Netherite Durability in Minecraft

This extremely rare mineral is said to be as hard as diamond, with the added benefit of being able to float in lava.  Practically invincible, it can still be destroyed by blue wither skulls, but this only drops the item itself. 

In fact, part of its strength comes from the addition of a keen enchantment to all weapons, armor, and tools.

Let's take a look at netherite durability. 

Material Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots
Netherite 407 592 555 481

Like obsidian, it can still be broken by blue wither skulls, which always drop the item. 

When combined with ancient debris in a smithing table or Smithing Table (Java Edition) respectively, it creates netherite ingots, from which netherite scrap can be made.

Minecraft players finally have new items to explore with the addition of Netherite, a material that is even more resistant than diamond but just as light. Its flames do not go down even in lava and the spear is not damaged. Of course, he can't even stand against the Wither Blue.

Netherite items are more powerful and durable than Diamond, can be enchanted with all of the same enchantments as Diamond, and have knockback resistance. 

You may recognize them by their blue glow and slightly different texture!

Best Netherite Gears

Minecraft's new Netherite materials promise to make your gear even stronger. To use them, upgrade an existing diamond pickaxe, shovel, axe or hoe using a Smithing Table. The upgraded tool will keep the enchantments and customizations of the original item. 

It's even stronger than diamond! You'll need to find a crafting recipe for this powerful stuff.

You will keep your custom name and enchantments, as well as gaining more durability. This is the kind of item you want protecting you in the Nether.

If a player has a diamond item which has been named or enchanted then you can use that to craft Netherite items using a Smithing Table.

They take damage when they are used or upon taking damage. A pickaxe is an item that players can use to mine blocks and resources more quickly. Diamonds are used to create the strongest tools, swords and armor of the game.


The netherite sword is the best weapon in Minecraft for melee based combat. It has the same damage and durability as a diamond sword, but has a cooldown between uses. 

It's a great choice if you've spent some time fighting pigeons and you have a stack of diamonds to trade with.


An iron pickaxe is required to harvest diamonds. Diamond ore can only be obtained when mined with an iron pickaxe or better. 

Crafting a beacon requires diamond blocks, and using an enchantment table requires diamonds in addition to lapis lazuli. Nether obsidian can be mined only with a diamond pickaxe.


An axe may also remove the surface layer (but not deeper) of certain blocks faster than hand tools, such as dirt and grass. It does so with greater speed than that of a sword. Axes can also be used for melee combat.