12 Power Rangers Colors Explained

The Power Rangers have many different colors, but only two have appeared in every season since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

Red and Blue are the only two colors to appear in every season. Pink is the only female ranger color, with a female Ranger Wannabe appearing in every season except for Jungle Fury (Yellow) and Dino Charge (Green). Each Power Ranger has either an animal motif or martial arts design.

The colors make all the difference. Red and Blue are the only colors to appear in every season. Green and Pink can be used for Rangers of any gender (or none), but Black, White, and Yellow are always male characters.

Over time, the characters have changed and there have been different sets of Rangers and Ranger Wannabes. Here are all power ranger colors


Red Rangers List

The Red Ranger is the leader of the team, the main character, and is usually the most powerful in terms of raw strength. Red Rangers are often known for their physical prowess, incredible fighting ability and adventurous spirit.

This brave and stalwart leader is always there to back up his friends. Rightful heir to the mystic dragon power coin, he's also a brilliant martial artist who has no problem laying down the law when things get rough.

As the leader of the Power Rangers, Red Ranger is charged with defending Earth from evil aliens, monsters and demons. Red Rangers have different traits in each season they appear. However, they generally tend to be strong leaders and warriors with a good heart. It is one of the favorite among of power ranger colors.


Blue rangers list

The leader typically has a Red Ranger, while the second-in-command has a Blue Ranger.

He wears a blue suit and has white armor, he also uses a twin sword and shield as weapons. This title is given to many rangers who have served with honor, not just one specific ranger.

Although they may not be as tough as their red counterparts, they're still an important part of a team. And like any Ranger, they work together with their fellow teammates to defend their city against any and all threats that arise.


Yellow Rangers List

Each season of Power Rangers features a Ranger named the Yellow Ranger. In many seasons, they are the youngest member of the team and the most sensitive, usually being able to detect changes in moods among her peers.

The Yellow Ranger has been a constant throughout the series (although there have been two in total), having appeared in every single episode up until the movie. 

Like all of his fellow Rangers, he had an individual Zord that would become part of his super Zord when they were in need of a MegaZord form: the FrogZord.


Green Rangers

The Green Ranger first appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. This is the first film from the popular and long-running series of Power Rangers. 

Tommy Oliver, who had long been a student at Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd's evil academy, defeated Goldar in battle but was captured by Goldar and Rito Revolto instead of turning to the side of good when he did so. 

In an attempt to boost his power and defeat the morphers' power source, the Dino Gems, Lord Zedd brainwashed Tommy into becoming evil again and gave him his own set of armor as well as a Mega Weapon called Dragon Dagger. 


Pink Rangers

The Pink Ranger's main weapon is the Power Bow. While her teammates use firearms such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles, the Pink Ranger's weapon is a bow. 

She uses arrows to fight certain monsters. Since she has no firearm, this restricts her from fighting certain kinds of enemies if they are too close to her or if they are too strong for her to take down with arrows alone. She also uses a Sledgehammer-like mallet as an alternative weapon when needed.


The Black Ranger is part of the core five Rangers. They are often in charge of keeping the power coins safe, or rallying the team together when things get rough. It's been a long run for the Black Ranger since Tommy Oliver. Will they use their powers for good? Or evil?

When evil threatens the world, legends arise. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have always been there to save the day, but now that job falls to five teenagers with attitude! 

Zack brings a gruff demeanor and a wild style. Trini is elegant and graceful, but she can definitely hold her own. Kimberly may look sweet, but don't let that fool you - she's a skilled martial artist who's not afraid to throw down! 


White rangers

A white or silver ranger, who carries a sword and/or a shield. In the series' early years there were white rangers in almost every season, though when Lightspeed Rescue premiered, there had not been one for some time. Fourteen years later in Mystic Force the pattern is broken again with the addition of a female white ranger (and not just any girl but a princess).

He's the leader of the Power Rangers and one of the first five to be made. He is heroic and loyal, but also has a dark side that comes out in times of stress. He is very protective of his friends, so much so that he would go to any length to help them out when they are in trouble.


Silver Rangers

The silver ranger was the 6th ranger to be created. He was the first silver ranger, and also the first one to be on a team that specifically had a color designation as well. Zhane was also the only ranger to undergo two different transformations over his run as a ranger - first he became Psycho Silver for a couple episodes before returning to be the traditional Silver Ranger again.


Gold Rangers

The Gold Ranger has a distinction of always being a Sixth Ranger of the main team. This category lists all the Gold Rangers in the Power Rangers universe, and is composed of Rangers who belong on the main team, and are protagonists of the show. 

They are also the first to appear as that specific color designation for their respective team.

Their primary weapon is based upon the boomerang and they were always the sixth member of a main team. They are often seen as the leader of that respective team, such as Billy Cranston and his Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers team mates.


In this incarnation, the team leader, Chase Randall gains the ability to become The Gray Ranger when Brax fights to defend him against a T-Rex Zord and saves them both from being crushed. Chase becomes The Gray Ranger, using his intelligence and ingenuity to defeat the creature (instead of the original Black Ranger, who saves them physically).

It is utilized when the Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers need enhanced forms of power. By gaining the power of an Enhancement Mode or Battlizer , they are able to use their weapons with better accuracy and control.


Purple Rangers

Purple Rangers are more commonly seen as supporting characters in the Power Rangers mythos. Sometimes these Purple Rangers are not officially part of a Ranger team at all, but rather serve as a stand-in for the main team when their powers are unavailable. These Purple Rangers are also often used for comic relief.

These are not to be confused with the sixth main ranger of the season; consider them more like characters who have jumped back and forth between teams for various reasons.

Purple Rangers are those who stand up for the weak, protect others and fight for good. They usually battle evil villains and monsters but can also be warriors, spies or even saviors in general.


Orange Ranger is a fan-designated title for the unofficial Orange Rangers, which are the original form of the first Red Ranger, who would become a Blue Ranger in America. 

These characters were Goro Hoshino in Denji Sentai Megaranger and Shou Kano in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. There are no Power Rangers fanservice versions of these two yet and so they will be listed here until official versions appear.

The team included a powerful warrior, strong and powerful. The color orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity and confidence. This item is great for cosplay, parties and performance.

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