+10 Mcdonald’s Mascots You Want to Know

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Mcdonald’s Mascots

McDonald's has created many mascots over the years, but none are as popular or recognized as Ronald McDonald. The original mascot was Willard Scott, who portrayed Ronald in 1963 while he was a news reporter in Washington, D.C. Now, Ronald can be seen at countless McDonald’s locations across the country and around the globe.

From the two iconic hamburger characters – Hamburglar and Grimace – to brand new friends like Happy Meal Appetizer and Unglued Chicken, there is something for everyone.

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald color palette

Ronald McDonald is the energetic, fun and endearing clown who is the face of McDonald's restaurants.

He had red hair and freckles with green overalls, yellow gloves and shoes, red shirt, and a big red hat. 

Ronald was intended to become a permanent replacement for the company's then-current mascot "Speedee", but after several years the character proved to be highly popular so he continued on as the official mascot of the company. 

Since his creation Ronald has been redesigned several times with different looks and transformations (like Dino Mcdonald).


Grimace Color Palette

This classic McDonaldland character has been around since the beginning of time, or at least the early 1970s.  He's got bushy eyebrows and a toothy grin, and is known for his slow-witted demeanor. This is the only purple mascot Mcdonalds has.

Grimace isn't very mobile and usually just sits there, unless someone calls out his name or offers him some fries. After that he's likely to get up and dance the funky chicken or do a silly little jig before returning to his seat.

Birdie the Early Bird

Birdie is an early bird who loves the sun's warm rays, but doesn't like waking up early to see them. Her egg, however, did not share this preference for sleeping late. One night a giant egg fell from the sky and cracked open upon impact. 

Everyone in McDonaldland was surprised to see that inside was a baby robin named Birdie, fast asleep! Ronald McDonald decided that if he showed Birdie how much fun it is to be awake and active during the day, she would want to stay awake instead of going back to bed at night.

Uncle O'Grimacey

Uncle O'Grimacey color palette

Every March, McDonald's restaurants celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Shamrock Shake. Uncle O'Grimacey is a green grimace who delivers these delicious treats in McDonaldland. He wears a green cob hat and a vest with shamrocks on it, along with his shillelagh. 

He is always ready for action and brings great excitement to the part of the world where he lives. He also has lots of fun as part of a group with 2 or 3 other grimaces running around together or doing some new trick they just learned.

The McNugget Buddies

The McNugget Buddies Color Palette

The toys were created by Hillshire Brands, and began appearing in McDonald's restaurants in late 2013. Using the same base mold, these toys each have a unique head/face/costume that represents that particular McNuggets personality.

Iam Hungry

He is the vice president of snacking, and is an alien that comes to earth to eat the humans at McDonaldland. He was voiced by Jeff Lupetin, and appeared in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: The Visitors from Outer Space created in 1999.

He only speaks with one word: "Hungry." He is known to be quite annoying, with his constant request for food. The only way to stop him is to feed him.

The Hamburglar

The Hamburglar color palette

The Hamburglar was created in 1971, with the purpose of being McDonald's rival. His identity is a mystery but he is known to steal hamburgers, sometimes fighting Ronald McDonald for them. Despite not appearing as much as he once did, The Hamburglar has made appearances over the years along with being featured at several McDonald's events.

Fry Kids

Fry Kids color palette

The Fry Kids are an American fast food restaurant chain. They specialize in french fries and cheese, but they also sell hamburgers, shakes, and root beer floats. They tend to be curvy and sexy and often wear revealing outfits (although they don't always). In the 1970s there were only two Fry Goblins (Fry Girls), but by the 1980s there were six.

The Happy Meal Gang

The Happy Meal Gang saw many changes in their time as McDonald's spokescharacters. Originally introduced in 1978, the happy meal toys were redesigned to wear McDonald's uniforms and have McDonald's branding in the early 80s. They were also redesigned to look more like children. Over time, the original faces of the gang slowly disappeared in favor of new designs until they were retired altogether at the end of 1989.


CosMc was a one-eyed alien character that landed in McDonaldland. He became friends with Ronald and the gang, but had a very destructive personality and would often create trouble for everyone. It's been said that if you whistle his tunes backwards, you'll hear him curse.


This is the end of the list. If Mcdonalds releases new mascots I will add to the list however, looks like the brand left this trend. Check other brand mascots here. 

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