Minecraft Enderman Alphabet & Latin Letter Equivalents Explained

Do you want to learn the Enderman Alphabet, so you are in the right place so far. The table below demonstrates each letter. Only thing you should do is to swap english letters to endermen language letters. 

 English Letter

 Enderman Letter
 A  ⏃
 B  ⏚
 C  ☊
 D  ⎅
 E  ⟒
 F  ⎎
 G  ☌
 H  ⊑
 I  ⟟
 J  ⟊
 K  ☍
 L  ⌰
 M  ⋔
 N  ⋏
 O  ⍜
 P  ⌿
 Q  ☌
 R  ⍀
 S  ⌇
 T  ⏁
 U  ⎍
 V  ⎐
 W  ⍙
 X  ⌖
 Y  ⊬
 Z  ⋉

Enderman are also known as endermen, or just enders for short. They are one of the most well known mobs and spawn in all dimensions. Endermen can teleport at will but will teleport away upon being attacked. 

They also have a special attack that can be used if attacking a player. They will extend their arms and backhand the player dealing 7 ( ) of damage to them. It is possible to kill an enderman if you hit them before they summon enough energy to initiate their special attack. 

However, they deal damage to themselves upon hitting the player this way causing the enderman to die in one hit instead of two.

All players can make an eye of ender, which allows them to track the movements of Endermen and is used to craft ender compasses and ender pearls. 

The enderman chest or trapped chest is the primary container for storing items for Endermen (see last notes).

They can spawn at a light level of 7 or less, but the more light there is the less likely they are to spawn. They will not teleport if you are looking at them; they will just turn around if it is a clear path. If they do teleport while being looked at, they will appear as a purple swirling particle.

The oblique expression on his face and his crossed arms create a defeated appearance. His striped yellow-and-black body contrasts nicely with the more natural tones around him—the green grass and brown tree branches. Real fans will recognize how this piece accurately portrays a subtle but lovable feature: his two front teeth, just visible behind the upper lip. 

Enderman Alphabet

Way of Acting Enderman

The enderman is a hostile, Ender-like mob that the player may encounter throughout their travels in the Overworld. They tend to reside in abandoned mine shafts and dungeons, but have been known to wander outside at night and hide in tall grass during the day.

They’re one of the biggest and baddest mobs in the game and they can be frightening. But fear not, as we will tell you what to do to avoid these guys!

If the player hits an enderman in Survival mode, it will teleport away, but if it had been provoked by staring at it for a while (a maximum of 4.5 seconds), it will instead chase the player until it is killed or the player escapes.

When provoked by the player or other mobs, Endermen will quickly become hostile towards them, and may attack other mobs. They may also extend their limbs to make themselves appear taller than usual.

Facts of Endermen

  • The enderman is a neutral mob that teleports around the map, picking up blocks and occasionally attacking the player. When it spawns, it makes sounds similar to an Enderman. The enderman will attack the player only if they are looking at it directly and hold three or more pieces of redstone in their hand.
  • Talking about animals that drop Ender Pearls, there's the enderman. It has arms, so we can easily guess it is advanced enough to have a good culture of fine arts and at least three colors of skin. You can find this creature in many locations, like the nether, underground or even within a village.
  • Like the Ender Dragon and the Endermen, it floats in the air and has a faint purple aura. They are most often encountered in The End, but can sometimes be found in similar dimensions, such as The Overworld Nether or The Nether.
  • They stand about five and a half blocks high (1.2 Minecraft ft.); and when chasing after the player, their long arms reach out over entire chunks. Do note that these mobs deal damage with both of their hands when attacking the player, not just through contact as with most other mobs.
  • They both have the ability to teleport and detect players when nearby. Their differences are that the Enderman has a bluish appearance with purple eyes, and doesn't burn in sunlight like the enderman does. The endermen are also not naturally aggressive towards players, unlike the enderman which attacks them on sight.
  • Enderman Art

Last Words

If you want to translate enderman to english this table above guide you along the way.