+50 Pink Pokemon Explained with 3D Images

April 14, 2024

It's easy to find a list of purple pokemons and even red pokemons, but I haven't seen a list of pink pokemons anywhere. Below is my list of pink pokemon. I hope you find this list helpful!

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Pink Pokemon


Clefairy, 3D

Clefairy is an extremely rare species of Pokémon that cannot be found in the wild, and can only be obtained by breeding two other types of Pokémon together. 

They are known for their ability to evolve into Clefable when exposed to Moon Stones and also have unique power over humans—they will hypnotize humans and make them dance around like crazy! If you want your own Clefairy pet, they're easy enough to obtain if you know where to look!

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Clefable, 3D

It's one of the most adorable creatures in all of Pokémon, with its pink and white body and heart-shaped hands and feet. It has a sweet demeanor, but don't let that fool you—it's also an extremely powerful Psychic-type Pokémon!


Jigglypuff, 3D

Jigglypuff is a pink Pokémon. Jigglypuff evolves from Igglybuff when it gains a level, and can evolve further into Wigglytuff by using a Moon Stone.

  • Jigglypuff is known to sing so much that it can put its listeners to sleep, if they don't take precautions such as wearing earplugs.


Wigglytuff, 3D

Wigglytuff is a pink, round, jelly-like Pokémon with a soft body. It has large, 

 eyes and a pair of stubby arms and legs. The upper half of its body is covered in fur, while the lower half is bare.

This pink Pokémon has two hot air balloons for ears that can expand or contract for flight or battle. Wigglytuff's body temperature rises so high when it sings that this Pokémon must wear an "anti-fire" coat made of ice crystals to prevent itself from melting away!


Slowpoke, 3D

Slowpoke is a Water/Psychic type Pokémon that evolves into Slowbro. It can be found in Routes 1, 2 and 3.

A Slowpoke appears to be nothing more than a large pink fish with stubby legs and an occasional tail. 

However, it has the ability to read minds using its unique psychic powers, making it one of the most famous Psychic-Type Pokémon of all time. 

Some people say that it is wise beyond its years; they say that Slowpoke are born old and become younger as they age!


Slowbro, 3D

Slowbro can have either the Shell Armor or Oblivious ability and has a pre-evolution, Slowpoke (which evolves into Slowbro).


Exeggcute, 3D

In the Alola region, Exeggcute is an Ice/Psychic-type Pokémon that can be found on Mount Lanakila on Akala Island.

When it's not being used as a punching bag by Team Rocket, this little gang bopper can be quite resourceful and useful to your team!


Lickitung, 3D

Lickitung has a long tongue that wraps around its head which it uses to lick things. It also likes to wrap itself up with its tongue. Lickitung is a great climber and can climb trees without using its hands or feet, but instead climbs by using its long, sticky tongue as an anchor for itself.


Chansey, 3D

It is known as the Egg Pokémon. Chansey can have the ability Serene Grace or the ability Natural Cure.

Chansey has been featured in various pieces of merchandise, including cards, figurines and plush toys. An inflatable bouncy house featuring a giant image of a Chansey is among many others at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime, 3D

Mr. Mime is a mime that uses its arms to create invisible walls and can also walk through them without hindrance or harm, thanks to its light weight and lack of friction against the ground beneath its feet. 

In Generation IV and V games, this ability was changed so that when Mr. Mime creates barriers, they can be passed by other Pokémon as if they were not there at all; however, these barriers cannot be seen by human eyes (a trait shared with other forms of camouflage).


Porygon, 3D

Porygon's appearance may be based on the popular 1990s virtual pet Tamagotchi or its upgraded counterpart, the Nintendog. This can be seen through their similar shape and facial expressions. 

It has been suggested that the name 'Porygon' comes from "polygons", which are 3D polygons used to create graphics on computers and video game consoles such as Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2 (PS2).


Mew, 3D

Mew is a pink, psychic-type Pokémon that's been known as the ancestor of all other Pokémon. It was added to the original 151 and has remained in every successive generation of games since then.


Cleffa, 3D

Cleffa is a baby Pokémon and can be found in the wild, usually first appearing at level 15. Clefairy evolves from Cleffa when it reaches level 16, making it a Fairy-type Pokémon. It is said to use its ears as wings when flying; this allows Cleffa to fly away and return safely to its trainer if lost.

Cleffa's name may come from "clef", the musical symbol for "C" (the first note on the musical scale), or cloverleafs (its coloration resembles that of a four-leaf clover).


Hoppip, 3D

Hoppip, the Grass/Flying-type Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Skiploom and Jumpluff, hops around with its leafy ears. Hoppip is based on the cotton plant. 

The design of Hoppip's body is similar to that of a rabbit, but it also has two small wings on its back and a large leaf for an ear. Hoppip uses its leaves as parachutes to drift from tree to tree in search of sunlight.


Slowking, 3D

Slowking can be found in water areas of the world. It has been said that Slowking lives 2,000 years, and its appearance changes drastically as it ages until it gains a shell on its head at 1,000 years old. A 1,000-year-old Slowking apparently looks very different from one that is younger or older than that age. 

In the anime, when a Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro it gains psychic powers that make it more intelligent, so if this holds true for real life as well I think we could assume that it also improves things like memory and learning ability.


Corsola, 3D

It is one of the two starter Pokémon that can be obtained in Roria, the other being Turtwig.


Miltank, 3D

You're forgiven if you've never heard of Miltank. It's not like it's one of the most popular Pokémon, but this bovine creature is worth your time nonetheless.


Whismur, 3D

Whismur is a small, pig-like Pokémon that has large ears and a short tail. Its body is covered in yellow fur with brown stripes, while its ears are light blue with yellow tips. 

The curled tuft of fur between its eyes is also light blue. Whismur's pink nose resembles an acorn and emits a high-pitched cry that can be heard from over six miles away!


Skitty, 3D

Its name comes from the sound that cats make, and its Japanese name comes from the word for cat, neko.


Milotic, 3D

Milotic has a slender body with long fins and a flowing tail. Its body coloration depends on its gender, with blue being dominant over white in males and red being dominant over pink in females. 

It also has an hourglass-shaped pattern decorating its abdomen, which is smaller than that of its pre-evolution.


Luvdisc, 3D

Luvdisc has the ability Swift Swim, which increases its speed while it is raining. It will use this ability to gain an edge over opponents by being able to outspeed them when weather is raining.


Cherrim, 3D

It has two forms: Sunshine Form and Overcast Form, which differ in appearance and how much sunlight it will receive.

In both forms, the top half of its body is red with three white paw-like dots on each side of its face and a white tail that resembles a cloud at the end. Its bottom half consists of four separate petals, one of them being yellow with a green leaf at its tip. 

Its eyes are white with red irises and pupils surrounded by black rings (the same as Cherubi). 

The inside of its ears are pinkish-red, as well as its feet and hands which resemble shoes or mittens respectively (although they do not have fingers).

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. , 3D

Mime Jr.'s eggs have the same pink coloration as the rest of its family line, so it's easy to tell them apart and know that you're getting a shiny Pokémon!


Lickilicky, 3D

It has a round, pink body with a brown trunk and a long tongue that can stretch out for use in battle or to be used as an ice cream cone.

The lick of its long tongue is not only powerful enough to carve through solid rock, but also deals damage to the opponent. 

This ability can also be used on the battlefield when your Lickilicky feels like licking its enemies instead of attacking them.


Mesprit, 3D

Mesprit has multiple abilities: Levitate lets it avoid all Ground-type moves; Telepathy prevents opponents from lowering its stats; Pressure allows it to lower opposing Pokémon's PP when attacking them with non-damaging moves; Cursed Body causes any move used against Mesprit to fail if they hit (except Struggle). 

Being such a powerful psychic type Pokemon makes it one of the strongest pokemon you could ever get your hands on!


Audino, 3D

Audino is a bipedal, pink Pokémon with a white face, hands, and feet. Its ears are large and red with yellow insides. It has a fluffy, round tail that curls tightly at the end.

Audino are kind and gentle creatures that feed on the nectar of flowers. Because they have no special powers or abilities like other Pokémon do (except for their healing ability), they must live in groups in order to protect themselves from more powerful creatures such as Pidgey or Spearow. 


Vivillon, 3D

Vivillon are large, colorful butterflies with bright wings that come in many different patterns and designs. 

The patterns on their wings depend on the climate and environment they live in; for example, a Vivillon living in a cold region will have a pattern that resembles ice crystals while one living in a warm region may have a pattern resembling lava rock or fire.


Oricorio, 3D

Oricorio is a Pokémon that has four differently colored forms, each corresponding to a different island guardian deity.


Fomantis, 3D

Fomantis is a Grass-type Pokémon that evolves from Bounsweet, and it can learn the move Leaf Storm. The Pokémon Fomantis is known as the "Dexterous Plant". 

It has a leaf on its head that vibrates when it senses danger, as well as to communicate with other Fomantis. If a Fomantis feels its life is in danger, it will undergo metamorphosis into Lurantis.


Stufful, 3D

Stufful is a small pink Pokémon with a large head. It has wide eyes, and its ears resemble those of a cat's. Stufful's body resembles an acorn, but bears a strong resemblance to its evolved form, Bewear.

It lives in dense forests and jungles, where it causes trouble for humans by breaking down walls and eating food from people's houses. People often mistake it for the rare Pokémon Mimikyu because of their similar appearances. 


Bewear, 3D

Bewear is an omnivore that eats anything, such as food thrown at them or human trash lying on the ground. 

If they see something they want, they will chase after it and steal it away by hugging it tightly enough so that they aren't let go (or until the object breaks). They have been known to eat cars, bikes and even houses if given enough time!

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele, 3D

It can unleash powerful psychic attacks on its foes, and is known to be a very kind Pokémon. Tapu Lele is the first Pokémon to be introduced in the Alola Pokédex.

Tapu Lele has an unusual ability called Psychic Surge which boosts its special attack when its HP drops below half health. The more it loses HP, the higher this boost gets.


Hatterene, 3D

In the games, Hatterene can be obtained as a reward for clearing the Alola Pokédex as well as completing certain quests and events. 

In order to obtain it, however, players must have interacted with Goomy and Sliggoo in Pokémon Bank before May 19th 2017 - after that date they cannot access the Pokémon Bank anymore.


Igglybuff, 3D

This cute little panda pokemon is one of the most popular pink pokemon. She has an extremely feminine voice, but it's also slightly cute and kind of squeaky like a mouse!


Flaaffy, 3D

Flaaffy is a sheep-like Pokémon with wool that covers its entire body, excluding its ears, tail and face. It has long floppy ears that are tipped with black tips which can be curled up using the move Rollout. The wool that grows out of Flaaffy's tail is very soft and fluffy, making it useful for creating high quality yarns for clothing or other purposes.


Snubbull, 3D

Snubbull is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It has a pink body with darker pink on its muzzle and belly. 

Its eyes are blue with black rings around them and it has small, round ears and flat pointed teeth often bared in an expression similar to a growl or snarl. 

The insides of its large ears are dark pink in coloration with the exception of the paw pads which are bright magenta; the pads for this breed are warm and soft to the touch just like any other breed of dog would be known for having warm feet or paws that feel soothing on your skin when petting them gently!


Cherubi, 3D

You’d be forgiven if you thought Cherubi was just a ball of fluff with a face and three stubby feet, but don't underestimate it. 

This Grass-type Pokémon is small—the smallest in the game—but it packs a punch thanks to its signature move Seed Bomb, which can deal some serious damage when used correctly.

In addition to being adorable, Cherubi loves to pull pranks on other Pokémon. 

It's also one of the few Pokémon that evolves not by leveling up but by happiness levels; this makes getting your own Cherubi much easier than some other Pokémon!

Happiny (Pokémon)

Happiny, 3D

You may not recognize it, but Happiny's Japanese name is Chansey. You've probably heard of this Pokémon before—and if you have, it's because it's one of the most commonly used Chansey in competitive battles. 

Happiny can use its great Defense stat to tank hits for your team and its reliable recovery move to keep itself healthy for as long as possible.

If you're looking for a more defensive Pokémon to use in-game, consider using Happiny!


Aromatisse, 3D

Aromatisse can learn Play Nice and Heal Pulse, both of which are good for getting some extra PP on your moves, but it has few other notable moves due to its low stats and lack of good TMs available. 

Its main niche is its ability Aroma Veil, which prevents all allies from being afflicted by status conditions; however, this is balanced out by the fact that Aromatisse cannot have Sticky Hold or Klutz as an ability since they conflict with Aroma Veil’s effect (in short: if you want one of them then you can’t have Aroma Veil). 

In addition, only three other Pokémon have access to Healing Wish: Clefable (who runs better defensive sets), Togekiss (who doesn't need it) and Sylveon (who needs it even less than Clefable).


Munna, 3D

Munna is a pink, spherical Pokémon with a white face and wide mouth. Its body has a pattern of purple spots on it. It has two arms with three fingers each, and no legs. When it gets hungry, Munna will eat dreamy clouds so it can sleep well at night.


Musharna, 3D

It is a pink, bipedal Pokémon with a white face and a red nose. Musharna has large, blue eyes with no pupils. 

It has four stubby arms and two stubby legs that are a darker shade of pink than its body. 

Its arms are connected to its head by curved extensions of its neck; it uses these limbs to help it float through the air like balloons do in real life (it's also able to fly).


Spritzee, 3D

Spritzee has an extremely sweet aroma that attracts other Pokemon, even if it's been sprayed with perfume or cologne before battling!

The Kalos region is home to this Fairy-type Pokémon that emits a relaxing fragrance from its wings which can calm the nerves of others while raising their spirits. 

This makes it well-suited for healing classes at school or in friendly competitions like Pokemon League tournaments!


Alomomola, 3D

Alomomola is a Water-type Pokémon that can be found in the ocean. It has a pink body, as well as its "wings" (the fins on its side). The white parts on Alomomola's body are shaped like hearts and have blue stripes on them.

It's also worth noting that Alomomola's name comes from the words "Aloha Momona," which means "luck or protection.

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