+15 M&M Colors: Meanings and Tastes

M&M colors are one of the most iconic and defining features of the candy. They’re bright, they’re bold, and they’re beautiful. But have you ever wondered about the story behind the colors?

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All m&m Colors

The original M&M colors were red, yellow, and green

The red was chosen to represent the color of Mars, the home planet of the M&M’s creator, Forrest Mars. 

The yellow and green were chosen to represent the colors of the United States: yellow for the golden fields of grain, and green for the forests.

Over the years, the colors have changed to reflect the times. In 1976, blue was added to commemorate America’s bicentennial. In 1995, brown was added as a “classic” color. And in 2002, tan was added as a “neutral” color.

Today, there are 15 M&M colors in all. Which We will discover. 

Each color has its own unique history and meaning. So next time you enjoy a handful of M&M’s, take a moment to appreciate the colorful story behind each little candy.

Dark Blue 

Dark Blue  m&m pattern

This color is often associated with calm and serenity. If you're partying for a newborn baby or just starting to plan desserts in the bridal room. Confectionery is the best choice in this color selection. 

Dark blue can also be seen as a symbol of power and strength.


Stone m&m pattern

Who doesn't love a classic stone color M&M? This classic candy has been around for generations and is a favorite among young and old alike. 

Stone M&Ms are the perfect treat for any occasion. 

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or something to take to a party, these little bites of heaven are sure to please.

Do not think that this cold color will result in a tasteless candy. As delicious as any other M&M. just less colorful.


Cream  m&m pattern

The candy is made of milk chocolate and has a creamy filling. The filling is made of a mixture of milk, cream, and sugar.

Cream colors are so versatile! As you can see it is also used for M&Ms.

They can be used in so many different ways to create different looks. You can use them to add a pop of color to an outfit, or to create a more neutral look. 

Hot Pink

hot pink m&m pattern

Did you know that the color hot pink was not available as an M&M color until the year 2000? Prior to that, the only pink M&M was the light pink color. But in 2000, the hot pink color was introduced and has been a popular choice ever since!

Soft Pink

Soft Pink m&m pattern

Looking for a delicate and girly treat? Then you need to try Soft Pink Color M&Ms! These pretty pink candies are perfect for any occasion, and they taste delicious too! Made with real chocolate, these M&Ms are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Green m&m pattern

Polar Blue

Polar blue m&m pattern

Polar Blue M&Ms are a limited edition flavor that is only available during the winter months. 

They are made with white chocolate and have a light blue candy shell. The flavor of these M&Ms is very similar to the regular white chocolate M&Ms, but with a hint of mint.


lilac m&m pattern

The company produces this type of candy because they feel that it is a unique and tasty treat. M&M feels that the lilac flavor is a perfect balance of sweet and tart.


Orange m&m pattern

Orange M&M's have been a fan favorite since they were first introduced in the 1970s. And it's no wonder why - these little candies are packing a whole lot of flavor!

What makes Orange M&M's so cool? First of all, they're one of the few M&M's that are actually flavored. Most of the other colors are just different colors of chocolate. But Orange M&M's have a real orange flavor that is delicious and refreshing.


Yellow m&m pattern

Yellow M&M's are a type of candy that is made with sugar, corn syrup, cocoa butter, and milk. 

Cloud White

Cloud m&m pattern

The newest flavor of M&M's is Cloud White, and it's made with real marshmallow and white chocolate. 

The ingredients list for these tasty little candies is pretty simple: sugar, cocoa butter, skim milk, lactose, marshmallow, and artificial flavors. 


Red m&m pattern

Millions of people enjoy eating these little red candies every day.

But where did Red M&M candy come from? The first Red M&M candy was created in 1941 by Forrest Mars, Sr. 

In 1949, the company changed the recipe for the candy and made it with a softer chocolate center. This new version of the candy was an instant hit with consumers and remains the most popular flavor of M&M candy today.

Blue Lagoon

Blue m&m pattern

Apple Green

Apple green m&m

Emerald Green

Emerald Green m&m

Last Words

M&M’s are one of the most iconic American candies. They were first introduced in 1941 by Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie. 

The candy was originally meant to be a ration for soldiers during World War II. The unique candy coating was invented to prevent the chocolate from melting in the hot desert climate.

M&M’s have been a part of American pop culture for generations. They have been featured in movies, TV shows, and songs. In 1996, they even had their own movie, “Mars Attacks!”.

What m&m stand for

The name “M&M” stands for “Mars & Murrie”. The two men originally wanted to call the candy “Murrie’s Mallowts”, but that name was already trademarked by another company. They settled on “M&M’s” instead.

The candy was an instant hit, and is now sold in over 100 countries. The original chocolate M&M’s are still the most popular flavor, but there are now many other flavors available, including peanut, almond, mint, and even coffee.

There’s no doubt that M&M’s are here to stay. They are a delicious and iconic part of American candy history.

I hope the M & M colors article was helpful for you. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve. Cheers.

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