Librarian Minecraft: Trades & Features

Librarians are creative-type Villagers in Minecraft who wear glasses and red headgear. They can only be found in a few select biomes, like Plains and Savanna. 

Librarians will trade certain goods (Books, Paper, Golden Ingots, and Emeralds) for emeralds. Like all Villagers, Librarians also have five possible career levels: Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master.

They are always there to help you find the perfect book for your needs.

A village leader and priest, who, similar to the school administrator, can not leave his post. We have a dream that wherever we live there is always a place where we could find the library. 

When in an idle (standing) position, the Librarian will occasionally pull out a book, read it and then throw it away. 

In addition to books and reading, he also wears various accessories – for a gentlemanly appearance, you know. 

The Librarian stands in the first row of villagers – take care of him as if it were your own direct superior!

Trade Chart

Buy Price
Paper x 1
Book x 1
Book and Quill x 1
Ink Sac x 1
Sell Price
Bookshelf x 6
Lantern x 1
Glass x 1
Clock x 5
Compass x 4
Name Tag x 20
Enchanted Book
x 11

There are lots of items in Minecraft that are useful for librarians and bakers alike. We've made it easy to find what you need – just type the items below into the search bar at the top of this page.

If you're in a game where there is neither librarian nor baker, you can sell any of the above items by placing them in a chest as a type of shop. 

If there is both of these characters present, you can do the same thing to increase their available assortment combinable with other items.

The librarian trades items in Minecraft which are not available as crafting ingredients, but are rare and very hard to obtain. All the items can be obtained in the game without any problem and without spending real money. 

The list above contains four unique items which are sold by the librarian in Minecraft, namely the bone , skull , rotten flesh and Eye of Ender. Each of these types of items is made from the same material, but varies in quality and rarity.

How to Make a Librarian Villager

You can create a library in any of your settlements, especially in those that have a large number of residents. 

To get the librarian's job, you need to build a bed and table (librarian's desk) next to each other. When the beds are empty, they will start trading with you every 24 hours.

The library is very useful for cross-faction players. It is possible to exchange books with factions that live far away.

 It seems the easiest method is to make Villager to the Tailor and then to the Librarian. We need only two places: in two houses, where you want them to be librarians. 

But it's pretty simple theoretical writing. Facing the fact that I found their profession is not immediate - then first they will want (and they will receive) a profession of Tailor / blacksmith.

Lectern Job Block

Lecterns can hold single books and allow multiple players to read the same book at the same time. Book and quill are changed into written books when a player finishes writing.

It will be placed in front of an empty workstation block, and that block must be unused for any jobsite block purposes (e.g., Smithing Table, Blast Furnace, etc.). It cannot be built on top of existing ones.

A career level between 1 and 5 determines the maximum number of players who can simultaneously read from the lectern. 

The lecturer will stop writing after a random number of pages, depending on level, even if the player stops reading. A librarian will not stop writing once he does so, until his job chest is empty. All Minecraft Villager Jobs