+30 Light Green Colors Names with HEX Codes

April 12, 2024

Light green is one of the many colors that is related to the other ones, but adds a very bright and cheerful feel for your website. It belongs to the cool colors along with the rest of the ones that belong to the same category. You can find HEX codes bellow!

Bellow you can see all light green color names!

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Color Model Code
Aqua #00FFFF
Aquamarine #7FFFD4
Bright Green #454B1B
Celadon #AFE1AF
Chartreuse #DFFF00
Emerald Green #50C878
Grass Green #7CFC00
Mint Green #98FB98
Seafoam Green #9FE2BF
Spring Green #00FF7F

It has a particular tone that can’t be confused with any of them, so it’s not strange when you hear people say that they can recognize light green when they see it.

Aquamarine - #7FFFD4

Aquamarine color

The color aquamarine is somewhat mysterious — it’s bright, vivid, and distinctive but somehow it also feels very natural. 

Aquamarine jumps out at you, asking you to decide whether you should like it or not. I personally believe it to be an uncommon shade of blue-green (yes, green) that’s both soothing and energizing.

t's easy to think that something as simple as your business website isn't important. Something can be easy and still highly valuable to you. The most powerful websites are a clear reflection of what is going on in your head. 

Your marketing channels funnel toward the site, where they come face-to-face with your customers. You're reinventing yourself, so wouldn't its heart reflect that? Or maybe you don't see it that way, maybe you love the retro 90s look of your current site colors. 

Bright Green - #AAFF00

Bright Green color

Have you ever wondered what the most popular shade of green is? A recent piece of research on color psychology states that green is the most visible color to our eyes. It makes sense then, that many of us use this bold color in our designs.

Although, the color is not just a “color” – bright green is actually an idea. It's the idea of social, technological and scientific innovation that are seamlessly integrated. It's the idea of making our world better and our future a reality.

Celadon - #AFE1AF

Celadon color

If you've ever heard of celadon, you probably know it's the lovely light greenish-grey shade that's the color of the tea bowls on your kitchen counter. What you might not know is that the term actually encompasses a range of shades stretching across gray, yellow, and blue

Emerald Green - #50C878

Emerald Green color

One of the colors used most in decorating, emerald green is a hue light and bright. It’s considered an earth tone just like colors such as dusky pink, or burnt orange, or stone gray. Emerald green has been used to imitate many other colors from greens such as avocado to teal to slate. He’s also been used for furniture and upholstery. In art, the color is often seen in still life paintings and landscapes.

Grass Green - #7CFC00

Grass Green color

Grass green is a beautiful but rarely used color in bestowing names upon people, places, colors and other objects. 

The word ‘grass' is taken from the plant of the same name, which is also green but has a slight yellowish tinge. 

Grass green is sometimes used to describe the shade of grass appearing in the foreground, while using other colors such as grass brown or some shade of yellow at the bottom.

Light Green - #90EE90

Light Green

Light green is a hue of green that is lighter than lime green. Known for its brightness and ability to stand out from other web pages, light green is also used for advertising, or to make a website take on the appearance of a children's toy or game website.

Turquoise -  #40E0D0

Turquoise color

Turqoise is a fantastic color. It's bold, yet also somewhat subdued at the same time. Whether it's in jewelry form or paint on the walls of your home, this color brings about a feeling of luxury. 

That probably explains why it's long been a favorite amongst royalty and ranks high on a host of other lists (most popular colors, best selling shades, most-worn shades).

Mint Green - #98FB98

Mint Green color

Mint green is the perfect summer color. It is a pale, cool tone green that looks great on both light and dark skin tones. 

In fact, it works well on almost everyone! It also has a minty fresh feel to it that lends itself well to food, drinks and textiles designs. 

Mint green baby clothes are an excellent choice for parents who want cute outfits for their wee ones. Mint green was a popular shade during the Art Deco era and can be incorporated into 80s fashion .

Pistachio - #93C572


Pistachio is a brilliant but mellow shade of green. You're not likely to find tons of pistachio plants growing in the wild, although you will surely spot them in ice cream shops. 

Pistachio green is one of many shades inspired by edible things — others include lime, mandarin and avocado!

Seafoam Green - #9FE2BF

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green may bring to mind images of vintage tile bathrooms, shiny cars and atomic-era polka dot dresses. 

However, the color seafoam green was first invented in 1856 when two brothers, August Wilhelm and Johann Friedrich Böttger, mixed their own batches of colored inks using natural ingredients like a grape vine pomace.

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