Fisherman Minecraft: Trades & Features

The fisherman is a villager who you can find by the village lake, he wears a brown hat and wears clothing too. You can buy all sorts of fishes from the fisherman, you can give an emerald and buy at least one cooked fish or a fishing rod. You can sell him raw and cooked fish and he will give you emeralds for it.

Depending on the biome he is generated, his clothing will change. 

If a player is wearing the same skin as a villager, mobs will not attack them. 

Fishermen also have trades that involve buying raw fish for emeralds, selling cooked fish for emeralds, selling fishing rods for emeralds, and buying boats for emeralds.

 Its design is based towards that of an anglerfish, and has a sort of “trademark” feature — a lantern hanging from its head! Once you come across one, you’ll be able to trade with it. The more you trade with it, the better its trades will become.

They sell several useful items, such as fishing rods and buckets of tropical fish, guardian spawn eggs, and raw salmon. They also sell quality and bad omen enchanted books to librarians.

Fisherman Trade Table

Buy Price
String x 1
Coal x 1
Raw Cod x 1
Raw Salmon x 1
Tropical Fish x 1
Pufferfish x 1
Acacia Boat x 1
Birch Boat x 1
Oak Boat x 1
Spruce Boat x 1
Dark Oak Boat x 1
Jungle Boat x 1
Sell Price
Bucket of Cod x 3
Raw Cod
Cooked Cod
x 1
Raw Salmon
Cooked Salmon
x 1
Enchanted Fishing Rod x 22

Fisherman buys: items that fishermans buy are fishing rods, leather leggings, leather boots and a diamond hoe. Fishermen can combine fishing rods and emeralds to create enchanted fishing rods. Ingredients along with steps to craft enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft

Place a fishing rod in any of the slots in the middle column. 

Place an emerald in any of the slots in the side columns so that it doesn’t overlap with the fishing rod. 

This recipe will only work if there is nothing else overlapping with the materials provided previously. You now have an enchanted fishing rod.

To catch fish, you have to hold the right mouse button or right-trigger down. When you release it, your character will throw his net into the water with a splash sound effect. There are many types of fish you can catch: Salmon: Salmon are fairly easy to find, and they’re also easy to cook. Clownfish: Clownfish can only be found in coral reefs. Puffer: Puffers are not very good for eating because they’re poisonous.

How to Make Fisherman Villager

They can be identified by their dress and their trade options, which include fishing rods and enchanted fishing rods. When traded with, Fishermen will sell enchanted fishing rods from any Bukkit enchantment table, such as Luck of the Sea or Lure. Fishermen only appear during the day.

With a fishing rod and some luck, you can catch some fish. You can catch salmon, cod, pufferfish and clownfish. With a carrot on a stick, your movements will be more precise.

  • 1. Place the bed (cr0) and barrel (em,hm, en) in a way that they are next to each other. 
  • 2. Place the villager on any free block next to the bed and barrel.

It can be obtained by trading with Mason villagers. The player can purchase it from Librarian after his level reaches 5.


Barrels are job site blocks that allow village fishermen to gather and store their catches. They are used to collect fish, but cannot be used to collect any other form of junk or treasure. 

The barrel can store up to 3 different types of the same fish (e.g., tropical fish). Once a barrel fills up with one type of fish, it will not accept other fish until it has been emptied.

When placing anything into the barrel, make sure that it cannot be stacked or placed together anymore or else you won't get the benefit from the barrel.

This multi-block structure can store items, preserving them when knocked over by explosions and fire, as well as shield them from hostile mobs. Barrels are translucent and usually made of wood or stone. They also appear to be painted with different colored stripes.

Each barrel holds up to 27 stacks of items, with a maximum of 64 items per stack. Any item can be stored in a barrel except for shulker boxes.