata

Hajime is a student at Yousen Academy and a member of the school's Broadcasting Club. He used to go to Ousei High before it was shut down due to a failing grade. 

He made his first appearance in the game as the main protagonist in his dream world, under the name Jiraiya (also known as Naruto).

Akane Owari

Her athletic physique can mostly be attributed to her choice of attire; she wears a bright green tank top that shows off her cleavage and only has one strap across her bare shoulders. In addition to this top, she wears light brown sweatpants whose waistband is a pair of dark brown drawstrings tied together. 

Since it’s summer, Akane wears sandals on her feet and has two large rings adorning all of her toes but the small toes of both feet.

Her heavy brows are most often knit together in a scowl suggesting she may have a very angry personality.

Ultimate Imposter

The Ultimate Imposter is one of the strongest and most notorious villains in Hetalia: Axis Powers. 

They are a mysterious person who is one of the many reincarnations of Prussia, and they often attempt to take over a country and bring forth an age of his own. 

However, this plan does not work out too well, as Belgium put it perfectly: "In every country you go to, you get caught! You're like a triple-A rated criminal!" 

Despite the Ultimate Imposter's failures, they have more than made up for their mistakes with their ability to strategically pose as another nation - even if they aren't the same size or gender as the individual.

Chiaki Nanami

Chiaki is a serious girl and a bit of a hot-head. She doesn't like to lose at anything, and has the ability to stay cool even if she's completely surrounded by an army of zombies. 

She tends to explode in anger when her pride is damaged, and because she is unable to back down once she starts arguing, she ends up isolated from her classmates.

Of course she realizes this herself, and perhaps that's why she wears headphones and earphones all the time; to shut out the voices around her.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is one of the characters featured in Trigger Happy  and a participant in the Killing School Life. 

He is a member of Ultimate Despair and on their hit list. Fuyuhiko is a boy who wears baggy, gothic-lolita style clothing, as well as dark lipstick and nail polish. 

This may be because he has a passive-aggressive attitude (he’s rough around the edges, but really caring deep down), and so he wants to appear like that on the outside to let off some steam. He has a slim build, pretty face and

Gundham Tanaka

He ties a yellow ribbon around his neck like a cravat, and he also wears a brown belt with a silver buckle. On top of all this, he dons an olive-colored scrunchie on his right wrist.

A black ribbon wrapped around the left side of his waist, leading to a silver buckle above it. This is where he hides his pet hamster. Gundham wears black and grey pants with a very noticeable green belt that is the standard Hope’s Peak Academy school uniform. 

He also has on long black socks reaching past mid-calf. His shoes are a pair of brown loafers without any tassels and silver ornaments engraved on them.

Hiyoko Saionji

Hiyoko has a girly, cheery and youthful appearance, donning her signature haramaki, knee socks, sandals and lollipop. 

Her eyes are constantly closed, almost as if sleeping. She wears her hair in long pigtail braids with twin blue hair-ties, resembling the hairstyle of Monokuma Kids. 

It should be noted that she admires beauty and has a tendency to worry about her appearance, as when she's out of time to prepare for the party, she freaks out and tries to rush her preparations.

Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki's most striking feature is her dark grey eyes, and the fact they're almost always completely open, even when she's asleep. 

This is because of her sleep disorder - whenever she falls asleep, her eyes roll back into their sockets, and unless someone forces them to close, they will remain this way. 

She wears a short sleeved shirt which reveals the top half of her flat belly and bruising on the skin, as well as strands of chestnut-colored hair curling over it.

Kazuichi Soda

In-game, Kazuichi is a mechanic and has a bright green-yellow jumpsuit with a dark brown streak on the sides reaching his ankles. Kazuichi wears bright yellow sneakers as well with white laces. He also wears a bright red cap backwards which has an “X” on it to match the X on his chest. 

On the back of his cap is embroidered Hazakura High School, in which he was accepted but attends Hope's Peak Academy instead. 

In  Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, he retains his appearance from D2 except that his ears are pierced and he now wears a silver chain bracelet on his right wrist. 

Mahiru Koizumi

She wears a yellow polo shirt covered by a yellow zip-up hoodie. Under this she wears a lavender V-neck shirt and dark blue jeans.

Mahiru wears a pinkish red bow in her hair, probably about the size of her palm. She wears a light blue blouse but the sleeves are puffy and short. Her skirt is a darker shade of blue with light blue polka dots on it. 

Her shoes are brown Mary Jane’s, but without straps covering them. Her socks are also yellow with red stripes at the top and black high heels.

Mikan Tsumiki

Mikan has large, brown eyes with very long eyelashes. When she is using her feminine charm, her eyes turn into a shade of light blue. 

Her appearance has changed due to the fact that she was living in Towa City: while her eyes are naturally brown, they appear to be black with blue irises when she is wearing a disguise/false glasses during the Killing School Life and New Killing School Life chapters. 

She was 104 cm tall and weighed 45 kg. 

Her gamer picture later shows that she used to wear thick-framed glasses before receiving some sort of surgery on her eyes.

Nagito Komaeda

A red scarf is wrapped around his neck and hangs over his chest, nearly reaching his knees. Two yellow buttons are present on the front of the coat. 

A pair of black shorts with two belt straps can be seen underneath the coat; he also wears black tights, and green army boots with low heels. Nagito also wears a gold ring on both hands, and sports a wristwatch on his right hand. 

The watch is described as being very simple, with a small face and no markings on it; the only notable feature being the number 13 displayed on it.

Nagito has shoulder-length hair with straight cut bangs that frame his face, with a single one hanging over the right side of his face. 

His hair color is black, but is occasionally described as dark blue. 

He wears a uniform suit with a white button up shirt and a red necktie. The cuffs of this jacket are rolled back several times in orange cuffs, he also wears a thin brown belt around his waist and plain black pants. 

He wears typical white dress shoes with matching socks reaching up to his calves.

Nekomaru Nidai

Nekomaru Nidai is a student in Hope's Peak Academy Class 77-B

He is known as Hero Nekomaru and Invincible Superman by his classmates.

Peko Pekoyama

Peko wears a female Monokuma mask that has a light red mouth, red cheeks and a deep black hole for the eyes. She wears a white and pale gray uniform with a high collar. She has long sleeves that cut off at her shoulders and are trimmed with ornate white frills, as well as a skirt that is also cut off at the shoulders and ends just above her knees. 

The fabric is striped black and white and the chest area is very ruffled. On her arms there are white bells attached by red fabric on each wrist, as well as on each ankle. Her shoes are red with black ruffles around the top trimming.

Sonia Nevermind

Sonia has a more formal and feminine appearance than the rest of her classmates, with the only boyish trait being her hairstyle. Her standard color scheme is sea green and white. 

She wears a long dark green jacket with padded shoulders over a white dress shirt, as well as a pair of black pantyhose and dark brown boots with an ankle strap. She sports a matching hair ribbon on top of her head and has black stud earrings. 

Sonia also wears a thin gold chain necklace with a small pendant of an angel holding a horn in its right hand, which is attached to a thin golden ring looped around her left middle finger. 

If this were any other situation, I’d be able to easily deduce that it

Teruteru Hanamura

Teruteru Hanamura has a plump build and sports a slim goatee. He wears a dark red chef's hat, and his eyes are always closed. 

He wears an outfit similar to Fukawa's; consisting of a high school boys' winter uniform but with an inverted color scheme (brown jacket and blue undershirt), black loafers and white socks, with an orange ribbon on the collar and a red bow tie.

Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls

Ultra Despair Girls has a new cast of characters and isn’t a direct sequel to any of the previous games, but you will be able to know where it fits within the story through in-game situations or your own knowledge about D2


Shirokuma is a robotic bear that first appears as an ally to the Resistance who features as one of the mascot characters in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Shirokuma is an AI and companion to Komaru Naegi, believing her to be the leader of the resistance. But things are not always what they may seem…


Kurokuma switches between a cynical and calm tone of voice while talking to people, but becomes very hostile if he doesn't like what the person has to say. He seems to prefer people with respect for his dark side, such as Monokuma in the beginning of the game. This is shown when he decides to take part in the "speech contest" in order to meet Monokuma again.

Komaru Naegi

Komaru is the younger sister of Makoto Naegi. She is a cute girl with dark pink hair styled into short twin-tails. She wears a pink long-sleeved dress, a white collar, and has two yellow buttons on it. She also wears a short dark brown cardigan over her dress, with white hems and light brown cuffs at the end of its sleeves and an aqua ribbon near the bottom of each sleeve. 

Komaru's footwear consists of simple black ankle boots tied up with red laces for an ascetic feel.

Jataro Kemuri

Jataro Kemuri is an elusive fan character for the popular anime/game series Danganronpa. He was originally a joke and an idea amongst a few friends who had grown to love the series. 

He has become somewhat popular on /r/DanganRonpa, but is often criticized or described as "creepy" or frightening, especially in his normal sprite form rather than his concept art.

Kotoko Utsugi

Kotoko is an energetic, celebrity-obsessed girl. She claims to be a master of training celebrities to their limits, having had her trainees appear on news programs and shows that she lists off. 

Kotoko runs a talent agency called Super Duper Star Promotions. Her assistant is Kuwata who takes care of all the menial tasks around the office. 

She harbors a deep hatred for Makoto Naegi due to childhood trauma, but finds him very attractive nonetheless. She also proudly proclaims herself as his "No.1 Fan."

Masaru Daimon

Masaru Daimon is a high school student whose title is Ultimate Bicycle Gamer. He has a passion for bicycle racing and games, but he is also a bit of a showoff and a goofball. He's not exactly the smartest person in the class, but he does have the tendency to make some rather snarky yet somewhat insightful comments.

Monaca Towa

During her school years, she wore a tan sailor uniform with her name monacally printed on the front of her jacket. Initially, Monaca appeared to be a kind and intelligent student. She attended the 15th Killing Game and was considered one of the strongest competitors due to her trusted hacking skills. 

However, Monica's true nature turns out to be warped and twisted due to Junko Enoshima's influence. 

Thus, Monaca becomes an accomplice who aids in the execution of mutual killing games in order to get worldwide recognition as a Junko clone and rises up in the ranks from a simple Ultimate Despair member to leader of Ultimate Despair itself.

Nagisa Shingetsu

Nagisa is very devoted to Makoto, which is his favorite food. He cares about the safety of the Warriors so much that when Makoto was kidnapped, he started to go insane in order to rescue him. This shows how much Nagisa cares for his friends and how far he is willing to go for them. 

Haiji Towa

Hajime may be respectful, nice and polite at all times, but he can also be a little bit annoying. 

Given his relatively dull personality, he often says things that come off as blunt and pompous (even if not intended to). 

He is very aware of this and it's something he occasionally tries to actively work on but struggles with, especially when angry or agitated. 

Despite this, he is shown to be quite snarky at times himself and can fire back a lot more jokes than others might expect from him.

Hiroko Hagakure

She enjoys playing the guitar (discretely as a hobby since music isn't her forte).

She's so good at it that she has formed a band named 'Corrosive Escargot', which is in fact - Hiroko herself, food critic Kosaka, Teruteru and Kahoko (guitar, drum set, bass respectively) in combination with Sonia Nevermind singing the lyrics to their songs.

She and Hiyoko are often seen together during Free Time Events in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony because they both have the same taste.

Izuru Kamukura

Izuru Kamukura is the main antagonist of the game.

He was once the most talented student of Hope's Peak Academy in Class 78th, along with Makoto Naegi and the Ultimate Lucky Student. 

After he was captured by Ultimate Despair, Monokuma, Izuru's original personality was suppressed so as to not interfere with his talent cultivation.

Taichi Fujisaki

Taichi is a man of few words. He is an expert in computer and machine-based technology, which made him the technological expert and asset to the team. 

Taichi's only flaw is that he suffers from a lack of confidence. This leads to his occasional inability to speak up for himself when it counts, though he has no shortage of opinions when forced into conversation by his friends' antics. 

He harbours a crush on Hikari Onizuka for most of the series, before eventually working up the courage to confess his feelings towards her in the Final Chapter: Graduation.

Yuta Asahina

Yuta is a rather energetic boy who has only been seen to play videogames. 

Yuta is naive and oblivious to the feelings of others; he is often quite clueless about the thoughts or motivations of those around him, interpreting their words at face value instead of considering their intentions or hidden meanings. 

This leads to his believing that Team Danganronpa, which works to capture and execute all of its students, is simply an unusual club devoted to killing time.

Danganronpa 3: Killing Harmony

This game is the third in the series, but the first main title in none other than the Danganronpa franchise, which was originally an anime, and then a visual novel localized only for the Vita back then. 

With this new release being on PS4 and PC, a lot of players are wondering whether they should play the games from scratch or can take this as a main entry due to the lore-heavy spoilers and all that jazz.


Monodam, unlike his other four siblings, is made from Monokuma Bracelets instead of panda-like black rings. 

He wears a helmet repurposed from the backpack of one of his siblings (and as a side note, that sibling is secretly in love with him and would do anything for him). He's able to speak in a robotic voice thanks to the vocal cords of his sibling's twin sister. 

His favourite colour is white.


The Monokubs then introduced the game of mutual killing among the students, otherwise known as the Killing School Semester, which is a battle between two people to win and get away from this island. Nobody else will be able to escape this place after they leave. 

The seminar on how to play Mutual Killing is basically a simulation with the virtual world, so it’s called Dual Virtual Reality. 

The students who have been lured by the Monokubs’ did not know what is going to happen in the island yet. Suddenly, Hinata left the gymnasium and headed out of Hope’s Peak Academy along with Komaeda. 


Monokid is a child-like mascot who’s a part of Team.

He is a member of Team Danganronpa along with his four other siblings: Monosuke, Monotaro, Monopad and Monokuma. All five of them also share the same name - Monokid. 


Monosuke has the title of Super High School Level Packaging Professional. 

He wears a white and green striped shirt, black pants which have white stripes, and he also wears a green visor. The Monokubs can be easily identified because they each wear special hats which resemble the Monokuma masks. 

Angie Yonaga

She was never a talented individual, but she knew hope and determination would take her far. It would lead to her being chosen to participate in Danganronpa 53 with 15 other contestants. 

She felt getting chosen to be on the reality show was impossible, so she never thought of it as even a remote possibility. Therefore when she actually received the notification that she'd been chosen, she was completely taken by surprise. She didn't even know what was happening and why it was happening to her specifically. 

She did not want fame, nor fortune. All she wished for was a future and for herself, but that all changed soon after she watched a video made by Team Danganronpa detailing how they also wished to offer hope throughout the world through their

Gonta Gokuhara

Gonta Gokuhara was a normal talentless high school boy who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa, along with fifteen other high school students from all over the globe. 

It is the year 2085 and in this new world, there is no war, no crime, no bad feelings and even though there are laws, there is no punishment. 

This was made possible by an invention called "The Neo World Program", which was created to eradicate all evil desires from people's hearts. 

Himiko Yumeno

She arrived at Jabberwock Island with her classmates and underwent a strict evaluation alongside her other fellow participants. 

However, when a murder took place in front of everyone's eyes, the reality show became a life or death situation for the teenagers. 

With everything trapped inside a gigantic school building with no way out, and no adults around to help, panic and chaos ensued as the students found themselves forced to kill each other off one by one.


K1-B0 is a robot, with a "simulated personality" developed by Team Danganronpa. He was created for the purpose of portraying a character that the audience would sympathize with, and thus feel more tension and fear as to whether they or the other characters survive. 

He was created by Team Danganronpa for the 53rd Killing Game season's bonus at the end credits which is essential for keeping their viewers watching, not just for entertainment purposes, but also monetarily. 

Kaito Momota

Kaito Momota was a normal talentless high school boy who adored a famous reality show called Danganronpa, a series which tells the story about Killing Games, created by Team Danganronpa.

Kirumi Tojo

Always shown as a gentle and caring girl in all her interviews, she was labeled as a "kind-hearted tsundere" due to her actions while surviving. After finding out she had no talent for the upcoming killing game, she quickly became intent on finding another way to escape.

Kirumi became one of the participants in 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa. There was nothing special about her at first. 

She wasn't good at sports, she wasn't popular with other students, and she had no qualities that immediately caught the eye.

Kokichi Oma

Ouma Kokichi is extremely skilled in playing video games. Whenever someone accuses him of lying about something, he simply states that he was only joking and tries to 'relate with the others' by making exaggerated facial expressions. 

Yet these lies never fool anyone, and somehow he always ends up giving away his secret anyway.

It doesn't help that he's constantly lying and is very tricky to read. He claims to have never lied, although his dishonesty can easily be seen from the fact that he constantly contradicts himself, switching stories and contradicting what he previously said, while not even realizing it. 

He's also shown to be a fast liar when pressed. He has been noted to have a skill for acting, which suggests that Kokichi is actually talented at deceiving people properly, which adds to the difficulty of distinguishing his lies from the truth.

Korekiyo Shinguji

She was always sick and she was constantly surrounded by doctors in white coats. However, if only for a brief moment, Korekiyo got to talk to her one time in the hospital. 

This is when he heard her voice for the first time. His older sister said, "I'm sorry, I always mess up your life." A small smile appeared on Korekiyo's face at these words and he silently decided to change his life accordingly. 

And so he became stronger and behaved differently from before to overcome the many obstacles life placed before him.

Maki Harukawa

Maki's eyes are a bright scarlet, and she wears colorful makeup around her eyes that appear to be heavily influenced by the Gothic lolita fashion style. In high school, she wears the female uniform properly but without a tie. 

Her armband and socks are colored in red-and-white stripes. During her time at Hope's Peak Academy's Killing School Life, she wore half of a black bandit mask with red lining and white and gray splotches patterned over it, with the other half hanging off of her neck.

Miu Iruma

Miu's overbearing personality has allowed her to hold sway over the other students, which is a trait of hers that Kaede and Shuichi tend to point out. 

She is not at all modest about her talents, which are numerous in both academics and sports - she often claims to be the best in all of the former with no one able to contest her - and she refuses to acknowledge that any task could be difficult for her. 

She hates it when people question these claims; when they do so, she generally lashes out with an insult or taunt. However, when she does not act confidently around a person who makes her nervous, Miu becomes upset and embarrassed.

Rantaro Amami

Despite their relationship being messy at first, as the two would often try to one up each other in a friendly manner or be overly competitive with each other over the smallest of things, they eventually come to respect each other's talents and look out for each other's well-being. 

This can be seen when the two protect each other from an onslaught of Monokumas and Komaru protects Rantaro from being exposed as her kidnapper when he became wanted by the Warriors of Hope.

Ryoma Hoshi

One of the first things that made me fall in love with Ryoma is his fashionable character. As stated before, Ryoma is a dandy, but not the typical kind we see around us. 

He isn’t someone who’s stylish on the outside, but rather someone who possesses a coolness and maturity beyond his years. Ryoma comes across as very worldly, speaking at a deeper register that appears to be more fitting with an adult. 

His mature air is reinforced by his gestures and movements when going through everyday routines. These traits combined make his visual style an embodiment of elegance that gives off a refined taste for clothes and other accessories which he usually wears in abundance.

Shuichi Saihara

Shuichi is quite talkative and outgoing, but often assumes he is unable to do things in the manner other people can. 

He has a tendency to get flustered when he believes he has done something wrong. When talking with someone, Shuichi will stare at them with squinted eyes due to his poor eyesight and look at them from afar. 

He wishes to become someone important despite being an unreliable person.

Tenko Chabashira

She is confident in her own strength, thinking everyone to be unworthy opponents for her, including the Ultimate Boxer. 

She becomes enraged when she feels insulted or misunderstood. Tenko seems convinced that her Neo Aikido is an invincible martial art and is oblivious to the spirit of cooperation and understanding it requires, believing it to be a self-taught style. 

Her attitude and vocal demeanor make it difficult for people to approach her, though she does have some friends among her classmates.

Tsumugi Shirogane

Tsumugi is proud to be an otaku, and her room is decorated with anime paraphernalia. She often makes references to various series or manga that she enjoys, and has a tendency to give extremely awkward nicknames to her classmates. 

Tsumugi shows hints of being resourceful and intelligent such as when she greets the other students for the first time while fully aware they haven’t spoken to each other prior.

Last Words

This is the end of the danganronpa characters collection. When the new series arrived, I will up to date this content.