+20 Orange Pokemon Explained (3D Images)

Orange is not a very common color in the world of Pokémon. Most of the time it's just a secondary color or shading, but every once in a while, it makes its way into an actual Pokemon. Here are 20 orange-colored Pokemon that we know of!

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Orange Pokemon

Landorus (Pokémon)

Landorus (Pokémon), 3d

Landorus is set to be featured in Pokémon: Twilight Wings and the anime special, Coco.

The movie will follow Ash as he travels with his friends through the Kalos region on their journey to stop Team Flare from causing havoc on the world and reunite with his dear friend Clemont's younger sister Bonnie in Lumiose City.

Pignite (Pokémon)

Pignite (Pokémon), 3d

Pignite is known as the Fire Pig Pokémon. It has a flame in its stomach called the 'Flame Drive', which it uses to spew fireballs from its nose, burning anything around it. Pignite also has a strong sense of smell and can track down food by scent alone.

Infernape (Pokémon)

Infernape (Pokémon), 3d

Infernape is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon. It evolves from Monferno starting at level 14, and it can evolve into Pignite starting at level 36.

Infernape is a quadruped, ape-like Pokémon with bright orange fur on its back, shoulders and head. Its lower body has black fur with white stripes covering the front of each thigh. Infernape's hands are tipped with long yellow claws on both its forepaws and hindpaws that it uses for fighting or crafting weapons out of wood in its spare time. Its eyes are brown and large with blue irises. 

Torchic (Pokémon)

Torchic (Pokémon), 3d

Torchic is a Fire-type Pokémon, the first starter in the Hoenn region to be of the Fire type. It evolves into Combusken at level 16, and then into Blaziken at level 36.

When you first meet Torchic in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire (and later Emerald), it's just a chick! You'll need to raise it for about 2 years before it evolves into Combusken (essentially an adolescent chicken with martial arts training). 

Tapu Koko (Pokémon)

Tapu Koko (Pokémon), 3d

Koko is a large, yellow Pokémon with two pairs of wings and a long tail. A black pattern encircles its eyes and covers the sides of its head, while another black marking runs down the center of its face. It has long, pointed ears that are blue on the inside. Its arms are short but have three fingers on each hand, while its feet have only two toes each.

Simisear (Pokémon)

Simisear (Pokémon), 3d

Simipour (Pokémon) is known as the Prankster Pokémon. Simipour can use Fighting Type moves, Water Type moves, and Ground Type moves. Simipour evolves into Simisear when it gains enough experience. Simisear is also known as the Fierce Monkey Pokémon.

Torracat (Pokémon)

Torracat (Pokémon), 3d

Torracat's ability is Blaze, which increases the power of its Fire-type moves when at least one third of its maximum HP has been lost.

Its Hidden Ability is Unnerve, which prevents opposing Pokémon from eating their own Oran Berries to recover health by 1/3 of their max HP.

Fletchling (Pokémon)

Fletchling (Pokémon), 3d

Fletchling is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon that evolves into Fletchinder at level 17, and then into Talonflame at level 35. Fletchling can be found in the wild in the Kalos Route 16 and Santalune Forest.

Fletchling's appearance is similar to that of a pre-evolved bird. It has long feathers covering its body, including its head, tail and arms.

 The color of its body feathers vary between grayish-brown to brown or purple while their face has an orange or red crest on their forehead. 

Combusken (Pokémon)

Combusken (Pokémon), 3d

Combusken is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon that evolves from Torchic at level 14. It is known for its speed and agility, and it can learn powerful Physical attacks such as Sky Uppercut, Focus Blast, and Flare Blitz.

Monferno (Pokémon)

Monferno (Pokémon), 3d

Monferno is a monkey and a Fire-type Pokémon that evolves from Chimchar at level 14. It is the final form of Chimchar.

Monferno has a flame-like tail and flames on its head, which it can use to breathe fire or punch through rocks. It also has sharp claws for climbing trees and digging up roots. Its fur is so warm that in cold areas it will have to sleep in order to cool down enough so that its body won't overheat while sleeping.

Fletchinder (Pokémon)

Fletchinder (Pokémon), 3d

A dual-type Pokémon, Fletchinder is primarily Fire with a secondary Flying type, thus making it weak to Water, Ground and Rock moves. Its most common moveset involves the use of its signature move Pluck (replaced by Air Slash as an Egg Move) while also utilizing Acrobatics to get past enemies' defenses or Endeavor to weaken them for another teammate's followup attack.

Barbaracle (Pokémon)

Barbaracle (Pokémon), 3d

Barbaracle is a dual-type Water/Rock Pokémon. It evolves from Binacle starting at level 39, and evolves into Torkoal starting at level 50.

Barbaracle has high Attack and Special Attack, but low Speed and HP. It has the ability Soundproof, which prevents it from being afflicted by sound-based moves such as Supersonic or Screech; it also gains STAB on moves like Rock Blast , which makes them much more effective than normal (though not nearly as powerful as they'd be if your opponent didn't have any immunities).

Arcanine (Pokémon)

Arcanine (Pokémon), 3d

Arcanine is a Fire-type Pokémon. It evolves from Growlithe, the final form of the puppy Pokémon, and is the only canid in its evolutionary line to not be quadrupedal.

Rhyperior (Pokémon)

Rhyperior (Pokémon), 3d

Rhyperior is a Ground-type Pokémon, known as the Drill Pokémon. It has the abilities Lightningrod and Solid Rock. Its type is Rock/Ground and it weighs in at 590.0 lbs.

It evolves from Rhydon when traded holding a Protector item, or when leveled up with high friendship.

Paras (Pokémon)

Paras (Pokémon), 3d

Paras is a bug type Pokémon that can have one of three abilities: dry skin, effect spore, or poison touch. Its purple body is covered in green spots, and it has two eyes with little orange balls on them.

Dragonite (Pokémon)

Dragonite (Pokémon), 3d

Dragonite is a dragon/flying-type Pokémon. It is one of the strongest and most powerful Pokémon in the game, which makes it ideal for your team. Dragonite can use its wings to fly at speeds over 100 mph, making it one of the fastest Pokémon in existence today.

Rhyperior (Pokémon)

Rhyperior (Pokémon), 3d

Rhyperior is a Ground/Rock type Pokémon that evolves from Rhydon by using a Protector. It can have the following abilities: Lightningrod, Solid Rock or Sturdy. Its moveset includes Earthquake and Rock Wrecker.

Dedenne (Pokémon)

Dedenne (Pokémon), 3d

Dedenne is a mouse Pokémon and the pre-evolved form of the electric type, Dedenne. It evolved from Bunnelby on level 14.

Dedenne is a quadrupedal rodent-like creature that has yellow fur with black stripes on its body, arms, tail and ears. It also has two small spots of red at the tip of its big ears as well as a lightning bolt shaped tail tip (similar to Pikachu). 

Emboar (Pokémon)

Emboar (Pokémon), 3d

The final evolution of the Fire-type Tepig, Emboar is typically a bulky Pokémon with a large, pointed snout. Its orange mane around its neck and shoulders is said to be proof of its strength.

In the anime, it has been shown to be able to lift enormous boulders in order to protect weaker Pokémon from harm.

Corphish (Pokémon)

Corphish (Pokémon), 3d

This crab-like Pokémon has two claws on its hands and two on its feet. It has ten legs for walking sideways, which it does frequently as a defense mechanism to avoid attacks from predators or other Corphish.

Achitness (Pokémon)

Achitness (Pokémon), 3d

Achilidos is a small cactus-like Pokémon with two stubby arms and an equally stubby tail. Its head has two holes on both sides, which allow it to breathe even on land. 

Its body color varies depending on its previous evolution: green for Seedot or yellow for Lotad; both colors will change into orange upon evolving into Lileep, and then red upon evolving again into Achilidos.

Binacle (Pokémon)

Binacle (Pokémon), 3d

Binacle's arms can be detached and used for attacks. The eyes on its hands are able to see, even if they are separated from the body. 

In addition to this unusual trait, it also has the ability to regenerate lost limbs over time; however if it loses both arms, it can no longer regenerate them until evolution takes place again (it doesn't matter which form you evolve into).

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