Top +20 Ethereum Dapps Worth to Know

Here is the list of top +20 Ethereum -based Dapps built on different voting criteria. Compared with other lists, here you can find the most popular, trending and promising dapps of today and yesterday. 

I am pretty sure you will find something interesting and helpful to your dapp business.

As an Ethereum user, I'm always trying to find new and cool applications built on the blockchain to use, but with so many dapps out there it's hard to find quality, authentic applications. 

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This is why I decided to share my top picks of dapps you should know about.

All those Dapps have something in common, which is: all or most of their users are active in the Ethereum community and might be willing to try new things.

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain protocol, and its original use case was to support decentralized applications. An Ethereum dapp development company can help you to create an application that can run on the Ethereum network.

OpenSea (Marketplaces)

OpenSea is a really exciting product because it allows people to trade and own digital collectibles. This can be used to sell virtual artwork, in game items, or just about anything. 

If you have ever heard about people trading Pokemon cards online, this is similar but instead of a physical card, it’s backed by a smart contract on the blockchain.

Metamask (DeFi)

It is trusted by over 21 million users worldwide and can be downloaded as a browser extension and as a mobile app. 

Simply create your account and you will be able to access the Ethereum network in one click! You control your keys to all supported blockchains, own your data, and only share what you want to share.

Polygon (DeFi)

The Polygon suite of products and solutions has everything developers need to quickly build and deploy a variety of Ethereum-compatible blockchains. 

Polygon's core product, Polygon POS sidechain, helps developers easily launch their own blockchains without having to start from scratch. 

1inch (DeFi)

1inch offers a suite of tools that enable users to get the best deals on swapping cryptocurrencies. 1inch offers access to the deepest liquidity, lowest slippage, and best exchange rates. 

The 1inch mobile app is a highly protected mobile app for DeFi operations. The team also launched Mooniswap, an AMM protocol that offers capital efficiency to liquidity providers through its next-generation AMM.

Gem (MarketPlaces)

Gem is a simple, decentralized platform that lets you buy NFTs from any marketplace within a single experience. From logos and collectibles to art and real estate, Gem makes the NFT-world more accessible for everybody.

LooksRare (MarketPlaces)

This NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain not only enables the transfer of ownership, but also allows users to earn rewards through a token-based incentive system. 

The rarity of some NFTs is extraordinary, and it also makes them extremely popular. With the right understanding of how to search for rare collectibles, you can discover pieces that are valuable. LooksRare is a gateway to this world of virtual art.

Foundation (MarketPlaces)

The new blockchain powered digital art auction house is a place where people can buy and sell all types of artwork. Foundation was created with the artist in mind, as they were concerned with being paid fairly for their works. With Foundation, artists can hang on to their copyright while they sell their artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs allow the creators to maintain their rights over the piece and, most importantly, get their licensing fees paid. Foundation brings you original artwork from artists around the world.

HEX (DeFi)

With an average return-rate around 40%, HEX tokens offer a unique opportunity to both earn significant rewards and learn more about blockchain technology. What makes HEX even more unique is its ability to stake, which allows you to earn rewards in exchange for securing the network. 

WonderPals (Collectibles)

WonderPals are adorable digital characters that you can collect, trade and connect with. WonderPals live on the Ethereum Blockchain and each one is unique and created by an artist from around the world. 

When you purchase a WonderPal, it is yours forever—you own the non-fungible token (NFT) and can trade it in the secondary market. WonderPals are built on a platform that lets anyone create their own character, so they can join or create a community like them. 

WonderPals is also a social network where there are exclusive giveaways, contests and stories made by artists worldwide. 

DentedFeels (Collectibles)

DentedFeels is a collection of emotive NFTs designed to provide the encouragement and social kinship we all crave. When you buy Dented Feels, you get a piece of art that you can truly own and hold near and dear as you journey through life.

Starcatcher (Collectibles)

Starcatcher is a collectible badger backed by the latest in blockchain technology! This magical creature can only be found here. If you are curious about their identity, you can always visit the Trust Badge on their website to get more information about our distributor.

CowSwap (DeFi)

CowSwap is the ultimate source for all your cow-related needs. Need to buy or sell cows? CowSwap can help! It's a DEX aggregator, meaning it pulls data from multiple decentralized exchanges in order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date prices. 

And with a user-friendly chat interface, you'll have access to detailed analytics and stats on all aspects of the cow market. Whether you're just getting started in the cow market, or you're a seasoned veteran, CowSwap has everything you need.

Parallels (collectibles)

Parallels is set in a future where energy is scarce, humans have had to abandon Earth, and rival factions of humanity strive to dominate all others. Decided by who dominates more territory on a map graphic (the board) under their control; each player starts with 3 pieces on some territories and simultaneously tries to increase the power behind their own side by capturing enemy territories and becoming dominant over the other faction in space-time by occupying more territories than they are seen with on their own map graphic (the board). 

DegenToonz (collectibles)

DegenToonz is a digital collectible. He lives in a virtual world, and you can buy and sell him on the internet just like any other toy. 

DegenToonz is the first of his kind to be released into the market. Everyone who owns one of these personalized DegenToonz will be able to offer exclusive rewards and benefits to its holders.

Lido (DeFi)

Lido is a decentralized application that allows users to stake their assets for daily staking rewards. Lido pools are non-custodial in nature and backed by Ethereum smart contracts that allow users to stake any amount of tokens - no minimum. When staking Lido, the user mints staked tokens which are pegged one-to-one to your initial stake. 


Llamaverse offers a one-stop-spot for all things Llamaverse. The Llamaverse club allows members to seamlessly keep track of their SPIT holdings, enter giveaways, view exclusive merch, and more! The club also offers access to exclusive tools and analytical resources that allow community members to turn their SPIT into real utility.

Mirandus (Game)

Mirandus is a unique digital world powered by blockchain technology where you can truly own your own content. Upload your photo, character image, art, audio, or writing for a small fee and Mirandus gives you a non-fungible token (NFT) that you can use to mint your original material to the Mirandus universe. 

Roborovski (Collectibles)

Roborovski is taking the stage as the world's first ever sci-fi movie character to be tokenized in Cryptoverse. He dreams to use his wisdom and emotional intelligence to help mankind rebuild a better world after human survivors of the apocalypse emerge from their underground shelters.

Genie (Marketplaces)

Genie is the easiest way to buy, sell and discover non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As the first NFT marketplace aggregator, Genie allows you to browse listings from multiple marketplaces in one place. You can also use our batch buy and sell feature to quickly buy or sell items across marketplaces all at once. 

NFT Worlds (Game)

NFT Worlds is a decentralized metaverse platform that emphasizes interoperability, openness, and innovation. 

In NFT Worlds, you can stake out your own parcel of land to build, create an interactive experience like a game or social world and monetize it, play games with friends, or run your business from a virtual storefront. 


Compound is an online tool designed to help you learn about compounds. 

This website is easy to use and requires no installation, making it the perfect choice for students and teachers looking to learn about the chemical compounds that exist in nature. 

Furthermore, our website is automatically updated with the most current information available—this ensures that our users receive accurate, up-to-date information in a timely manner. 


It is a decentralized platform that simplifies the process of onboarding new tokens and connecting them with wallets. The results are curated based on the community's votes, which makes it easy for traders and investors to make informed decisions.

Meebits (Collectibles)

Meebits are collectible and tradeable digital characters backed by custom ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain (think CryptoKitties with more charm). 

Each Meebit is unique, limited edition and has its own story — you can buy them here on the online marketplace. When you acquire a Meebit, you also get a high resolution render of your character and a T-pose OBJ file; use them in your CGI films or game experiences.


10KTF is a platform that enables users to create derivative Non-Fungible Tokens from their existing NFTs. The 10KTF team has partnered with Wagmi-san, a Japanese craftsman renowned for his work with the traditional Japanese art of TANAKA gold leaf. Proprietary software developed by the 10KTF team allows users to mint and trade derivative NFTs based on creative patterns applied over Wagami-san's art pieces in the form of hats, backpacks, shoes, and more. 

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Illuvial is a new Ethereum RPG game where you can catch, collect, trade and battle digital creatures known as Illuvials. Over 100 unique Alluvials will be released into the world—each with their own abilities and stats. 

Explore different biomes within the game to encounter these creatures and play through an exciting single-player storyline. 

Create a party of your favorite Illuvials and battle other players to defeat bosses, earn rewards, and loot more resources. 

With a unique set of abilities, lets you fully customize your gameplay experience based on your strategy.

Robotos (Collectibles)

Robotos are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each droid has a unique digital identity and is part of an ecosystem that can trade and interact with other droids in the community. 

Last Words

This is the end of the list for now. I will update when a new project comes. I’m sure they will come.