+5 Polygon Defi Projects You Should Know

As the movement to redefine finance gains momentum, it's becoming increasingly difficult for investors to pick the right projects. Some DeFi projects use central intermediaries and proprietary software. 

This can lead to a lot of risk and lack of transparency, which are two things that should not be associated with financial products.

Polygon was created to provide a solution for projects that want to be truly trustless, transparent and safe.


GoodGhosting screenshot

GoodGhosting is a way to connect with friends and strangers, save money together and achieve goals together. Use GoodGhosting to set a goal and then create a profile of your friend that you want to share the goal with. Your friend can accept your challenge and if both you and your friend contribute the same amount of money on the same day, both of you will receive a reward!


ApeSwap screenshot

ApeSwap's mission is to liberate distributed financial markets with a suite of tools to explore, engage and invest in various alternative assets. 

Designed by traders for traders, we aim to deliver the tools and data that enable users to become more proactive in the decisions they make.


PolyLion landing page

PolyLion is a project that aims to create a sustainable, scalable and transparent way of getting a passive income by taking advantage of the Ethereum blockchain. 

The mission is to provide reliable transparency and fair conditions for all participants in this yield farm.


PolyToken landing page

PolyToken utilizes blockchain technology to make all activities transparent, safe, and accessible in real-time for all participants in the ecosystem, thereby improving their investment performance.


Aave landing page

Aave is a protocol for issuing and managing digital assets. It allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to borrow assets such as money, property, or others. The protocol is designed to be decentralized and secure, to retain control over your digital assets by issuing your own currency that can be used within applications.


Gelato landing page

Gelato is based on Proof of Work (PoW) which has been around since 2009 and not without reason. 

It's a provably secure algorithm that makes it extremely easy to detect any possible cheating by miners as well as make sure they don't get away with it. 

Its main benefit is that it prevents malicious entity(s) from corrupting the entire Ethereum blockchain with bogus state transitions by making them spend a ton of money on mining hardware…


Tetu landing page

Tetu is a multichain asset management protocol, enabling decentralized finance (DeFi) on all blockchains. Tetu’s design allows investors to manage their portfolio across different chains and protocols, providing exposure to global market opportunities while maintaining the liquidity of a single token. 


IDEX landing page

Discover a new way to trade cryptocurrencies. IDEX is both a decentralized and centralized Ethereum token exchange, solving the problems of security, speed and cost associated with creating an open source DEX.

These are my favorite polygon defi project. 

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