Leatherworker Minecraft: Trades & Features

The leatherworker sells leather armor, emeralds, and saddles. Leatherworkers are masters of their craft and often create leather goods such as leggings, boots, and armor for their village.

The skilled craftsman makes saddles, horse armor and of course, leather and steel for the rest of the villagers. 

There are times when the Leatherworker needs the help and collaboration of the Butcher, who can give him some raw materials… However, on rare occasions when he gets enough resources and inspiration, this special villager can craft different types of armor too! 

If you want to obtain very precise products only The Leatherworker cant supply, talk with your fleshy buddy (The Butcher) who has a huge knowledge on animal parts!

Minecraft villagers are either males or females who look and act like humans. They have a rarity determined by their profession, with leather workers being the rarest. Like other mobs, leatherworkers can also be spawned by using spawn eggs.

When you interact with him you can buy products such as leather armor for your player and horse, emeralds and saddle or sell him other items such as Emeralds, Rabbit's skin, Turtle's shield. A cauldron is the Leatherworker's working place. He has levels: novice, apprentice, journeyman, expert and master. This impacts his assortment of goods, their price and his buckle becomes a different color.

Leatherworker Trade

Buy Price
Leather x 1
Flint x 1
Rabbit Hide x 1
Sell Price
Leather Tunic x 7
Leather Pants x 3
Leather Cap x 5
Leather Boots x 4
Leather Horse Armor x 6
Saddle x 6

Take your Minecraft experience to the next level with a set of 3 minecraft leatherworker items from our store. 

A leatherworker in Minecraft can be created by building him or her a house and filling it with appropriate tools and merchandise. 

When your leatherworker is ready, you can purchase these items, like the Iron Armor Set, Leather Jacket and Pants, Leather Workers Tools and Gear Set, and more.

When your leatherworker is ready, you can purchase these items, like the Iron Armor Set, Leather Jacket and Pants, Leather Worker’s Tools and Gear Set, and more.

These items can be used as a method of transportation with horses, carts, and boats; they can help with player safety with armor and weapons, or they can make your game more convenient by providing ladders, buckets, torches or levers.

It only spawns in village leatherworker houses. Leatherworkers can be spawned only by curing zombie villagers. Before this update, they used to spawn rarely. Leatherworkers usually sell leather armor, books, protection and fire protection enchanted books, saddles, flags with patterns (mono-colored or multi-colored), name tags and leads.

How to Make a Leatherworker Villager?

A villager can become a leatherworker (get a profession) only after you place a bed and a cauldron next to it. 

Note that both the bed and cauldron should not be occupied by other villagers. Also, the villager must have the correct workstation block for that career. 

If he has obtained the correct workstation, the villager automatically changes his wardrobe to that of his trade.

Once you complete the trades you will receive a Leatherworker job book that can be used any time throughout your gameplay.

They can be traded with to get leather armor and saddles. In the game Minecraft there are five types of traders: farmer, fisherman, shepherd, fletcher, toolsmith etc. 

Cauldron Job Block

This can be used to create an infinite water source by placing water in the cauldron and then covering the top with any non-solid block. A non-solid block can be a plant or a fence because they are not full cubes. The use of cobwebs is also possible, however they must be removed before being replaced with another solid block.

A cauldron is a 3x3x4 multi-block structure added by Better With Mods. It can hold liquids, but the block itself cannot be moved by pistons, so it can only be used for decoration. It is not affected by gravity and does not flow, like a normal water or lava block would. 

Other Villagers: Mason, Fletcher, Armorer