Piercing Minecraft: All Advancements

September 4, 2022
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Piercing villager Minecraft
Piercing Villager Funart

The Piercing enchantment, or the Piercing in short, is an enchantment that can be found on bows when Anvil crafting. The Piercing enchantment has the ability to allow an arrow shot by a crossbow to pass through multiple entities, whether it be both mobs and players, allowing for increased damage to several more targets.

It is acquired by placing a book in the enchantment table and then putting an eye of ender, a feather, and a crossbow in the crafting menu. It has a default level of 15. This enchantment is especially useful for all bows, including the ender bow as it means that every block between the shooter and his target can be hit with an arrow without missing.

This makes it a good option when fighting in areas where there are skeletons, creepers or spiders as these mobs tend to move around the player. There is no advantage to enchanting a bow and armor with Piercing instead of Infinity, as it will do nothing different from what Infinity does.

The word piercing comes from the ability to literally pierce through enemies when they are shot by using a bow or bow-and-arrow. Knowing which bow to use with this enchantment is important.

Advancements for Piercing Enchantment

A piercing enchantment is a common enchantment in Minecraft. The effect of the enchantment is to increase damage done by a player on mobs or other players when hit with a bow and arrow.

Here are the advancements you got: 


Kill five unique enemies with one crossbow shot. The targets must be within 10 seconds of each other and must not be interrupted by a player or mob, besides the target. 

For example, shooting a spider, then stepping on a tripwire will break the chain of kills.

It can be obtained by killing at least five unique mobs with a single arrow from a fully-charged bow, then using that arrow to kill a different mob, having it drop with the correct name tag, and then picking it up.

Two Birds, One Arrow

Get two phantoms in a single shot. First, break the bed-rock beneath you to create a pit. Then lure one phantom over to the pit and place a trigger (such as a piston). 

The phantom will follow you into the pit and fall on top of the trigger, which should then fire off sending the phantom up into the air. Then, if the timing is just right, quickly shoot at the phantom with a crossbow enchanted with Piercing. If done correctly, the down arrow should instantly kill it and send another phantom flying upwards on impact. 

At this point, you have two phantoms airborne and can quickly kill them both with a single arrow from your bow of choice. You can also do this as many times as you. 


Enchanting items is one of the main ingredients to powerful weapons. It increases its power and with every enchantment, the possibilities are almost endless. 

The key to enchanting in Minecraft is to come up with complex patterns. This is easier said than done as it will take a few tries before you get a perfect pattern.

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