Fantasy Races: +100 Creature Explained

April 30, 2024

Fantasy Races are a crucial part of Fantasy World. Without them, your world could be lacking luster and definition. Choosing the right race in your campaign is going to have an effect on how you roleplay as a player or run encounters as a Dungeon Master. 

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Name Description
Elves Long-lived, pointed ears
Dwarves Stout, skilled in crafting
Orcs Brutish, strong warriors
Goblins Sneaky, small, cunning
Trolls Large, regenerates, fears light
Fairies Tiny, magical, mischievous
Dragons Fire-breathing, flying reptiles
Mermaids Human-fish hybrid, ocean dwellers
Giants Massive, strong, towering
Centaur Half human, half horse
Gnomes Small, earthy, inventors
Vampires Immortal, blood-thirsty
Werewolves Shape-shifters, moon-bound
Zombies Undead, mindless wanderers
Sirens Enchanting voices, lure sailors
Wraiths Ghostly, soul-sucking
Ghouls Flesh-eating, undead
Liches Undead sorcerers, immortal
Nymphs Forest guardians, beautiful
Sprites Small, airy, invisible to humans

In this Guide, I'll explain all races. You decide which one is the best. 


Aasimar info card

Aasimar are the offspring of celestials and humans. They generally take the physical features of their celestial parent, though some may have childlike features such as a soft glow or small wispy wings. 

Aaasimar portrait


Aasimar can frequently be found in human cities, and are treated with varying levels of respect depending on the culture they inhabit. Though celestial blood is strong in an aasimar, they are still mortal and lack the extraordinary powers of their celestial parents.

Aelfwar elf

Aelfwar elf guide

Often misunderstood for their unique practices and culture, they frequently find themselves at odds with their elven brethren.

Alder elf portrait

Their history goes back to the Role of the Allods Online game, which inspired the creation of Rift on Facebook and Rift MMOs.They have very few elves still living in their homeland of Elondria, as they were nearly wiped out at the hands of Queen Allistarj (the "Rift" series). As such, most now live among their human neighbors.


The Altmer, or self named, High Elves are a race of elves who originated from the Summerset Isles. The Aldmer were once a powerful civilization that dominated Tamriel before recorded history. 
However, when they encountered the human tribes who migrated from Atmora to settle on the shores of the continent, they could not help but notice how primitive humans were. Before they knew it, the Aldmer were assisting the humans in building stronger societies and establishing more powerful cities across Tamriel.


Amnizu guide

They are described as being similar to "deepers", but they are not as tall, and have horns on their heads instead of crests. 

They most closely resemble the lord of the rings Orcs or Pc gamers' Death Knights. After this description, many people identify them with another fictional race of demons, Vampires/Vampire-like creatures. 

This is understandable as Amnizu can become more like Vampires than anything else if left unchecked by their masters. Under this assumption, it becomes possible to think that Amnizu would have been used as enemies in ArenaNet's Guild Wars game as Vampires would have been.


Antica guide

Antica can be seen wearing either capes or armor. They have a more advanced technology compared to humans because they think with the whole colony instead of their own self-interests. 

They are divided into ranks based on caste, and they are ruled by an Overmind. Their specialty is Alchemy, using it to create different types of potions. They live in colonies with a queen, which helps them form their society. They were first introduced in the game "Final Fantasy XI".

Aquatic Elf

Aquatic Elf Guide

In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, aquatic elf is a type of elf. Aquatic elves are a race of merfolk that dwell in underwater realms. Their appearance is similar to that of water-dwelling creatures. Sea elves are part aquatic mammal and part fish but resemble humans more than other races.


Argonian Guide

Argonians possess 'gills', allowing them to breathe underwater, as well as immunity to disease and the ability to regenerate limbs. The optional appearance pack for the Argonian race in "Oblivion" allows for your unique character to have long hair, and scales instead of skin.

They are known for their powerful immune systems and natural resistance to poison and diseases, likely resulting from living in the unhealthy environment that is Black Marsh. 

However, Argonians are born without knees and must moult regularly when they are young. They have a lifespan similar to that of humans.


The Ascended are reborn as ghosts after they are killed, and can then be raised again by powerful mages, such as Palawa Joko. They then live out their lives in a permanent state of undeath until they are killed for good.

In most cases Ascended do not exhibit their original personalities or opinions. They are still fighting the War in the Rift and will attack any being that is not one of their own.


Asura Fantasy Race in red background

Asura have two sexes which are very different in terms of appearance. The appearance is decided by their inherent gender, not their outward gender. There are male-female and female-male asura with both genders having very little in common physically besides their size.

In the context of Guild Wars Universe, they are a playable race and also the name for the series’ storyline and gameplay. It is often used as both singular and plural.


Baknamy soldiers

Like humans, they have ears, eyes, nose and mouth. They also have four fingers on both hands. Baknamy usually wear dark clothes and are often seen wearing a turban around their heads or heads wrapped in bandages.

An exception to this is Dark Shivas in Final Fantasy XI, who fight with their faces' bandages removed.


Bangaa fantasy race

They wear a lot of jewelry. They can be found in the game Eons later as enemies (often with better equipment) . In Final Fantasy XII Bangaa are still around but they have become civilized and live in Bangaa villages typically led by an elder. 

They have started using tools and weapons during this time period. They now call the humans "Man-kinds" because of their similarities to the two groups.

Black mage

two Black mage in desert

They are the same name of the race, so depending on who you ask you may get a different answer. They usually wear black robes over purple clothing. Black mages also have a long, thin nose. They have magical abilities that exceed those of white mages, and have increased physical prowess. 

The Final Fantasy series has featured many official subtypes of black mages.

Black orc

warrior Black orc

Black orcs are the elite forces of the black dragonflight and they are often referred to as Blackrock orcs. They were fighting for the Old Gods and served Nefarian and his father Deathwing. The orcs are a terrible sight. 

Most of them had two horns on their head that could poke through most armour plates, an immense body and even more massive weapons that fit their hands. Their armor was as equally hard for a heavy infantry as that of paladin.

Blood elf

Blood elf with red hair

The high elves, or Quel'dorei, desired to safeguard the nightborne and Sin'Dorei from the Scourge, so they separated them from the rest of their kind by shifting them into a parallel dimension known as the "Outland", where they would reside for several years until they were able to find a cure for their Lich King-induced lethargy.


two bodak fantasy race is walking

Bodaks are a race of what is left of a humanoid. They have been touched by evil, often in nightwalker form.  A bodak's body is covered in grotesque sores and boils and its skin appears gray, decomposed, and cracked. 

Its eyes glow bright yellow with no pupils or irises visible. Its right hand is clawed while its left arm ends in a stump at the wrist; a bony growth protrudes from the stump. Bodaks have a hunched posture when they stand but can walk normally as well; their gait while walking is described as rolling like that of a hunchbacked dwarf. They speak Common, but their language has no written


Bogling in the war field

They are known for their soft, spindly bodies and big black beady eyes. After their home plane was overtaken by the forces of the Defiant faction and turned into a living nightmare, many Boglings escaped through rifts to try and find shelter in other planes. 

Upon arriving on Telara, Boglings emerged in various places throughout the world.Their lore is very limited at this point, but what is known about them is that they are cute and furry, not good for much in the way of fighting and have a knack (or rather a lack of) with magic.


Bokoblin in jungle

Bokoblins wear yellow tunics and have a unique way to carry their weapons, which are always different (Moldy, Oocca-made, Ancient, and Monster Claw). In ''The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'', they are among the most common enemies in the game, along with Moblins (the two species refer themselves as Goblin and Moblin), Lizalfos, and the Vah Ruta (although they are not actually monsters as they are sentient machines).
They are commonly associated with Ganon's army, as they are usually depicted as being under his control, particularly during the Imprisoning War.


Bosmer standing on the rock

Bosmer are the wood elves of the province Valenwood. Wood elves can be either members of the Camori high-elf family, or unrelated to them, in which case they will be treated as an Altmer. Most Bosmer are agile and quick in both action and thought, though their uncooperative nature can get in the way of coordinated group efforts. 

Due to their structure Bosmer found it very easy to learn and master both one handed and two handed weapons including bows.

Brain Golem

Brain Golem 3D Render

The brain golems are created from the remains of creatures that have died in the Underdark, a place naturally suited for illithids. 

The majority of these remains actually belong to mindless vermin, and their thought processes are very basic. But when stacked together in a mixture of clay and strange fungi, the collective brain matter is able to create a cunning artificial mind. 


Brentons walking

They are a blend of human and elven races with the ancestral Altmer being a major part of their lineage. The Bretons themselves are strongly artistic and culturally adept. The fact that they are so well skilled in art is evidenced by their prowess in architecture as evidenced by their strong fortresses that dot the craggy terrain of High Rock and surrounding lands.

They are divided into three distinctive subgroups that reflect the diversity of their parent races of human and elves.


Bugbear with red eyes looking to camera

They can have long and distinguished lives that often exceed those of humans. The Bugbears' appearance has changed throughout the series, and they've been known to be violent, merciless creatures.

They have appeared as enemies in the games, and also as code names of bosses. They are described as "completely incompatible with humans.


Bulblin with blue eyes

Their first appearance was in Ocarina of Time, where they betrayed the Royal Family and captured Princess Zelda. Most recently, Bulblins appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, as one of the races who dwell on Skyloft.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors with different weapons as well. The most distinguishing feature between them is their masks which they wear on their faces.

Fantasy race list continues. Keep reading. 


Burmecians waits in silents

These amazing creatures are supposedly the most intelligent beings in the Empire and that Burmecia is situated near the center of the map.

On the surface, it seems like a pretty nice place, featuring great architecture and houses, but a closer look shows that Burmecia may be rotting under its own beauty.


They have the body of a horse from the waist down, and the upper body of a human being. Their fearsome appearance is enough to strike fear in any normal person, but they are also very intellectual and wise.

They are considered to be very handsome, formidable warriors, with great strength and courage.

Chaos orc

Chaos orc close-up face

They had been tempted by demons of the Burning Legion to join them but ultimately rejected the demons and became their enemies instead.

The well was created by Gul'dan in order to corrupt the orcs and create an army of demons to fight off the Burning Legion. After drinking from the pool, the orcs became more bloodthirsty and were easily manipulated and controlled by demons, as well as Gul'dan himself. 


char front of castle

They're very violent and rough around the edges, and they seem to be built for combat. Unlike humans, however, they usually embrace this difference and welcome it. 

It's not too hard to imagine why that is; humans have established cities and societies that separate themselves from their environment, but those of the Charr live off the land. To them, civilization is just one big cage with nice bars meant to keep them in.


They were first introduced in The Wind Waker, where they were somewhat more humanoid in appearance than later games, which have depicted them as blobs with eyeballs and arms coming from beneath their gelatinous skin (think Gollum from Lord of the Rings). 

ChuChus tend to "chug" around, hence their name.

Cinderweb spider

Cinderweb spider with gold details

These large creatures have eight legs and stand roughly twice the height of a human being, weighing over three hundred pounds.    

The cinder spider appears to be one of the original inhabitants of the Firelands but was largely contained within the Molten Core prior to the shattering.


They are born with a tail and tiny little ears that need to be folded back so that they can learn to detach themselves from such things - as shown by Mickey in Pocahontas, who had trouble removing his tail. They have brown fur that makes up their whole body, along with the usual set of mouse ears and two twig-like tails. 

They can be seen wearing Indian clothing due to their relation to indians.


Cobble has a large history spanning hundreds of years, and today we can boast to those who have reached our lands that we are more powerful, wealthy, and welcome than ever before. Those who listen to the stories told by travellers know that Cobble are in every way a neutral race. They provide for all of their visitors, regardless of their motives. 

Only once were they attacked on their island in a vicious struggle against the Mycra, who were trying to steal artifacts from Cobble. This was the only real war they have ever fought.

Coldwraith skeleton

These creatures are distinguishable from their lesser brethren in appearance, behavior and purpose. Coldwraiths were originally strains of the Scourge army that sought to destroy the human settlement of Valiance Keep. 

Under the control of Prince Arthas Menethil, they attempted to accomplish this task by demolishing the main road to the settlement with pickaxes and siege equipment, preventing reinforcements from arriving.


They have cat-like ears and fur all over their body, and each species of demon has a different coloration pattern. They are divided into wild or domesticated races. Where humans largely began as modest people, demons tend to be quite proud of themselves and their own power.


They are a long-lived race, with most Dinolfos living at least 2000 years. Since they live in such close proximity to the Kokiri, some people have been known to confuse them for one another, mostly outsiders and visitors. 

It is unknown however if the two races have anything in common with one another culturally.

Dire orc

They live in the snowy mountains and are a clan of warriors who protect the Kodiak bears, and most often join parties to hunt down monsters. Due to their bear-like kinship they share similar powers and abilities quite similar to that of the Kodiak bear.

Dire troll

They inhabit the northern regions, like the Ice Peaks, where they can feed on dire boars - that's what makes them so steady and tough. Like all trolls, dire trolls have a green skin tone and sharp claws.


Dragonians are born in eggs. They hatch from these eggs as adolescents with Adult racial skills and stats. They don't have childhood as other races do. All draconians are smart and strong if not a touch arrogant at times but that has not stopped them from forging an empire that spans the known world


They are sentient creatures that came into being by the corruption of the genes of the Amphiptere dragons by the magic of what is today known as Dragonlands. 

The first Dragonman was created in the year 173, although its mythological origins go back to legends that have been told through generations along the coastline of the East-Elven Archipelago.


These servants have dedicated their human lives to worshiping and serving the dragons of Azeroth, Outland, and the Great Beyond. Their love and dedication to the great beasts led them to be blessed with an inner power, and they now serve as their gods’ most powerful warriors. 


They are commonly believed to be the result of ancient nordic warriors cursed by vengeful Daedric or Aldmeri gods for inaction during difficult times. They are spawned from the corpses of evil or dishonourable warriors in their burial places, barrows and graves and are the dangerous reanimated corpses of that being. 

Draugr often have strong connections to the place where they were buried and can occur in even greater concentrations around certain powerful artifacts.


They get along well with dwarves, halflings, humans and gnomes, though have problems with elves and half-orcs. Dredge live in tunnels and caverns they dig out beneath the surface of the world. This usually happens when there is a layer of soil on top of solid rocks or natural caverns in which they find suitable for habitation.

Their society is tribal with clans and it's not unusual to see clans fighting one another as part of territorial disputes. They have a complex language system that is written in the earth with their fists; they can forge armor out of stone which allows them to burrow deeper; and their weapons significantly increase the range at which they can attack.


They are characterized as humanoid in shape, and very masculine. It is their wish to gain access to all planes of Oblivion, especially that of Mundus, the mortal realm, which they hate with an intense passion.


The Drow are often confused with the dark elves. Some spell casters mix up their meaning and think they mean the same things. These two races of elves are very different in appearance and in many ways. The dark elves do have some traits that share similarities with the drow, but do not make the mistake of thinking they are one of these races of elves.

They rarely interact with surface dwellers, and when they do it is often to cause pain or suffering. Dungeon Masters can use drow as one-dimensional villains or as complex allies to the party.


They are most commonly found in the forests of Azeroth, and fight against the undead and other creatures. They appear similar to female night elves except, instead of deer legs, they have green deer hooves at the end of long stalks. Dryads are intelligent plant-like beings whose society is centered around tending the world tree Nordrassil.

This race is separate from any other kind of night elf. They have a humanoid upper half (of what appears to be a night elf) and deer-like lower halves.


The duergar are a race of gray-skinned dwarves living in the Underdark. They resemble dwarves, but have gray skin, no beards, and are naturally adapted to living underground with superior darkvision. They are known for being cruel slavers who enslave other races and force them to labor in the depths for their masters. 

It is also said that they eat their own dead, and that they drive captured slaves before them in caravans behind massive siege engines, such as chariots.


They are known to be shrewd and intelligent and yet are shunned by other races for their secrecy. They're also well known for their potent magic making them suitable allies in battle, though to combat this they've developed enhanced physique and unique weapons.

The Dunmer were created by the immortal god, Vivec, for the purpose of building his city, Vivec City. Since then the Dunmer became one of the dominant races in Morrowind and evolved into two distinctive classes: The Great Houses and the Ashlanders.


They are often mentioned in stories, myths, and the songs of bards. The lives and fate of the Dwemer are shrouded in mystery and can be difficult to separate from the many apocryphal legends associated with them.

Their own name for themselves, "the Deep Folk," has been proposed as a label for the Dwemer as a whole. In modern Aldmeris, they are called DwerghŇęnar, which means "the earthmen."¬†

Both terms translate the name used by the Dwemer themselves, "Dwemer", meaning "Masters of War.


They don't interfere with the day-to-day life of the Moroi, but instead use their positions of influence and wealth to manipulate and destroy them from within. 

They are also responsible for the propagation of half-vampire children, as is explained in The Queen of the Damned . According to the origin story presented in The Vampire Lestat , they were created by God as an act of rebellion - a group of angels who refused to bow down before humanity. In that same account, it is said that Caine was not the first vampire; that there was another one who inspired all vampires to become like him.

Dark dwarf

They were exiled from the Ironforge clan when they tried to take over the high seat. They are not to be confused with Dark Iron dwarves which are members of the Alliance affiliated with the Twilight's Hammer clan.

Dark elf

They are often confused as being drow due to them living in the Underdark. Dark elves have exquisite features similar to moon elves but their skin is much darker as they reside in the darkness underground.

They are commonly called deep elves or grey elves by other races.  It is also known that they are very resistant to magic and poisons.

Dark titan

Dark titan is a race of titans that are evil and have dark ways. They were born from the blood that was spilled by valiant titans. It was in the first war between valiant and dark titans. In this war, a great titan called adamantium had sacrificed for his own beloved world. 

Dark titans wanted nothing but to rule this world badly and commit all sorts of crimes without any scruples against other lesser beings like- humans.

Dark Troll

In direct sunlight, they go into a deep slumber and are rendered nearly lifeless until exposed to shade once more. They are driven by a fierce hatred of their daylight kin, the forest trolls. 

Dark trolls display a great capacity for magic, though their aptitude for destruction pales in comparison with their predilection to create and grow.

Although they are almost entirely unknown to the world above ground, dark trolls have expanded into vast realms underground to escape the eternal daylight of the surface. They are most commonly known to be friendly with goblins, with whom they share their tunnels and territories in exchange for aid against intruders.


Their history is deeply entwined with the elves’ own ancient history and they loathe life as much as they once adored it. Darkfallen are no less skilled in combat than most other races, but their very existence is steeped in the supernatural making them all, even those without the Blessing of Cinder Glades, stronger for it. 

They share a communion with one-another that is not shared by other beings and the dark magics they practice can summon beings from beyond the mortal realms to do their bidding.

Deep gnome

Almost all gnomes in this area are deep gnomes, including the illithid in the late '80s by R.A. Salvatore. They are the main race of gnomes in Forgotten Realms campaign setting's Underdark, their language is notably fluent according to R.A. Salvatore in one of his novels Menzoberranzan.

Their numbers are greatly reduced due to their small size compared to other drow, duergar, and svirfneblin races. Their size also puts them at a disadvantage. Most deep gnomes are taller than 2 feet while the average halfling is just under 3 feet tall.

This causes deep gnomes to be more vulnerable to creatures larger than them.


It is believed that the beings known as the Zora are originally from the Deku Tree, which contains a miniature ecosystem and numerous pools of water.

After "The Great Calamity", they seem to have overpowered most of Hyrule with their ability to control wood. The most prominent and well-known variety, the Deku Scrub, lives in the forests of Hyrule where they once lived side by side with the Hylians.


They are an older race than humans and elves, but not quite as old as gnomes. Earthens have been in Azeroth for many thousands of years, living in isolated mountain ranges.

The typical earthen is shorter than most humans, standing at around 5’1″ to 6’5″. Some earthens are over seven feet tall, however (the largest recorded was almost ten feet).


They have lived for thousands of years upon the isles and were once bound to the light of day. Yet in recent times they have been found wandering the night, casting spells and causing mischief when darkness falls.

They were first created many thousands of years ago, and some have even become entire species like the Avtrot and Imbroglio.


The central premise of their culture is that they must tend to their Rifts, which appear randomly around the world. If left unattended for long enough, a Rift will become Overrun by the creatures that dwell within it. At this point, the Eth are compelled by their beliefs and culture to see that the Rift is destroyed by any means necessary.

Despite previously being united under the council of the Eternum, most Eth tribes are currently spread across the continent fighting for their survival. 

Eth society has waned drastically after each successive planar incursion, but is slowly recovering as armies gain ground on behalf of their favored gods and have begun establishing towns and villages around captured objectives.


They enjoy flaunting their wealth and status while simultaneously nurturing secret plots to further increase it. They are masters at manipulating markets and using their connections to accomplish their goals. They can manifest in the world of Azeroth, but only for short periods before needing to return to their home world. 

Ethereals have long whitish hair that they tie into small ponytails that get longer as they age. It is considered very rude among Ethereals to show excessive displays of wealth.


Their natural shape is nearly identical to that of a giant, but they tend to be much smaller at roughly eight to ten feet in height. They dress similarly to ogres, and love to wear as many rings, amulets, and bracelets as possible. 

However, these decorations are not just for show; they are usually enchanted with magic for protection.


They were created by the Aedra (gods) to be ‚Äúlight-elves‚ÄĚ because, in their words, they ‚Äúneeded more variety‚ÄĚ.¬†The Falmer once had a great civilization on the continent Tamriel until they went into hiding underground and fell prey to a terminal disease called ‚ÄúVampirism‚ÄĚ.

These snow elves are also known as the ‚ÄúBetrayed‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúPariahs‚ÄĚ.¬† Snow elves were seen near Tundra in Skyrim and that too after many centuries when the Dragonborn came into existence.


They have exceptional agility and speed, but at the cost of strength. Fauns have large horns on their heads along with small ones on their cheeks, double-lidded eyes the color of blood, goat legs, short pointed ears and broad shoulders. 

Their skin tones can range from fair to dark and have hair that ranges from white to black as well as being either curly or straight.

Fel elf

The felblood elves deviate from their original form due to the consumption of demon blood. They serve as shock troops for the Legion and can be found in many demon armies. Next to spellcasters, they are some of the most powerful combatants in the Legions' service.

It is unknown how exactly they were created. It could be that they are corrupted highborne elves like the Sunwell survivors who drank the blood of a demon causing them to become satyrs. It also could be that their souls were bent by the corruption just like Illidan's, Arthas' and many others have been.

Fel Orc

Fel Orcs were created by the Burning Legion in their demonic laboratories, and are a combination of fel orcs and various other creatures such as ogres and draenei.

These brutish and powerful warriors serve their masters with fanatical loyalty, and can be found scattered throughout many worlds that have fallen under the sway of the Legion. The bulk of these lumbering giants live on the blighted world of Felhammer within Azeroth’s Netherstorm.


Although weaker than their red counterparts, they can still be formidable opponents. Their power over the element of fire is great. They can send blasts of flame at their foes, or they can use such fire to try to melt away their enemies.

They’re generally considered better than air elementals, because they have consistent damage regardless of where they attack from, as long as they have something to burn the opponent with.

Firesoul genasi

They are one of the most striking beings in the realms, their skin is fiery and heads are molten. They usually host red or ruddy bronze skin tones but they can feature several hues in between those, as well. 

They are slightly taller than humans with muscular yet lithe bodies and long limbs. As shown by their traits, they seem to be an offshoot of the earth genasi or maybe even that they stem directly from it. Either way, this kinship is one of blood and not one of quality or power so the fire genasi can’t claim to be more powerful than their ancestors.

Flame elf

Those who have seen one could never forget it, though. Flame elves are fire elementals consumed by dark magic and twisted forever. They now hunt and consume all life on Azeroth. Aiding Ragnaros the Firelord  in his quest to create a world of pure fire in order to conquer or destroy it,


They can be found in the Fire Lands but are often seen in other places and on some occasions even working for other races. Flamekin are very different to those they work for and are hard to please. There is a legend that states that one day the Flamekin will rise and destroy all who they work for.


The current theory is that he will be the final hard boss of the adventure, like Loatheb in Naxxramas. I want to talk about Flamewakers because they are very interesting. 

They are not quite made up of flames and they are not single units like most minions. They are multiple fire elementals that have blood and skin, so they look like normal opponents but they’re pretty dangerous as soon as you get them all out at the same time.

Forest gnome

They live in chaotic forests in small and scattered communities that make use of camouflage, secrecy and misdirection as a deterrent to predators. Forest Gnomes are chaotic good creatures who strive to help beasts and those that cannot defend themselves from danger. 

They make their homes among the trees of large forests where they live quite comfortably thanks to their abilities at living off the land.

Forest nymph

They have personalities, personalities that are to be expected from a person that has spent their entire life in a forest. Forest Nymphs also have their very own culture, food, cloth and even their own language.

Forest troll

They live in the wild in Azeroth, but also inhabit Medivh's Tower in the DeadMines dungeon. Forest trolls tend to be larger than other types of trolls. Compared to their jungle cousins, they have a shorter lifespan. 

One trait all forest trolls share is their head-hunting habits - they like to adorn their staves and bows with oversized troll heads.


Since they can wear any mortal's skin, they usually have brown hair, and brown or dull grey eyes, though their eyes sometimes shine yellow when they slither under the bright sunlight. They do not have wings, nor tails.

Once blessed by the Goddess, but since sealed away by her, they now reside in the woods near Nesharim where they wait for her to return.

Forsaken undead

The forsaken were victims of one of the terrible plagues that ran through Lordaeron when it was attacked by Arthas during the Third War. 

Victims of the plague were buried rather than cremated, because there were so many infected bodies and so few men able to perform proper funerary rites: either those who survived the initial invasion, or those who helped clean up afterward.

Frost dwarf

They are direct descendants of the earthen - a race of sentient, living stone creatures created by the titan Khaz'goroth. Eons ago, a small group of earthers left the caverns under Kalimdor and sailed north to investigate the Lich King's invasion. They settled among a tribe of ­vrykul and taught them to speak, write, and fight. 

The vrykul adopted these guardians as gods and named them Aesir in their tongue ‚Äď meaning "gods" in Old Norse ‚Äď after a clan of huge stone giants whom they also worshipped more or less as gods


They are native to the planet Boon, where they lived in seclusion until the arrival of non-native settlers forced them to venture out and integrate with other races.

There is little physical difference between the genders of this species, although males have more body hair; this is because all galkas are descendents of the first female to one day exist. 

Much like the Nimble Gizzards, they seem to lack any unique biological adaptations or abilities which could be considered superpowers.


They speak their own language and do not seem to be able to learn other languages (even though they are capable of speaking Common). They are somewhat nomadic, usually dwelling in huts, cave dwellings or tents.

Many of them live in Tallon-ga, a mountainous region that stretches from the foot of Mt. Ida to the southern shores of the Ul'dah Sea, and from Giza Plains to the desert region east of the Tchita Uplands.


Each Gerudo is born male, but through a rare chemical reaction, one in one hundred thousand male babies will become female. This "condition" disappears by late childhood.

Gerudo lives in the Gerudo Desert (which is not to be confused with Gerudo Valley, located within the borders of the kingdom of Hyrule). The only males born within the tribe are created by Ganondorf, who uses his magic power.

Giant (Elder Scrolls)

Giants are a race of gargantuan (gigantic + enormous) and towering humanoids from Tamriel. They are a rather peaceful race, unless provoked or think that someone is a threat. Giants can be found living in many areas of Tamriel, particularly the wilderness. 

In some mountainous regions like Stonefalls, giants can be seen traversing the terrain on what appears to be stone platforms.


The first Gigas are said to have come into existence when Black Dragon Kalbak was killed by God. When he was killed, his blood fell onto the ground and from it, seven giantesses emerged. Gigas are different from humans in ways that are unfathomable and unnatural. 

They can put out six times the power of an ordinary man in every aspect, whether it is their physical strength, stamina or attack range. Despite being large in size, they move more swiftly than any other living creature on the land.


They are very similar in appearance to goblins with an exception to their skin color. Gilgoblins are bluish-grey in color while goblins have greenish skin tone with some having blue colored skin. 

They reside mostly near the shores and coastal areas, and make their encampments on islands just offshore from larger humanoid settlements. They appear to possess large pointed ears and rather bulbous noses. The most distinctive feature of the gilgoblin is the long beard that protrudes from its face, resembling a fish bone.


Gilneans originally lived as feral worgen who were unable to control their transformation between human and worgen forms. After a civil war instigated by Lord Darius Crowley, with the aid of his daughter Lorna Crowley, Greymane barred the infected population inside Gilneas City and ordered all entrances be walled up.

They were a reclusive and isolationist people, and had not sought to have any official political relations with other kingdoms for centuries prior to the Second War. Gilnean worgen are a race currently allied with the Horde.


They live underground in various dwellings such as Gnomeregan. A few gnomes have made their way to the northern part of Lordaeron, where the dwarven cities of Ironforge and Grim Batol (once home to the Wildhammer dwarves) exist. 

For this reason, some humans refer to all gnomes as dwarves, although both races deny any dwarvish ancestry. They are known for their fierce love of the earth and all earthly things and are closely attuned to the natural world. Gnomes are among the oldest races in Azeroth, predating even the Elves by several millennia. 


Goblin men and women usually wear their hair at shoulder length or shorter, unless they're balding; unlike humans, goblins don't get facial hair.  They also have large pointed ears with those of males being larger than females and prominent noses but no other visible differences between the sexes.

They were active during the Third Era and have since been missing, likely hiding in the mountains of Morrowind.¬†The Nords knew them as the ‚ÄúSlaughter-fish People,‚ÄĚ their term for all goblins, beasts, men and mer of Tamriel alike.¬†According to Meridan Ottus, they were particularly fond of long walks on the beach and quenching blades in blood.

Gold dwarf

In the world of Forgotten Realms, Gold dwarves are amongst the smallest of the dwarf races, as they average less than 4 and half feet tall.  They are considered to be stout and are extremely brave and aloof.  This is due to their undying loyalty to allies, which makes them least likely to break a given oath. 

The Gold dwarves came into existence from Menzoberranzan, commonly called the City of Intrigue, under the Earth in the continent Faer√Ľn, an expansive land that was created by a number of deities that are worshiped by game players around the globe.¬†

The city was no stranger to political fluctuation among its thirteen houses which then led to migration of dwarves from this city and through the Underdark.


They typically avoid other races and maintain a stoic, silent demeanor, but are well known for their strong sense of pride and loyalty to friends. 

Talon has been chief and Goron Elder ever since he was appointed by Biggoron after he defeated King Dodongo of Death Mountain protecting the Gorons from his fiery breath.


Grawl are a race of primitive ape humanoids that inhabit the Charr Homelands and Shiverpeak Mountains' southern area.  Grawl resemble hairy, bipedal apes, standing up to 2.5 meters in height and weighing between 90 and 200 kilograms. 

They have large maws filled with sharp teeth used for hunting and fighting, as well as massive clawed hands ending in long, curved fingernails similar to those found on orangutans.


They were created by the demon lord Kil'jaeden as an experiment. Their appearance is mostly draenei, but they have an orc-like skin complexion and facial features. Half-draenei are no taller than humans, but are heavier in build and weight; some examples include Vanndar Stormpike, Velen and Durotan.


They are one of the most common races in all of Eurania, rivaled only by humans and dwarves.  Half-elves are always an oddity to both humans and elves, but are sometimes welcomed into elven communities.

The most distinguishing characteristic of half elves is their appearance, as they display characteristics from both races; for instance, they have a human skin tone, whereas elves have green or fair skin.

Half-night elf

Half-night elves, also called half-kaldorei are half night elven blood. They are not entirely night elves but are also half human blood. Half-night elves do not have the traditional night elf appearance and are often seen as less attractive compared to the kaldorei.

Their main features are horns of various sizes, larger noses, eyes and ears, rough and thick skin with a deep rose color and hair colors like blonde or brown.


Half-orcs have a muscular body, green complexion, large tusks like the orcs and long fangs. They are taller and more slender than humans, but not as tall as elves.  They are generally strong and hardy people with natural dexterity and intellect weaker than their elven cousins.

They are usually taller, broader about the shoulders, and hairier than humans, but as strong as humans. Half-orcs usually have gray or greenish pigmentation, but they can also be black, brown, or white like humans. These traits often lead them to be mistaken for half-ogres.


Halfling birth day's are known as Naming Day when their true names are gifted by a godly figure either chosen by the parents or gods themselves. Halflings have clever minds and quick reflexes and are renowned craftsmen. Most Halflings choose to settle in secluded gardens or orchards away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They were only interacted with when there was trouble in the forests or a specific good needed. 

Since they have finally left their homeland and started to encounter more races they have seen this as a new age for social equality and seen themselves as the middle road between giants and dwarves.

Highborne elf

The Highborne elves were a tribe of graceful and intelligent high elves, who were the highest caste of night elf society and also the lowest rank in the Kaldorei's corps of arcane wielders. 

They were once the personal servitors of Queen Azshara and her favored Highborne during the height of their civilization's power in ancient Kalimdor.


Their sizes can be as tall and as heavy as goblins, but usually smaller than half the size of a goblin. Despite their appearance, hobgoblins are tougher and stronger than a goblin because they have tough yellow skin, large teeth and nails, and a large muscular body. 

They live in tribes scattered around in forests, rocky areas, mountains, plains, swamps, and underground areas. Hobgoblins are carnivores who love to feast on humans when they have the chance.

Mountain dwarf

The ancestry of this dwarvish subtype stretches back to ancient times, when the Dath'Remar and their trusted gryphon-riding Wildhammer allies settled in the mountains of Khaz Modan. Since then, they have remained isolated from their fellow dwarven clans in nearby Ironforge.


Dwarves, the short and stocky humanoids known for their superior crafting skills, have a long tradition in fantasy games. 

In Dungeons & Dragons they are a player character race that gets bonuses to every craft skill, including bartering. 

Dwarves are simple but noble creatures with a rich history in Germanic folklore, although D&D dwarves began as a Tolkien-inspired version of the traditional dwarven mythology.

Beast Man

Beast Man is among the most recognizable comic book characters of all time thanks to his outwardly intimidating appearance. 

He possesses speed, strength, durability and agility that surpasses that of many other villains within the DC Universe. 

Long-time fans know that Beast Man fights by jumping on top of opponents and ripping them apart with his teeth and claws.


Giants are legendary creatures in the same vein as Dragons, Faeries and Monsters. Although they have been a part of human mythology for centuries, they have also appeared in current pop culture more recently. Because of this, giants have become a Standard Fantasy Race having only varied slightly in terms of details. 


Hobbits are a race of small, furry-footed humans who live in peace and quiet in a shire-like region called The Shire. They are famous for their love of food and beer, as well as their incredible courage and will to do good. Even so, they don't go looking for adventures - they're content just to live a peaceful life!


Lizardfolk are friendly and curious beings that enjoy learning about new things. Their desire to explore and their friendly, open-minded dispositions often bring them into contact with other races, though the gap between their way of thinking and that of the smooth-skins is great indeed.


Treants are powerful tree-like creatures that can be found in various forests and jungles. Most species of treants appear to have bark with face-like features and legs that emerge from the base of their trunk. Although most treants are still alive, some of them are long-dead (petrified) and resemble stone statues.


The word "troll" has come to refer to all types of monstrous creatures in fantasy settings. They are often similar to giants, ogres and goblins, but have a long history as the personification of evil in many cultures. 

The Trolls are infamous throughout history as they wreak havoc on unsuspecting travelers through their many tricks and pranks. These little devils enjoy eating anything delicious or good which happens to be near them.


Dragons are a common fixture in fantasy. They are large, reptilian creatures with wings, scales and claws. In some stories dragons are just what one might expect - aggressive beasts that burn villages and swallow knights whole. Many others view dragons as more intelligent and helpful, but usually still dangerous creatures that must be dealt with carefully.

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