+100 Aesthetic Purple App Icons Widgets Collection (IOS & Android)

March 27, 2024

Would you like to change the icons of all your favorite apps to purple tones, regardless of iOS or Android? Then I definitely recommend you check out this purple app icons collection! Purple widgets are free to use!

Purple app icons

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Although it has shades that tire the eyes when viewed for a long time, it is a bright color that attracts attention in the areas where it is used. Which color?

Of course Purple!

Well, before choosing this color, would you like to learn about its effects on human psychology?

We will touch on a few psychological points, but I want to start with the oldest of them.

Purple can be considered the eye-catching official color of wealth and luxury. Purple is an iconic color, even in almost medieval times (i.e. when colored fabrics were very difficult to produce). Because of this historical background, purple is a color that reminds us of luxury.

Another beneficial effect is that it creates calmness in the person. If you think you are experiencing momentary emotional turbulence, I recommend you spend some time with this color.

Light Purple App Icons

light purple app icons

Neon Purple App Icons

neon purple app icons

Although we are generally used to seeing it in nightclubs, we have started to see neon purple color in contemporary design examples as well. Just as the 2010s were the era of neon yellow, perhaps now is the time for neon purple.

Pastel Purple App Icons

pastel purple app icons

Dark Purple App Icons

dark purple app icons

The dark app icon collection is compatible for iOS and Android operating systems, like the other examples above!

If you want to decide by trying it yourself, you can click the "download" button and try a few examples instantly.

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