+10 Light Purple Colors

If you are here looking for a light purple color then you have come to the right place. 

This article will take a look at what light purple colors are best, and also where you can find good light purple colors that are easy to implement on your own website or design project. 

It’s been many years since I decided to purchase a color scheme that contained a very light shade of purple. 

Bright Purple - #BF40BF

Bright Purple Color

Bright purple makes a great background color for nearly any website, including business websites, online galleries, and many other types of online content.

Light Violet - #CF9FFF

Light Violet Color

This color is the look of the digital age, a tone you can use to sell makeup or anything that requires vigor and freshness.

Mauve - #E0B0FF

Mauve Color HEX code

Believe it or not, the color mauve is named after the French word mauveine, derived from the name of the mallow flower. Yes, the same flower you will likely find in your salad tonight. 

Periwinkle - #CCCCFF

Periwinkle HEX Code

Periwinkle is a beautiful pastel blue. It's derived from the name of a pretty purple flower, inspiring people to use "periwinkle" to describe any light blue hue.

Thistle - #D8BFD8

Thistle HEX code

Thistle is the color that is named after various types of the flower thistle. It's a pale shade of purple and its tone differs from light purple to a darker purple.

Wisteria - #BDB5D5 

Wisteria is a pastel color with a hint of purple. Although Wisteria is usually thought of as a shade of purple, it is more correctly classified as a pale blue-based violet.

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