+20 December Colors: The Hues of the Holidays

May 12, 2024

Of course, when December is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas red. The colors of some months are determined by the seasons and the colors of some months are determined by historical events, but December Colors was formed as a result of traditions, therefore it is meaningful.

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​​December is the harbinger of holiday, home warmth and sparkling Christmas trees. And of course, Christmas is also celebrated in this month with the family. 

This holiday, where families come together, is the strongest part of especially Christian and American culture.

Patterned cauldrons in green, red and maybe blue tones are worn during this period. It is not necessary to have a sweater, but in general, socks, coats, sweaters and shirts are preferred in these tones. At least, the sales of products with tones close to these colors increase.

The tradition of Christmas actually goes back to ancient Rome. In ancient Rome, this day was celebrated as the shortest day. Later, Christianity began to find an increasing power in that geography.

December Colors

Main Christmas Colors


I have already briefly mentioned the conditions that determine the colors of December above. Now let's focus on the main colors of the week of Christmas, which are the main determinants of the colors of this period.


Although red has different meanings in different cultures, it is actually a color with high energy in general. We already know what it means in Christian and western culture.

Let's see what it means in other cultures:

China: This is a geography with a very deep history. And its red color signifies long life. There are cases where it also represents happiness. Although it has similarities with Western culture, the closed structure of China has attributed this color in different meanings.

India: India is a society that has interacted with China for thousands of years. Therefore, although it has similar cultural motifs, the color red represents love and affection in this geography.


Range colors include different shades of green, among which the most prominent color groups are those that include the Christmas tree. The pine tree is generally preferred as a Christmas tree.

Green, which has a very important meaning in other societies, is also one of the important colors of the religion of Islam.

Representing nature and growth, this color is naturally relaxing.


Due to the climate, it is normal to see snowy weather in December, at least on the Tropic of Cancer. White is one of the defining colors of the month of December, as the great power of the media is in this part of the world.

In general, this color represents purity and cleanliness. Because it is a color that is a little more difficult to keep clean compared to other colors. Respect is one of the meanings attributed to this color.


Name Color HEX
Emerald #50C878
Ruby #E0115F
Gold #FFD700
Peppermint #C8A2C8
Teal #008080
Silver #C0C0C0
Cranberry #9F1D35
Evergreen #0B6623
Frost #E4F6FE
Navy #000080

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