+15 Minecraft Villager Jobs: Full Guide

Minecraft Villager Jobs

A villager may either be assigned a job or claim a vacant job site block depending on whether there is a sufficient supply of villagers and space available in the village.

Minecraft features a wide selection of villagers, with 48 animals in the Java and Legacy Console Editions, 32 different human villagers (originally 24, until the Villagers & Pigs update), and 1 undead. 

If you traded with them in your Minecraft Village, you probably have noticed that Villagers do a lot of different things

Let’s dive into it!


Armorer villager Minecraft

Armorer is a convenience store that sells armor, chainmail, and even armor stand's for you as well as iron nuggets and tools/armor. The owner of the store also repairs armor for a low cost.

Blast Furnace

The blast furnace has been in Minecraft for a relatively short time, and yet it is such an integral part of the game that we take it for granted. It is the only way to smelt ores, melt gold armor and turn raw steel and iron into fully-formed blocks.

It also serves as an armorer's job site block in Witchery.


Cartographer villager Minecraft

Cartographer's Minecraft shop offers trading of any compass, banner pattern and map for 5 ingame ‘banner patterns’ a full map or a trade. Cartographer's also accept emeralds and obelisks in exchange of maps.

Each of his trades are almost always on the verge of expiring: this is because Cartographer Minecraft has access to an alternative temporary way to generate trades using an Autorench, which keeps trades alive for a few days, thus creating more business opportunities.

Cartography Table

A cartography table is a block that is generated in villages and is used in the cartography job. It helps in cloning maps, zooming out the map to show nearby chunks, and locking a map at certain zoom levels.

Cartographers can also be found in desert villages, igloo basements or at the ender portal room of a stronghold.


Farmer villager Minecraft

Farmer is a local Minecraft trader who exchanges food and crops, with multiple offers to trade for certain items in specific quantities. He offers several advanced foods (Emerald Pies, etc.), or will even make brewing ingredients (Brewing Stand) for you. 

Various contracts like crop reduction for food or item creation can only be fulfilled by him. His prices are always progressively higher the more food/items he has in his inventory, and they cannot be manually adjusted. 

Be sure to have your emeralds and a good amount of crops (multiple stacks) before trading (if you can). The fewer NPC traders that exist, the more it may be troublesome to find a trader willing to buy all of your items!


A composter is a block in Minecraft that allows the player to convert food and plant materials into bone meal. It is used as the farmer villager job site block.

They also serve as a farmer villager's job site block. In order to use a composter, a player has to place the block in a village, next to one or more sources of food (for example, a fully grown wheat crop).


Fletcher villager Minecraft
Fletcher Fanart

Fletcher is a tradesman in Minecraft. He can be found in villages, where he sells his crossbows, bows, and arrows. Fletcher even offers regular Bow and Arrows as well as the Tipped Arrows

Fletcher also offers a variety of flint tools, which is something that most other NPCs do not sell. If you want an NPC who will trade all of the different types of arrows (normal, lingering, explosive), Fletcher is your man.

Fletching Table

Whenever a new world is created in Minecraft, a fletching table has a certain chance of being generated in a village. 

This is the first tier of villager job sites, so that’s what makes fletching tables rare. This article will go over how you can find more fletching tables in villages.

First, it will be generated as a common job site block in the same manner as the furnace block (see Structure Blocks). Second, it will occasionally generate inside a blacksmith shop if there are at least 15 regular blocks already generated next to one another. 

If the inventory of the blacksmith shop is open when this occurs both it and the fletching table will despawn.


Librarian Fanart

Ever played Minecraft and wished you had a library to store all the enchanting books, compasses, name tags and clocks? Well, now you do. The Librarian has an enchanting table with four random enchantments! Find the Librarian in a village or cave and trade with him.

The Librarian will purchase and sell enchanting materials for emeralds and experience levels. In addition to enchanting materials, books can be sold and purchased which are consumed in the process of enchanting items

This is an incredibly useful service for low level players that are just starting out or have underdeveloped skills.


The Lectern is a block found in villages. Using a book on a lectern allows the player to read it in-game, as if they were holding it.

They can be used by many players at once and allow them to read books from the library.


Mason villager Minecraft
Mason Villager Fanart

Mason is a Minecraft Trader who trades in 24 different resources. He primarily trades terracotta, polished stone, and quartz across all his incarnations. He also deals in cut versions of blocks/bricks – ie. sandstone bricks – and "chandelier" (which I think means hanging lanterns for easy decoration purposes).


The stonecutter is a block that can be used to craft stone-related blocks in smaller and more precise quantities than crafting. It also serves as a stone mason's job site block, where it can be placed instead of a sign for the purpose.


Toolsmith villager Minecraft
Toolsmith Villager Fanart

Toolsmith Minecraft is a tool store that specializes in selling tools, which are used for harvesting resources. The store offers a range of tools for easy use, and even provides a selection of enchanted tools.

Smithing Table

A smelting table is a block which is generated in villages. When used, it will turn items in your inventory made of iron and coal into their Nether equivalent (items like spade, shovel and pickaxe). Once a villager detects a Smithing Table, they will have a desire to move in. 

If you decide to let them, they will go over to the crafting block and start making their stuff on the various tables around their houses. The villager crafter shows up as a rectangle of particles around the table.


Butcher villager Minecraft
Butcher Villager Fanart

Butcher is a shop owner that trades meat, berries, stew and kelp blocks. He offers emeralds up to bedrock for cooked meat. Butcher accepts any type of meat (including modded meat) and the following fruits: melons, pumpkins, cactus fruit, apples and cocoa beans. It is entirely possible to trade for emeralds with nothing but those items.


Smokers can be turned off with redstone, or have their control lever removed. To turn one back on, place another lever on top of the smoker's control lever slot. 

This makes it possible to turn smokers on and off without having to break and replace the control lever (which would require replacing an iron ingot).

When broken, the blocks will drop 4 raw pork chops and 1 cooked pork chop. Unlike other furnaces when fuel is added (coal, cobblestone, nether wart) the fuel stays in until the item is cooked and it runs out.


Cleric villager Minecraft
Cleric Fanart

Cleric sells enchantments, potions, ender pearls, mob spawners and a few other things for large amounts of coin. He also trades various shop items, including redstone and enchanted books. Cleric accepts Enchanted Books, Eye of Ender more coins  in trades. He doesn't really accept money for trades though.

Brewing Stand

In Minecraft, brewing stands are used to brew splash potions, lingering potions and regular water bottles into healing potions. 

When activated, a brewing stand looks like a cauldron with a blaze on top of it. The brewing stand can also be used to instantly fill cauldrons from the bottom. Brewing stands can be crafted using two stone slabs in a 'T' shape. To place a brewing stand, use the bottom of the slabs to place it like any other block.


Fisherman villager Minecraft
Fisherman Fanart

While crafting you need to find the right ingredients to craft items. Although some are quite easy and you can get them from grocery or shop, most of them need a little more effort to get it. 

There are times that we all need a little bit of help for our survival, and that's where the trades come in. The Fisherman will exchange fish items and campfires for fishing stuff.


Barrels are a block used for storing items. They vary from chests in that they don't require an adjacent air space to be opened. Barrels are less durable than chests, and can only hold 30 items (5 stacks) of one type of item. 

This makes the barrel an effective way to store food and other consumables as they stack to 5. If you've ever seen the default inventory system, you'll notice that barrels take up 5 slots in the hotbar, while chests take up 1 slot.


Leatherworker villager Minecraft
Leatherworker Fanart

This is one of my favorite minecraft villager job. Armor. Saddles. Horse armor ... When it comes to your Minecraft horses, these three items will help you make the most of your horse in the game. 

The Leatherworker is a Minecraft expert who has made this his craft and gets a lot of business from all over the world making custom leather items for all sorts of people ... whether they are beginners or experts.

Sure, you don't need to go this route if you love Minecraft and just want to play ... but if you're tired of looking for those items you haven’t been able to find -- or maybe even if you have found them – the Leatherworker offers something very special: all beef – no filler. 

In other words, going to the Leatherworker guarantees that.


Cauldrons are a type of block that can contain water, lava or powder snow. The cauldron’s interface will also temporarily display any potions in the player’s inventory.

Cauldrons do not have a bottom texture on the underside of the block. Cauldrons will not put out fires, unlike their real world equivalent.


Shepherd villager Minecraft
Shepherd Villager Fanart

The Shepherd sells coloured woods and paintings. If you want to change the colour of your crafting table, bed or trapdoor, then stop by The Shepherd. They have many other items for sale too including coloured terracotta and enchanted books.


A loom offers more uses than you might have thought! Certainly, for many generations it was primarily used for weaving, but it has become a useful job site block in Minecraft.

A pattern can contain two colored wool, one color of leather, and dyed leather. The product will be a finished banner that can be placed on a wall, or traded with villagers.


Weaponsmith villager Minecraft
Weaponsmith Villager Fanart

The weaponsmith is one of the most popular places to buy and sell items in Minecraft. The weaponsmith will also do repairs on your items here too; this means you will be able to repair your favorite pickaxe. This is handy because when a pickaxe gets damaged, you won't be delaying your mining any more and can get back to hitting those rocks.


A grindstone is a block that can be used to repair , remove the enchantments from, and improve the durability of items. Grindstones are also useful tools for any weaponsmith who wants to quickly alter the enchantment on an item.

Last Words

This is the end of the Minecraft villager professions article. If new jobs appear from latest update, you can make sure I will add those here. 

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