Mason Minecraft: Trades & Features

Mason villager npc is a bricklayer or a resident of one of the villages in black clothes, with a hammer in his belt. The passage to him is blocked by cobblestone blocks and red mushrooms, which you need to break. Behind them will be a stonecutter with an already prepared design table and stone block. 

In addition, there will also be a furnace for drying bricks. The mason himself wears black robes, carries a hammer as equipment and walks the cobblestone floor around his home, moving from one station to another. 

He holds the villager with two iron bars that should be made into iron bars.

A villager is a resident in a Minecraft Pocket Edition village. A villager is an intelligent passive NPC that the player can trade with. A villager wears clothing according to one of six professions, and many of these professions are subdivided into various careers. The player can trade with the villagers depending on their career and biome.

Mason Trade Chart

Buys Price
Clump of clay x 10 x 1
A rock x 20 x 1
Andesite x 16 x 1
Diorite x 16 x 1
Granite x 16 x 1
Sells Price
Polished Andesite x 4 x 1
Polished Granite x 4 x 1
Polished diorite x 4 x 1
Brick x 12 x 1
Carved stone bricks x 4 x 1
White glazed ceramics x 1
Quartz column x 1
Quartz block x 1
Blue Glazed Pottery x 1
Yellow glazed ceramic x 1
Lime Glazed Ceramics x 1
Orange Glazed Pottery x 1
Purple Glazed Pottery x 1
Pink Glazed Pottery x 1
Light gray glazed ceramic x 1
Gray glazed ceramic x 1
Purple Glazed Pottery x 1
White ceramics x 1
Turquoise ceramics x 1
Blue ceramics x 1
Yellow ceramics x 1
Green ceramics x 1
Brown ceramic x 1
Red ceramic x 1
Lime ceramics x 1
Orange ceramics x 1
Purple ceramics x 1
Pink ceramics x 1
Light gray ceramic x 1
Gray ceramics x 1
Blue ceramic x 1
Purple pottery x 1
Black ceramics x 1

If you are playing a Minecraft villager called Mason, you can find the mason's menu in the game and start trading. Once you find them, you can get a lot of advantages from trading with these villagers because they offer different prices for their items. If you're planning to buy or sell some items from Minecraft's mason, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with what he usually sells.

Mason's can be found in their Village if it has the Armorer building. If you are having trouble finding a villager, you can summon a villager with a cheat or you can use a spawn egg. 

He can be placed anywhere and has multiple points of articulation. The villager includes an iron helmet, workbench, pickaxe, sword and a full stack of emeralds!

They are also called masters. There are 11 types of them in the game: armorer, butcher, cleric, farmer, fisherman, fletcher, leatherworker, mason, shepherd, toolsmith and weaponsmith. Villagers will only trade when you have at least one bad reputation level. Sometimes a zombie villager appears from an already killed mason. In this case, the creature cannot regain its human form. But there is a way to return it. To do this, you need a splash-potion of weakness and a golden apple.

Сontrary to the beliefs of many, the villager is in no way related to the zombie. Just like any other creature, it has its own strengths and weaknesses: It does not attack if you do not provoke it by taking some valuable items.

There is a wide variety of merchants in the world of Minecraft. But the mason who sells various construction blocks is one of the most valuable, because one cannot do without him in this game.

The villagers of Minecraft are a large community of peaceful boxy people living in small houses. If the player is far away from the mason, he will stop displaying particles and moving around. In the current version of the game, players cannot interact with each other or build houses like houses.


This new villager is a farmer and crafter, who trades in emeralds for various foodstuffs, as well as other items. A great addition to any Minecraft LEGO building scene, the Mason Villager figure is highly-posable and includes the tools and accessories needed to complete the villagers tasks.

While you’re building with him, he may ask to visit that same village. 

Or he might suggest that you build him a new home. Mason even makes a great pet! If you hang his pumpkin hat outside of your door, he may stop by and help out with some chores!

How to Made Mason

He is the most useful when it comes to rebuilding a village under the ravage of a zombie attack. Become a Master Builder with this cool costume!

You need to trade with them. Each villager will have a workbench or loom in its house. By trading, you can hire villagers of different professions. Mason can learn some tricks from the player, and this will open up new levels of textures: Emerald, Gold, Diamond and Iron Blocks.

The villager features a removable construction helmet and has possible arms for different poses. Place the worktable near the crafting table, put the chest down nearby, and give the villager a bed to sleep on after a hard day's work. Villager figures measure over 2” (7cm) high.


It serves as an alternate method for obtaining stone-related blocks that cannot be crafted from the inventory (e.g. chiseled stone bricks and mossy cobblestone), but at a significantly higher cost. 

When in creative mode and using commands, the stonecutter is an invaluable asset. The stonecutter is a single block used for many crafting recipes, including cutting diorite, granite, andesite and various decorative items such as stairs, walls and chiseled variants.

The stonecutter is a handy tool for cutting stone and other hard materials. It can substitute the crafting table when crafting certain items. And if you need to build straight walls, add three smooth stone blocks to the sides of your crafting grid to get your first chiseled stone bricks.

It can also craft diorite slabs, cut sandstone and red sandstone, as well as granite stairs. The stonecutter can craft all of the chiseled variants of those blocks: chiseled sandstone, chiseled Red Sandstone, and chiseled stone bricks.

Other Villagers: Fletcher, Butcher