Rainbow Colors: 7 Colors You Need To Know

Aug 4, 2021
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Here's a quick answer: There are 7 different colors in the rainbow. You can find out which of these colors are below I will examine these colors in detail in the rest of the article.

Color Name HEX Code
Red #FF1616
Orange #FF914D
Yellow #FFDE59
Green #7ED957
Blue #5271FF
Indigo #8C52FF
Violet #7F00FF

It is no secret that people love these colors. You can make use of this phenomenon by playing with the color scheme of your website. 

Sure, your site will look different from the rest, but it’s a refreshing change. You can also try mixing different shades of one color to arrive at a unique color scheme for your website. 

In this article, we will be looking at the meaning, science, and history behind the color spectrum. The spectrum is undoubtedly the most naturally vibrant color display in existence! 

Words can barely describe the splendid beauty of a true rainbow. Even if you’re fortunate enough to see one in person, its brilliance will likely still leave you speechless.

Countless people have devoted their life's passion to finding out why and how rainbows form. 

Why are some rainbows left-handed and others right-handed? Can we predict when it will appear or disappear? Let’s learn all about the rainbow colors!The rainbow A simple way to remember the order of the colors in the rainbow is with a mnemonic device.

"Roy G. Biv". The two letters before Red are Orange and Yellow, so it's O Y E L R R G B I V. In case you were wondering, R stands for red, G for green, B for blue, I for indigo, and V for violet.

The List Of Rainbow Colors

I mentioned briefly above. But it is the details that make a blog post great. Those who want to get into the details can continue reading. Here is a close look at these colors that appear to be miracles of nature.

Rainbow Red Color

Rainbow Red Color HEX Code

There are many kinds of colors in the world, and there is also a specific color that I like. However, this rainbow red colour is very important because it makes you look alive and brings lots of positive energy

Rainbow Orange Color

Rainbow Orange Color HEX Code

Rainbow Orange Color is the perfect color for your design’s background because it’s difficult to get sick of. Really. Even if you use it for years as a background, you won’t feel tired of it. Your visitors won’t either because the color is generally positive and upbeat.

This color is more eye-catching than your average orange. It can be used for children’s clothing to add some brightness and fun to the piece. It also looks great on men's ties and pocket squares.

Rainbow Yellow Color

Rainbow Yellow Color HEX Code

Rainbow yellow is one of the most unique and outstanding colors on the web. Try it out, and grab all your extra attention with rainbow color!

Green Rainbow Color

Green Rainbow Color HEX Code

Rainbow Green is the soft color to make your design more attractive and elegant. When choosing a single color it is important to take into account if you are going for a natural or artificial look. 

The different hues of green in this colour palette will allow you to create a variety of different looks from earthy neutrals right through to bright modern designs. If you are looking to use only one color, then green would be the best choice for you!

Blue Color

Blue Rainbow Color HEX Code

Rainbow blue is a color that has great variation. It is the coolest color of all shades, it can bring a sense of coolness in any app and game scenes as well as in other design productions.

Indigo Rainbow Color

Indigo Rainbow Color HEX Code

Indigo is a color that can be achieved by mixing blue and red light. This combination of pure hues creates this rich color. Indigo represents truth, compassion, reflection, inspiration and intuition. It resonates with confidence and strategy.

Violet Color

Violet Color HEX Code

Violet color is a purple color that resembles the shade of the violet flower. It has various shades. Each shade of violet has different name and is attracted towards a particular zodiac sign and color combinations. Lighter shades of violet color are often thought to be delicate, innocent, and quiet while darker shades represent mystery, status and passion.

How does the rainbow work?

Everything you see can be explained. There are no secret things, and there are no magical things. Although it may seem like a big mystery, if we look closely enough, we find simple explanations for all of the wonders in the world. What happens when we see a rainbow? How do rainbows work? 

When it comes to colors, one of the more mysterious aspects of them is how the rainbow works. We’ve all seen how a rainbow forms, by the sun being split into colors that then reflect off water droplets and such. 

The rainbow is a light phenomenon in which a spectrum of color is observed when white light shines onto a multicolored surface. It is caused by the reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in the separation of white light into components with different wavelengths. 

A single beam of white light can be separated into different colors by passing it through a prism or raindrops or double-slit experiment. Newton’s rings are an example of Newton’s rings at work and his theory that light was made up of particles.

Rainbow Gradients

A rainbow gradient, also known as a spectral colour, is a colour made up of several wavelengths; it is not a simple colour.

It will have different lightness depending on the colours used to make it up. These lightness levels can delineate between a lighter and darker colour on your web page.

Last Words

We examined the story of colors in nature. I hope you have become a wiser person after reading this post. If there are topics you want me to write, you can reach me at this e-mail address.

Cover image: Paweł Fijałkowski