January 18, 2024

When it comes to project management, there are some trends that continue to shape the field. Online project management has become increasingly popular. 

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The shift from offline to online projects has been more pronounced as technology is increasingly used for all aspects of everyday life. Every year, new solutions, approaches and methodologies appear to adapt to current needs and create a quality product even more efficiently. 

Therefore, every self-respecting project just needs to be aware of new trends. Today we will analyze 10 trends that appeared in project management in 2023.

1. The ongoing digital revolution and remote work

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that technology and telecommuting are an integral part of our future. Project managers face new challenges. For example, how to keep the team motivated and track the activity of employees if they work online. So the introduction of universal tools, online project management tools are still an urgent task. Time and task trackers, Agile, Gantt charts are just a few of the advanced tools designed to help you plan and successfully complete projects on time.

2. Empowering artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

There is a lot of chatter about the effects of artificial intelligence. Many businesses today have already started automating routine operations that come up in project management in order to fulfill these jobs using AI. 

Automation is a great tool for boosting workplace productivity. Already today, project managers have access to automation for not just simple but also complicated tasks like planning and data visualization. They may also utilize automation to make defensible judgments based on the data gathered.

3. Change management

Change management is a style of project management with a focus on managing people and responding to changes along the way to project goals. This is not a revolutionary approach, but it has been gaining momentum lately. 

By managing change, teams can successfully complete projects on time. What changes are we talking about: for example, introducing new regulations, buying equipment, introducing new positions, and so on.

4. Cloud solutions as a new business benchmark

The desire to receive updates every minute leads to the next trend of this year. The solution that is becoming the new corporate standard is called cloud-first. 

Thanks to it, team members can work anywhere in the world, which creates a safe space not only for data, but also for employees.

Cloud solutions are just perfect for teamwork, as they allow people to work simultaneously on an online project and at the same time not lose the intensity of the workflow and their productivity. In addition, cloud solutions tend to be much easier to implement and adapt to the internal structure of the company and its needs.

5. Priority Soft Skills

Unlike hard skills, the concept of emotional intelligence has become valued in the labor market relatively recently. Now more than ever, the personal qualities that candidates can develop through education and training are an essential strength of a candidate.

It is soft skills that define employees as team members. In 2023, these characteristics include: leadership, motivation, self-organization, stress resistance, adaptability and the ability to work in a team. 

Undoubtedly, how a person adapts to work processes and masters new tools matters. However, it is also important to be able to build effective communication within the team. And this applies to the project manager in the first place.

6. The need for cybersecurity

With the development of technology and digitalization, information leakage began to appear more often than it was before. This trend forces the preservation of information, its protection. According to statistics, 85% of all hacks are related only to the human factor and 61% to credentials. 

Events like this only confirm the need for customer cybersecurity. Along with this, it is important for companies to maintain a balance and leave easy access for approved users. Many argue that the extra security measures take away their flexibility and prevent them from developing a close relationship with the client normally.

Regardless of the type of project management software, viewing the main functionality plays an important role in preventing information leakage. Teams need to evaluate software policy for physical security, network and system, as well as application protection, privacy. If a system breach occurs, managers need to prepare a separate response plan. 

From time to time it is important to evaluate it, compare it with the indicators that were previously in terms of safety. All project employees need to be trained to understand the possible risks, security threats.

7. More focus on data analysis and numbers

A lot of data is involved in project management. To improve project management and spur business growth, project managers are using insights more and more to make wise decisions. Impact: Big Data analytics are already being used in project management, whether it is for project planning, quality control, or risk assessment. 

Big data is helpful for researching and analyzing the project's current status and the work completed on it, for assembling a team and figuring out how many people will be working on it, for recruiting team members to carry out tasks, for identifying the necessary set of skills for team members, etc.

8. AR in marketing

The marketing sector uses AR in a wide variety of applications. Business cards should stand out among them as they are a common and easy AR solution. Any company may differentiate itself from the competition by providing customers with novel and engaging experiences by incorporating interactive components into marketing.

Companies that wish to show clients thorough documentation or thorough instructions for a certain sort of project sometimes go in the direction of instructions via AR. With this strategy, you may deliver information in a practical, engaging style, greatly enhancing user experience. A potential purchaser won't have to put in a lot of time or effort to learn a certain system.

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