Risk of Rain 2 Items: Common, Uncommon, Legendary & All!

Collecting these items allows players to recruit new party members, unlock new pets, pick up special weapons, and more. 

Below is the complete list of all the items you can get from the store or for getting a drop from various sources, as well as their cost and effectiveness.

Passive Items

It’s not the best idea to have a bunch of passive items in your inventory. But, they make it easier to survive if you are an early player or if you don’t have a base built yet. 

Although passive items will automatically reappear in your inventory if they fall out of it, using a 3D printer can help prevent losing them altogether at the cost of some resources.

Common Items ( White )

Common items are the second lowest rarity tier of items. 

They are typically the first items that players will obtain in game, and although they may not be the most powerful, they can certainly be extremely powerful in high numbers. 

Generally speaking, Common items have no cultural value or significance.

Armor-Piercing Rounds

Armor-Piercing Rounds Info Card

Armor-Piercing Rounds are indeed the most useful when fighting Bosses, especially the ones that spawn Hordes of Many. 

This is because they also deal damage against the Hordes you fight. 

There's no point using them to fight standard enemies like Spits, Snipers, or Shields. 

It's not worth your time since the increased damage won't be noticeable, except maybe on shield enemies where the effect might be noticed more often since they have a lot of health.

Bison Steak

Bison Steak Info Ca

The fact that this item has anti-stun coupled with its high stats compared to other, similar items makes it a good choice for Vox as he is extremely susceptible to being stunned, but still wants some of the late game tank stats.

This is also why the Flintstone is needed in some situations: It allows the player to accomplish maxing their HP, and can be used on a Transcendence to improve this even further (maxing at +50 instead of +38 without the Flintstone).

It can most commonly be found in windows or wardrobes, but you can also obtain it from monsters, chests and barrels. 

Bustling Fungus

Bustling Fungus Info Card

While the healing won't be enough to sustain certain teams over time, it does make setting up a bit easier and gives you time to plan your next move without falling back. 

The major upsides to this item are that you can use it mid-fight or as a finisher and it stacks up to 9 times (up to 27m coverage). 


Crowbar Info Card

It is currently unknown whether there will be any other effect it may provide such as taunting the enemy (as it does in the original), or consuming bees to heal you and/or your team.

For each Crowbar, every one of its stacks are worth 15% bonus damage. 

So if the wielder has 3 crowbars, each crowbar deals 225% more damage (total of 455%) when having 4+ stacks

Focus Crystal

This is a potentially very powerful rune, but its long cooldown makes it difficult to get the most out of it without other runes contributing to the effect. 

The timing window does technically prevent stacks from increasing more than once every 3 seconds, but this does not seem to be enough of a restriction to prevent other runes from boosting the effect further.

The Focus Crystal has been added to the game as a new item. 

The item increases the damage dealt by the player by 20% if it occurs within 13 meters of them. 

This means that players can use this with weapons like the pistol and melee attacks. 

However, the 50% damage increase would not apply in this circumstance.

Item Scrap, White

Item Scrap, White Info Card

Passively Collectible items are items that are obtained when defeating a Scrapper, which spawns in most rooms. 

They can be used to show off on social media, or sold for coins (in fact, the White Item Scrap is one of the few items capable of being sold).



A Medkit is a craftable item that provides healing to the player when equipped in one of the item slots. When placed, Medkits have an inventory icon on the left side of its 3D Model. 

In order for a player to use it they must hold the Use Item key (default:E) while they are within range. 

It requires no ammunition and does not need to be reloaded, however it has limited uses before going into cooldown.

Monster Tooth

Monster Tooth Info Card

The Monster Tooth is a pretty cool cosmetic item, but it is also extremely handy when fighting enemies. 

I do not recommend you level this up, as the healing orbs won't last any longer and it does not buff your teammates’ health. 

However, you are free to do so if you wish (although there are better items to level up).

Personal Shield Generator

Personal Shield Generator Info Card

When you are at full HP, the shield is active. You have a 8% shield up which means you take 8% less damage. 

At half hp your shield will be at +16%; at 1/4 your shield will be at +24%. 

The shield will reset to 0 upon being damaged and is only refreshed after taking 7 seconds off of damage and or healing (items such as utilities, abilities do not refresh it) .

Rusted Key

Rusted Key Info Card

Every 5 minutes a Rusty Lockbox will spawn for each player holding a Rusted Key (up to a maximum of 4 at once). 

The content can only be opened with a Golden Key. 

Every lockbox contains one item, and it will always be an uncommon or legendary item. 

Any Golden Keys used on the lockbox before it has been opened will be returned upon opening the chest so you can keep using them and hope for even rarer loot.

Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb Info Card

Sticky Bomb is an ultimate bomb upgrade that gives the player a chance to place a sticky bomb on an enemy after striking them. 

Any further attacks on the enemy with this weapon will trigger the explosion. 

A single hit from any source will trigger the effect. Sticky bomb triggers a small flash that cannot destroy blocks obscured by murky or waterfall, as well as structures protected by True Sight.

Topaz Brooch

Topaz Brooch Info Card

Each time the wearer deals damage to a monster, they are granted 1 stack of a barrier (similar to , but stacks infinitely). 

Each stack provides a passive bonus of 15 barriers. The barrier buff is lost upon death, so it's best for the wielder to stick with high-HP damaging spells.

Tri-Tip Dagger

Tri-Tip Dagger

The Tri-Tip Dagger is a dagger obtained from the Ravenstern Museum in the third chapter. 

It has a proc coefficient of 20%, and it gives 10% chance to bleed on hit for 3 seconds, meaning that each tick will deal 240% damage over 3 seconds. 

Its mana cost is 8 and its weight is 20. It also grants +10 health regeneration per second while equipped.

Backup Magazine

Backups can be found on the ground, near many killed enemies throughout the levels. 

They look like blue tablets with a white star on them. They are very difficult, if not impossible to find without an item that increases your drops odds. 

It's highly recommended to get an item that shows drops on the ground, such as the Lucky Foot, Mimi's Spoon, or the Lucky Tailor's Pincushion.

Bundle of Fireworks

Bundle of Fireworks Info Card

The Bundle of Fireworks is a very powerful weapon. It has an abysmal proc rate, but the sheer number of projectiles that are capable of hitting something at once make it a good item. 

The 0.2 proc coefficient means that every other shot will crit for 600%. 

This ends up being twice as reliable as an equivalent level Temporal Imposter or Candy Corn LMG.

Cautious Slug

Cautious Slug Info c

The player's health regenerates at a rate of 0.3 HP per second while crouching. 

The regeneration rate is increased to 1 HP per second when the player avoids getting hit for 7 consecutive seconds, stacking up to a maximum of 3 HP per second regeneration.

Energy Drink

Energy Drink

The Energy Drink is a stackable consumable item in Risk of Rain 2 that increases the player's movement speed when used. 

Movement speed can be further increased by holding the SHIFT (Speed) button while its effects are active. 

Each stack multiplies your base movement speed by 25% and lasts for 6 seconds, after which you gain a new stack. 


Gasoline Info Card

Enemies brought under the effect of this ability will glow, presenting a clear threat. 

Additionally, all enemies brought under this effect are marked with a stack counter that signifies how many stacks they have.

Lens-Maker's Glasses

Lens-Maker's Glasses Info Card

Remember the myth "The item increases a player's critical strike chance by X%?" I think it was one of the first that appeared in the game. 

We can remember this message before Frostleaf's Gift and Spinal Tap, right? 

The ability to deal critical damage was undoubtedly one of the most fascinating mechanics in Heroes of Newerth – both as a feature making the game more complex and as a result of resembling game aspects from more classic titles. 

Paul's Goat Hoof

Paul's Goat Hoof Info Card

There are numerous items that can be found in the Realm and they all have their own distinct features and characteristics. 

One game item that players often seek out for its great benefit is the “Paul’s Goat Hoof”. 

It’s a very special item because it grants the player a substantial movement speed, which constitutes an increase of 14% to their base movement speed, in addition to an additional 14% per stack. 

Repulsion Armor Plate

Repulsion Armor Plate Info C

Players can obtain Repulsion Armor Plates from chests found within the levels. There are a total of 14 Repulsion Armor Plates in the game, and they can stack up to a maximum of 15 (15 + 5 = 20% reduction).

The Repulsion Armor Plate is a defensive item in Risk of Rain 2. 

It can be found early on in the game and be upgraded with the help of The Stag. 

An upgrade doesn't come cheap, however, as the player must pay 10 health in order to upgrade the armor plate into a Repulsion Shield Plate.

Soldier's Syringe

Soldier's Syringe Info Card

The soldier's syringe is already one of the more useful legendary items in Trove. 

With this buff, it will make it a viable option for attack speed-based classes like gunslingers and rangers. 

Of course, some other legendary items like Bunny Puff also have similar buffs that can stack with this Legendary Syringe.

This means it triggers quite frequently in the right situations. 

A sub-par relic like this has to be heavily used to even compete with some of the other relics that are out there. 

It is very underwhelming by itself, but if you can stack it with something else, you might be able to turn it into something better.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade Info Card

Blasting an enemy with a Stun Grenade bestows upon it a 5% stacking chance (20% total) to be stunned and interrupted by most abilities the next time it performs an attack. 

Most enemies will fall to their feet, disrupting their current action or conjuring spell and locking them in place for two seconds. 

Enemies with immunity effects such as the Skale Acolyte's Repulsion Field will be unaffected.

Tougher Times

Tougher Times Info Card

 It can be found early game by opening the Golden Crates in the Biome Crates and can be dropped as a rare drop from enemies. 

Even if it fails to block an attack, it still adds +10% attack power


Warbanner Info Card

In Risk of Rain 2, the Warbanner is an item you need to use to get a team buff. 

The Warbanner appears on a holder at the moment he/she levels up or teleporter boss spawns. 

When the holder levels up or teleporter boss spawns, a banner appears at his/her location and all allies within 16m radius (+8m per stack) will receive the Warbanner buff that grants 30% increased attack speed and movement speed. 

That means you should group as much as possible while playing Risk of Rain 2, because a stacked Warbanner can add up to 120% increased attack speed and movement speed.

Uncommon Items ( Green ) 

We already mentioned about white items above ( known common items) another category in this game is uncommon or Green items . 

There are plenty of weapons, helmets, and other items to choose from in Risk of Rain 2.  

However, there are a few that are much more difficult to find than the others. 

These Uncommon Items either have low drop rates or they're found in hidden areas. 

But with some luck and skill you can find them just like we have.

AtG Missile Mk. 1

AtG Missile Mk. 1 Inf

The AtG Missile only has one charge, and will slowly recharge over time if not used or used on enemies that are not of importance. 

The AtG Missile Mk. 1 is socketed with the Upgrade Core and can be upgraded to the AtG Missile Mk. 2 by holding shift while picking it up.

It has a 10% chance to fire a missile towards your enemy that deals 300% damage out of your base damage , or 300% base damage. 

Each stack adds an extra 100% of base damage to the proc and a proc coefficient is 0.4 per stack.


Bandolier Info Card

The Bandolier is an item purchasable from the Biome Merchant for 42 per stack. 

It has a stack limit of 20. It functions identically to the Bootlegger in Risk of Rain - having only one charge that is activated by killing a certain enemy type in any level. 

When consumed, the Bandolier’s charge will reset all cooldown on all skills, either your own or an ally’s within the skill’s range. 

The Bandolier has no effect if there are no cooldowns to reset.


Chronobauble Info Card

The Chronobauble has a 10% chance to drop after killing any monster.

It looks like a clock face that is split in two (a good example, and one you should look out for, would be the clock tower outside the angel sector)

This item should be bought on almost any character that has moderate attack speed and damage output.

Fuel Cell

On top of this, it also has the ability to be stacked up to 4 times. 

Fuel cells are dropped randomly by killing enemies, and have a 20% chance to drop from weaker enemies like worms, and a 6% chance to drop from stronger enemies like bosses.

It also reduces equipment cooldown by 15% per stack. 

Fuel Cells are Physical equipment in Risk of Rain 2, and can be dropped or purchased during the Early Access campaign.

Harvester's Scythe

Harvester's Scythe Info Card

It allows the player to change their class, including that class' costume and passive. 

Stacking more Scythes will not increase the rarity of your class changes beyond the first. 

On defense, all three Scythes stack for an additional +5% critical chance.

This item has three different upgrades: the first unlocks the item for 4000 kills, and each additional unlocked upgrade increases the damage given by all scythes on your character by 5% of critical strike chance. 

For example, a player with +10% critical strike chance will have scythes dealing an additional 10% bonus damage.


Infusion Info Card

Each kill with any weapon will create a stack, and direct hits from ranged weapons add 3 stacks. 

Only melee weapons are guaranteed to generate a stack on every hit, while other weapons have a chance to generate these stacks.

The Infusion is an extremely strong item and can allow you to survive a wide variety of challenges.

Kjaro's Band

Kjaro's Band Info Card

It has a similar mechanic to Runald’s Band. 

When you attack a monster that dies under the effect of Kjaro’s Band, it will spawn a flaming tornado that deals increased damage.

It's also capable of creating fiery tornadoes at will, which have a cooldown of 10 seconds. 

If you happen to find Runald's Band alongside this item, you'll be able to create fiery tornadoes twice as frequently.

Lepton Daisy

Lepton Daisy

The Lepton Daisy is one of two tier-3 Support Items. It provides a heel effect to allies inside the teleporter's radius, similar to the Medic's healing beam. 

The heal effect occurs one time per teleporter event (i.e.: one time per wave), and each stack increases the healing proportionately with the individual stacks only being consumed after multiple healings (similar to how effects work on passive items). 

This item is unlocked at 500 support points and requires a Teleporter to use it.

Old War Stealthkit

Old War Stealthkit I

The wearer must take no damage for 7 seconds in order to be granted evasion, or else the Stealthkit will self-destruct. 

However, this has proven to be challenging given that the module cannot be dissipated by any source unless the wearer takes damage. 

A possible solution is for the wearer to use a medbay or an escape pod, but this could be distracting or dangerous if unplanned.


Razorwire Info Card

The Razorwire is a mechanism made to defend against frontal assaults, causing constant damage to any enemies foolish enough to charge towards it. 

Its damage cycle follows its holder's movement arc and refreshes every 3 seconds, making its damage constantly deal high amounts of DPS.

Razorwire doesn’t just deal damage, it also applies a stack of Razorwire on any targets hit by it. 

The duration for the stacks last for 8 seconds and each stack deals 3% bonus damage on top of each enemy hit. 

Rose Buckler

Rose Buckler Info Card

The Rose Buckler is a level 10 item in Risk of Rain 2. The item grants 30 (+30 per stack) armor when sprinting. 

Additionally, it sports a very high pick-up rate and x2 pierce while sprinting. 

The item’s high pick up rate makes it easier to gain combat readiness (if you know what that means).

The item is considered the basic starting armour and is one of the most popular items early on, because it’s extra pick ups last for a long time.

Squid Polyp

Squid Polyp info card

The Squid Polyp is a Polyp variant that appears in Hungry Shark Evolution. 

It only appears in the Seaclaw Islands. Each Squid Polyp summons a Squid Turret to attack nearby enemies. 

The Squid Turret will automatically target and shoot down any Scrappers or Command Essences it finds on its own. The player has no direct control over the Squids, but they last for 30s.

Each enemy, or their associated item, would summon a mini-turret with an insanely fast attack speed that could decimate a lone player in mere seconds. 

The turrets didn’t last long, but it was just long enough to ensure whoever spawned it couldn’t collect it immediately itself. If left untouched for too long, the turret would despawn anyway.

War Horn

War Horn Info Card

When used, it will summon a wave of Skeletons that march towards your enemies and attack them.

Its function is to alert nearby allies so that they can help you during combat. 

It can be crafted by placing a Bellows, a Horn, and Metal Sheet in the inventory and right-clicking.


Wisp works on almost any enemy, except for bosses, and applies a death bomb to the mob that did the killing blow. 

After 10 seconds, the death bomb triggers and deals damage to nearby enemies. This is useful when you need to clear tough enemies but don't want to get too close. The respawning timer is also reduced by 3 seconds per monster killed with this effect.

The blast has a 12m (+2.4m per stack) radius and deals 350% (+280% per stack) base damage. 

It's very similar to the Rusted Shotgun as it is a short range shotgun that does not have any scope upgrades.

Berserker's Pauldron

In the expansion, Fury of the Berserker is replaced by the new skill War Cry, which adds a very short stun to knockback effects. 

This skill is most effective when it is triggered by monster deaths, as stunning more than three targets at a time will cause it to go on cooldown. 

The speed increase on War Cry stacks indefinitely until you are killed or it expires after 5 minutes. 

It may stack up to 4 times, each stack increasing movement speed and attack speed.

Death Mark

Death Mark Info Card

When ultimates are used, the enemy with the highest number of debuffs is marked for death and receives +7 debuff stacks for 7 seconds. 

Each attack that lands on an enemy at 1 or more debuff stacks deals 50% more damage. 

The damage from this effect cannot be deflected and ignores evasion chances completely. 

If multiple enemies have 4 or more debuffs, it triggers on the one with the highest All else remains the same as above.

Ghor's Tome

Ghor's Tome

These are the most expensive items in Risk of Rain 2, but they are only found in Epic and above. They were added with the release of Monsoon Jungle on 5/18. 

The drops are random, but based on a chance that increases every kill you get. The first time is a 25 gem, the second 50 gems and so on.

Hopoo Feather

Hopoo Feather Info Card

The feather is found most commonly in chests, and is best for characters like Jonesy, Tank, or any character that can utilize nearby platforms to jump higher. 

However, it is not recommended to take the Hopoo Feather on characters such as the Soldier or Pilot that need to fall down from high heights to damage enemies or bosses.

Item Scrap, Green

Item Scrap, Green Info Card

The scrap is an item added by Industrial Foregoing. It has no function on its own, but will be consumed first if a player tries to use a 3D Printer or Cauldron. They are dropped from a Scrapper, which spawn in magic-themed fantasy biomes.

When a monster is killed, it is always capable of leaving behind an underwhelming, low-grade scrap. With the advent of arcanotechnology, primitive items such as this can now be converted into potent components by both machines and experienced craftspeople alike.

Leeching Seed

Leeching Seed Info Card

Leeching Seed is a Tear that restores the holder's health upon damaging an enemy. 

It is notable for its lifesteal, which makes it a potent item on characters such as Adagio and Petal.

The number is how much extra damage is dealt and the percent determines how often it procs.

This weapon has been the subject of much debate since its introduction due to its low ammo count, lack of an ultimate and only firing off one round per shot. 

Despite this, it is still effective against high health champions such as Viktor or Pip because of the sheer amount of healing it offers.

Old Guillotine

Old Guillotine Info Card

This includes the Hag, The Evil Within, and any other bosses with a health bar above their heads. 

The bonus stacks for killing an Elite will be reset upon death or when the item is unequipped.

The massive structure can be found only on the center island and will instantly kill an enemy that falls below 13% (-13% per stack) health. 

After a player is eliminated with the item, they'll drop down onto a guillotine platform that then elevates to deliver the unlucky winner to wherever they came from: heaven or hell.

Predatory Instincts

The way Predatory Instincts works is similar to how Crushing Blows works. 

The first one will give you a +5% critical strike damage bonus, so if your player has a base crit chance of 5%, you’ll go up to 10% with one Predatory Instinct point. 

Stacking more points doesn’t increase your current crit chance further. The next point will simply be added on top of the previous one.

Red Whip

Red Whip Info Card

In Battlerite’s most recent update (Spirit Camp), the developers have added a new mobility tool to the game — the Red Whip. 

The Red Whip is a movement utility that can be used to quickly reposition in battle. 

Since it also comes with a speed buff upon use, the Red Whip is a great option for quickly escaping a fight or covering ground in order to chase down an enemy.

Runald's Band

Runald's Band Info Card

The Runald's Band is a Legendary ring that was introduced in Patch 2.1.0. 

When struck with a high damaging attack, the band (like other Legendary affixes) will cast a cold explosion on a nearby enemy that slows them. 

Like all other affixes, the duration of the cold explosion scales with level.

Attributes would be best used in +% damage to towers, attack speed, and +% to attack speed. +AP can also be good with the extra points spent as well as movement speed.


Ukulele Info Card

The hit has a 25% chance to fire 80% damage chain lightning, and does so every 2 seconds or so. 

The important thing to remember is that it can be fired off every second, which means you are getting a free auto-attack. 

I have not done extensive testing on this but it appears that the first 80% attack is going to get resisted by mobs in the level 50+ range (level 40 and under resists do not proc).

Wax Quail

The Quail has infinite ammo, can be stacked (max. 30), and can be refilled with a max stack of 30 by recycling 5 Quails at a time. 

Due to the cost efficiency of the item, it is currently deemed as overpowered by many players, due to its low cost and potential usage.

This item can be stacked up to five times, resulting in a 50m boost forward whenever the holder jumps while sprinting.

Legendary Items ( Red )

If you're lucky enough to find one, these 2-handed weapons will make quick work of ANYTHING .

57 Leaf Clover

The 57th item in the Madhouse Effect is Clover. 

If you’ve played Terraria for any decent amount of time, you know the 57th effect is usually dreaded (unless you’re fighting a Brain of Cthulhu, in which case it’s actually quite nice). 

The reason is random beneficial effects are less likely to occur with the Purity; something I’m sure most people start to notice around Hardmode after beating the Wall of Flesh.

Alien Head

Alien Head I

It can be dropped from any type of Common or Champion enemy. 

This effect is doubled if the player holds two Alien Heads (20% / 40%). 

If a player holding two Alien Heads gets a third, it becomes a stack and the total cooldown reduction becomes 25%.

Brilliant Behemoth

Brilliant Behemoth Info Card

Anyone who's used the High Templar (HT) likely knows all-too-well how squishy they can be. 

Even with good armor, they only take about 5 seconds to die, and that's under the assumption that they're also killing things. 

This has existed for the longest time, and was only brought up recently because Korea got a new HT (we're getting one at some point too), but it struck quite a few people as odd that something like this is still part of the game. 

It wasn't so much the issue of squishiness, but it struck me as strange that an ability for this unit would do absolutely no damage if it wasn't specifically triggered. 

Defensive Microbots

Defensive Microbots Info Card

The microbot is a small, multi-legged robot that looks like the smaller version of monstrobot. 

Small and wiry compared to its companion, it is perfect for intercepting projectiles such as fireballs. This ability makes it very useful when there are lots of unpredictable projectiles on screen. 

To activate, click and hold mouse button 1 on the microbot and then move the mouse around swiftly. The more attack speed you have, the faster your microbot will charge up this ability. 

You can carry only one microbot at a time, and they recharge over time (at roughly 300% of normal).

Frost Relic

Frost Relic Info Card

Frost Relic is a melee sword archetype in the same vein as the other relic types from Titan Quest. 

In this case, it deals frost damage which can be very helpful if your character has a strong focus on cold runes and procs. 

It also happens to have a return proc that deals frost damage and slows nearby enemies. 

If you get lucky with rolls, Frost Relic could even rival Breath of the Dying(BoTD) in terms of DPS potential. 

The tooltip for this weapon says it deals 360-400% damage, but after doing a lot of testing I've found the actual DPS to be closer to 380-420%.

Happiest Mask

Happiest Mask

So, the Happiest Mask is one of the masks you can get in Majora's Mask. 

Originally, I thought this was just a cool mask that would make you look like an ordinary guy (Or should I say, Ordinary Guy?). 

That didn't seem like something that was worth writing about. After looking closer to the mask, however, I found several things. 

First, the mask gives you the ability to have your enemies help you when you are fighting someone else. 

The enemies are much stronger than they were before but I'm sure if the right enemy came out of it, it could be useful...

Interstellar Desk Plant

The Interstellar desk plant is a companion item that creates healing zones wherever the holder kills an enemy. 

Whenever I’m playing Symmetra on defense (my rocket turrets tend to keep enemies away from point A), it sometimes feels like my kills weren’t as useful as they could be. 

This is because my teammates can’t reach me to heal. 

The plant fixes this problem by creating healing zones at the locations where I kill enemies – zones anyone can walk into and be healed. 

It takes a little pressure off of me so I don't have to kill anything every few seconds, and allows me to do a better job staying out of harm's way.

N'kuhana's Opinion

N'kuhana's Opinion Info Card

This is a bit of a "by the way" change, so you might have glazed over the patch notes when it came out. It applies to all healing, including direct heals, splash heals, potions etc. 

It does not apply to self-heals! If you can get 10 stacks of this effect on someone, you're about to dunk the crap out of them. 

I've found that playing a minion healer sorceress with bone spirit is actually pretty unique in the sense that.

Shattering Justice

Shattering Justice Info card

This item can be quite game changing for melee fighters. 

Enemies in the game often have high armor values in the hundreds, but this item will completely negate it, making them less resistant to melee attacks. 

Also filling up your passive requirement of 5 hits will also enable you to deal maximum physical damage with your next attack. 

Simply put, it's an armor shredder that gives you a Pulverized debuff assault for 8 seconds following 5 hits on enemy heroes.

Unstable Tesla Coil

Unstable Tesla Coil Info Card

The Tesla Coil is an incredibly powerful tower that fires lightning bolts at nearby enemies. 

Every strike deals 200% more DPS than the normal attack (400% with the upgrade), and attacks 3 times faster than a normal tower, reaching a top speed of around 4 attacks per second. 

It's often a good idea to keep your Tesla close to your Sniper Tower, as they have a similar range and produce a lot of aggro. 

The Tesla has a much higher DPS though, so it will attract all enemy attention instead of your sniper tower which is firing at a slower rate. 

If you have the Tesla close to the center of your base, it's advised to upgrade it to level 3 immediately so those quick regeneration times don't mean much. The upgraded Tesla loses


Aegis Info Card

An Aegis is an item that appears in the Scorched Acres Update. 

It's a shield with a yellow outline and a big heart shape on it. 

Whenever someone carries an Aegis, they gain barriers (health) whenever they receive healing; each stack of barriers is equal to 50% of the healed health, plus 5% extra per stack.


Brainstalks Info Card

Elites and named mobs in Destiny drop Motes of Light when killed. 

These notes can be picked up and cashed in for various rewards, including shiny loot and reputation increases for factions such as Crucible or Vanguard. 

A new system, variously called Enemy Reward Engrams, has been introduced to improve the overall loot drops from enemies. 

The new system drops Engram drops from each enemy, based on their level relative to your character. 

Engrams have a chance to produce rarer gear than you normally get from killing enemies of comparable levels. 

The goal is to get players engaged in the long grind of taking on powerful enemies for a chance at some really good loot.

Ceremonial Dagger

They do absolutely absurd damage, and they appear in large numbers when mid is fed. 

Skeleton King has a longer cooldown than Heartstopper, but at max stacks and in conjunction with maxed out illusions and an Aghs Scepter, along with appropriate Curses and item builds, you can destroy enemies at level 1.

Dio's Best Friend

Dio's Best Friend Info Card

This item causes the player to stay dead. It will eventually revive like any other time you die, but allows you to trigger on death effects such as the ice explosion from Glacial Elites that can help your team. 

If your teammate is at critical health and dies, this gives them a second chance. 

This is especially useful if you die and know your teammate is struggling.

H3AD-5T v2

H3AD-5T v2 Info Card

Holders are capable of holding enemies and other players in the air with their floating ability. 

When locked onto someone, they are able to drop the holder on their head to stun them. 

Once on the ground, enemies may be "locked-on" while moving towards them. 

If done correctly, the holder will once again fall to the ground with great speed. 

This stuns not only the enemy caught in mid-air but also anyone nearby who isn't locked-on.

Hardlight Afterburner

The Hardlight Afterburner is a special item in Risk of Rain 2. 

Whenever you use your utility, the cooldown on it is instantly reset, allowing you to spam the skill as much as you want. 

This comes at the price of having only +2 charges of utility instead of the regular +4.

Item Scrap, Red

Item Scrap, Red Info Card

This can be very useful when trying to complete a quest (for example Fishing). 

But keep in mind, if you use this for other items, they will not benefit from the passive boost.

Rejuvenation Rack

Rejuvenation Rack Info Card

This is an item I have used in the past. The reason I have liked this item is because it works well with my playstyle. 

I tend to play aggressive and move around a lot, so being able to heal quickly was something that was very valuable to me. 

This item also works well for any melee type heroes that are using their abilities often. 

This is because healing/health regeneration can not go past certain percentage caps. 

This means if you buy something and only get 10 health per second in return, you would only gain 10 health- no matter what that cap is set at. 

Using this for heroes like Juggernaut, Sven, and even Anti-Mage were good ways to ensure my life lasted longer in battle.

Sentient Meat Hook

This weapon is a perfect fit for someone who likes to get up close and personal. 

The hooks will automatically seek out the other players in the room, making sure you don't have any stragglers. 

Just watch out for others using a Sentient Meat Hook of their own, or you might end up getting pulled into a friend instead of an enemy!

Soulbound Catalyst

The bearer is confused. Every time they kill an enemy, their held equipment recharges at a seemingly random time. 

As of this point in time, if they kill two enemies on the same cycle, it will take .7 seconds for the first kill, but 4.4 seconds for the second. 

This difference is so high that waiting on recharge isn't even worth it. The holder grabs a sword and plummets downwards to attack every enemy they can. 

Wake of Vultures

The Wake of Vultures is a Legendary item in Risk of Rain 2. All drops from Elite enemies have a chance to be this item, regardless of the difficulty. 

Its in-game description states: The avatar keeps you alive when nothing else can.

Boss Items (Known Also Yellow ) 

When you defeat a Teleporter Boss in RoR2, there is a chance that they may drop one of these items. 

Boss items are somewhat random but their base chance of dropping is between 50% and 70%, with the end-boss having the highest chance to drop one (non-key) item. 

Artifact Key

Artifact Key Info Card

The Artifact Key is a special item in Risk of Rain 2, which you must retrieve in order to fight the game's last boss. 

The game has an auto-save system that deletes your save file if you play for too long, which makes it very challenging to fully clear the game without playing the story mode at least twice. 

Many items are secret, but there are some you can access with just curiosity and dedication.

Empathy Cores

Empathy Cores Info Card

Chrono Cores are orange, Blocky Cores are light yellow, and their eye is located in the center. They summon a medium-sized Chrono Core that attacks nearby enemies with a laser beam. 

Their damage increases by 25% (+25% per stack) for each allied Chrono Core and you on the team, including themselves. 

They can deal a lot of damage when in a group, but be careful when fighting one by itself in a multiplayer server or it will become a threat.

Halcyon Seed

Halcyon Seed

Halcyon Seed is used to fight the true final boss of the game, Aurelionite. 

Item Scrap, Yellow

Item Scrap, Yellow Info Card

When the Carrian army invaded Paradise, they found Carrian scouts. 

These scouts were human, but had been infected by a virus, causing them to take on the appearance of their one-time enemies. 

These Carrians are merciless killers, who attack any survivors on sight. They are slightly stronger than ordinary Carrians, but are just as vulnerable to Brute attacks.

Mired Urn

The Mired Urn is an interesting relic. It is activated when the holder is attacked by an enemy, releasing a chain of thick tar that will damage and slow down the attacker while providing health regeneration to the holder. 

The chain can reach up to 50 units in length, spanning nearly the entirety of the map. 

This item, while very powerful, does not seem to find great use in PvP matches. 

Most players know how to avoid getting trapped by its chain attack. 

It's only marginally effective against tanks who are using items like Force Shield or Sandstorm Cloak, but they would still get hit by the damage effect even if they dodged the chain itself.


Pearl Info Card

Each lunar item has a use in the game, and this one, in particular, allows you to feed it to a Cleansing Pool in exchange for an item called the Pearl. 

This pearl grants your character an extra 10% health. If every character has this bonus, it'll mean that 40% of their full lives will be replaced by this pearl.

Queen's Gland

Queen's Gland Info Card

The Queen's Gland is a special new item that can be found in the new Garden levels after you beat the game. 

If you're wondering what the Queen's Gland does, it’s basically a super-power item that draws in nearby Beetles to fight for you. 

Ok ok…technically the gummy substance inside the Queen's Gland has nothing to do with real life bugs, but if they did exist in this world, I’m sure they would emit some sort of pheromone that would attract nearby enemies to fight for them.

Titanic Knurl

Titanic Knurl Info Card

The Titan Knurl is an exotic perk that appears on the level 30 SR Primary Weapons. 

It allows the holder to gain a flat 40 extra health and their health regeneration is increased slightly. 

Charged Perforator

The Charged Perforator is an exotic Pulse Rifle and a Thorn-like ( Thorn (film) ) and has a very similar characteristics as the Word of Crota (Word of Crota). It is an original Destiny weapon not given as a reward from Skyburner's Oath. 

The word "Charged" refers to it's Arc nature, which is an electric elemental damage that targets enemy shields (damage type used depends on the user's environment, for example, if the user is outside, the gun will deal Solar damage, but if inside, it will deal Arc or Void damage).

Genesis Loop

Genesis Loop Info CA

The Genesis Loop is a proprietary design, created by Genesis Caduceus. 

While the holder is alive, they receive 100% of the items dropped by enemies if they are killed by this weapon (this effect can only occur once every 30 seconds, and there is a one minute cooldown on the ability). 

Irradiant Pearl

The Irradiant Pearl is a spectacular item that can only be obtained via cleansing pools, in exchange for a 100% rare lunar item. 

It increases the holder's item stats to 10% above their original value (+10% per stack). 

The item is only obtainable in the official Chinese translation of Dofus, though, which makes it extremely rare outside China.

Little Disciple

Little Disciple Info Card

I hate the words “kiting” and “hit-and-run” when it comes to video games, but I love to kite and hit-and-run players in Hiveswap. 

The holder gets five wisps at the beginning of a room, and both ends of the bars have extra wisps that refill over time. 

The player must use the wisps to fend off enemies, but they can also use them to deal damage at close range. 

But here’s the trick: a lot of your damage comes from your movement speed. As you dash around a fight, you start dealing extra damage by blasting more wisps out at once.

Molten Perforator

A Molten Perforator is a melee implement that has a 25% chance to mine 3 magma balls when you damage an enemy. 

Each ball deals 300% weapon damage and can be targeted at a different enemy. 

You can have a maximum of 3 balls up at a time. If one goes off, it takes 10 seconds for another to generate.


Planula Info Card

Kanto's most versatile healing item is found all throughout Kanto, including hidden inside of certain walls. 

As the most widespread consumable in the game, the healing properties of a Lemonade can't be ignored. Unlike other healing items, the Lemonade will always heal 15HP each time it enters your inventory, even if you've already healed or are already at full health. 


Blowouts are the way you turn the tables on your opponents. When you’re on your back foot, your best option is to avoid taking damage. 

Even if it means disengaging and retreating, doing so will give you valuable time to breathe while your cooldowns recharge. 

Once you’re ready to get back into battle, use this ability to inflict bleed on enemies so that your next attack deals even more damage.

Lunar Items (Also Known Blue)

They have been the cause for many heated discussions on the forums over their creation and implementation. In this guide I will explain how they work, what the pros and cons are, and how to craft them.

They are only dropped by the Deadbeasts (and one other monster type that was added in the Alpaca DLC) or granted to you when you do something that is relevant to the story (i.e. activating all shrines, finding all secrets, etc.).

These new items add a whole new layer of depth and strategy to Risk of Rain 2.

Beads of Fealty

Beads of Fealty Info C

These items appear when you enter the portal to A Moment, Fractured and begin A Moment, Whole. They appear in addition to the player's pre-existing items. 


Corpsebloom Info Card

Despite the recent addition to the Sky Factory modpack, Corpse Bloom is an interesting alternative to the Regeneration Infusion. 

While it does not increase regeneration, it makes up for that by increasing all healing (including that provided by health packs and potions) as well as granting 10% healing over time (HoT) after taking damage for every 4 player stacks. 

This allows the wearer to absorb more damage and still be healed at a fast rate after taking hits.

Essence of Heresy

Essence of Heresy Info C

The character is changed, they no longer run nor walk but rather they charge non-stop towards the enemy. 

They receive a new appearance most notably they grow horns from their head and from each hand grows an axe.

It's released as part of the 24th Update, the Anniversary Update. 

Gesture of the Drowned

Gesture of the Drowned Info C

The Gesture of the Drowned is a special gesture from Shadow of the Colossus' Shrine of Worship, which allows Wander to use his equipped weapon without waiting for it to recharge. 

In practice, this activates a weapon's best skill at random, doing so only when the skill's standard cooldown falls below 1/3 of its maximum duration.

Mercurial Rachis

Mercurial Rachis Info Card

Once a person places a ward – they will receive a power buff – increasing their damage by 50 percent. This applies to enemies and allies alike. The buff lasts for a minute before dissipating. 

There is a 10 second cooldown, but with each stack of the item, this becomes reduced by 10 seconds (max 5).

Shaped Glass

Since Shaped Glass only has one purpose—slightly increasing your damage output—and since that purpose is fulfilled entirely by its one effect, it makes sense that the effect is what I’ll be focusing on in this article. 

Now that we’ve determined that, it becomes apparent why stacking effects is such a good strategy: Because each additional stack of Shaped Glass will always add another +5 damage to your current damage index of 100 damage. 

This means you can get 500 damage for 500 gold: killing almost every boss in one punch and murdering almost every enemy in a single hit.

That said, it might be a little more cost-effective to spend your gold on Berserker Rings instead.


Transcendence Info Card

The Shield Belt is a belt that increases the maximum health of the user by 50% (+25% per stack). Upon taking damage, 25% of the damage is negated and the health increases. 

The health increase stacks to a maximum of 3, which amounts to 150% bonus health, for a total of 225% maximum health. 

The current amount of stacks is shown as yellow numbers around the edge of the icon.

Brittle Crown

Brittle Crown Info Card

The Brittle Crown is a powerful artifact which transforms the wearer into a being of pure gold whenever they take damage. 

With this power comes a price – the player’s health will drain over time, leaving them fully vulnerable to death at any moment. 

To counteract this, the Brittle Crown bestows an impressive power. Whenever the player hits an enemy, they have a chance to be granted a stack of Gold (+100% per stack). 

For every 100 health you have, you will generate 1 stack of gold. 

This means that if your maximum health is 1000, you will gain 10 stacks for hitting each enemy.

Defiant Gouge

Defiant Gouge Info Card

This mod causes Shrine of the Defiant to summon enemies whenever the holder activates a Shrine or Cleansing Pool. 

Unique Shrines, Stationary Water or Ore Veins, and some other sources of item generation are unaffected by the Shrine's property. Shrines that can be activated multiple times will spawn enemies for each activation, though it is necessary to leave and re-enter the world to activate another shrine again, making it slightly faster than using a Cleansing Pool.

Focused Convergence

Changes the way the holdout zones behave so that they expand to their normal size and then immediately begin squeezing closer together. 

The resulting effect, especially on holes or pillars, is similar to how these missions work in Co-op Strike. The zones will reach their normal size instantly, but will continue to shrink for several seconds afterwards. 

This makes it easier to grab enemies that get into the holes without alerting others, or get closer to enemies that are on pillars or edges.

Hooks of Heresy

Hooks of Heresy

The Hooks of Heresy (referred to by some as Slicers) is a risky Legendary item. 

It doesn't modify the secondary skill like many other items. What it does is switch one of your primary skills for Slicing Maelstrom . 

This gives you a melee attack with cleave and causes spinning, damaging projectiles to spawn around you. Because they originate from you, they can't miss and will always deal full damage to anything they touch.


The Purity is a rare drop from Purifiers. It has a flat +15% damage reduction from all types of damage, effectively reducing the incoming damage by 15%. 

Strides of Heresy

The Strides of Heresy are a newly introduced lunar item that functions similarly to the Stride items. 

The Strides of Heresy are only wearable by the Footpads profession. 

For this reason, they can be obtained in lower quantities than their Stride counterparts (only 7 instead of 10). 

The benefit that the Strides of Heresy provide is that they replace Footpads ' utility skill with Shadowfade.

Visions of Heresy

Finished with Seeker's Wraps , Chimeran Crown , Gemmed Crown and using the Eye of Night together, this item grants players an M1 attack called Hungering Gaze .

Active Items

In this part, we will explore active risk of rain 2 items.  

Classic Items

Blast Shower

After the patch, Blast Shower has seen a bit of an increase in use. 

One can argue that it can be used to protect any profession equipped with crowd control skills, but the fact remains that it is most useful when dealing with multiple Glacial Elites.

Regenerate, drain, heal block, backstab resistance. Virtually every form of protection in the game, underneath your character’s health bar is Blast Shield.

Eccentric Vase

The eVase is a very simple device. When activated, it causes a quantum tunnel to open up at your current location. 

This tunnel can be up to 1000 meters long, and you will always spawn at the other end of the tunnel. 

To iterate on this idea, I wanted for the player to be able to traverse huge distances in an instant, however I also wanted to make sure that exploring wasn’t too easy.

Forgive Me Please

Forgive Me Please

At the cost of a single slot in your inventory, this item gives you eight opportunities to land critical hits. 

In addition, if you have items with on-kill effects, having an enemy killed by a doll will trigger all of them at once. 

This can give you a different item to use depending on the situation. The body count from dolls lasts for a short while, so knowing when to drop one for maximum effectiveness is key.

Gnarled Woodsprite

Gnarled Woodsprite Info Card

The Woodsprite is the closest thing to a god that exists in this realm. 

It's said that when the Old Gods are reborn into Wow'lythe, they are very god like. 

The Woodsprite exemplifies this statement because while it is equipped, the equipping character will constantly regenerate 1.5% of their maximum health per second.

Jade Elephant

Jade Elephant Info Card

The Elephant is a small throwable rock like creature that holds value in its armor buff. When thrown, it will activate and begin to follow the thrower. 

After 5 seconds, the rock will disappear but leave an effect for another 5 seconds. 

The perk can be activated by approaching it and pressing "use", much like any other throwable item.

Ocular HUD

The Ocular HUD is a special piece of equipment in Risk of Rain 2. It’s very useful offensively and it has a pretty good set of defensive stats as well. 

When the Ocular HUD is activated, your weapon will be given the Full Crit status, which means you have 100% critical strike chance for the next 8 seconds. This is really great for clearing out numerous enemies or for damaging an enemy by hitting weak spots or critical points on them.

Primordial Cube

The Primordial Cube is a free unlockable equipment item in Risk of Rain 2. 

It is a reskinned version of the Black Hole Gun from Risk of Rain, turning it from a general purpose gun to a single-mission item. 

When activated by the player, the Primordial Cube launches a slow-moving black hole that pulls in monsters in a 30m radius. 

The black hole lasts 10 seconds, during which time it cannot be cancelled, meaning that it can't be used tactically. 

The Primordial Cube is perhaps one of the more controversial items in the game, as it completely defeats the purpose of all items and objectives on a map by completely destroying the enemy threat.


Recycler Info Card

There are three types of Recyclers, all requiring different crafting materials. The Recycler itself has no cost, but can only be used on equipment that has been dropped (except for ones obtained from buying something with Tibia Coins). 

To see if an item is dropped, hold the Shift key and left-click the item.


When activated, the SawMerang shoots three sawblades in a curved arc that returns to the player upon reaching its maximum range or impacting an enemy. 

The blades deal 400% more damage on each slash, while also inflicting Bleed buildup, making them great for fighting crowds of enemies.

The Back-up

The Back-up Info Card

The Back-up can be found in the Huntress character locker, and costs $250 to buy at the base shop.

It can be found on floors 3 and 5 of the Jungle stage, and provides a minor boost to your DPS, though it does consume an extra slot for equipment.

They are very fragile, but deal large amounts of damage in short amounts of time. 

The drones themselves are incapable of attacking bosses, but they act as an alternate weapon to the player's weapons.

Volcanic Egg

Volcanic Egg Info Card

The Volcanic Egg is an Easter-themed item released on April 12, 2017. When used, the player transforms into a fireball with 2 health for 5 seconds. 

When the effect ends, the player detonates for 800% damage in a radius of 10 tiles, which kills most monsters instantly. 

The explosion can be speed up with every use by holding the interact key until it detonates. 

This equipment can only be used in pre hardmode.

Disposable Missile Launcher

There are two ways to acquire this equipment, both are randomized by how much currency the player has. 

Using gold to activate it or getting it as an invention by purchasing certain research upgrades.

The location of the pickups in Co-op mode are completely random, but in multiplayer they are predetermined (5 per team).

Foreign Fruit

Foreign Fruit Info Card

If activated mid-air it will still activate, but no bonus is given to the player.

Fuel Array

Fuel Array Info Card

The Fuel Array is first seen being used by players to activate an Escape Pod during the story event. 

They are later seen being used to open the giant Brute Door blocking the way to Crash Site Bravo. 

It cannot be used up normally, as it is a single-use equipment. 

It was added to the game in the Scorched Acres Update. Initially, players are not aware that they can obtain one, due to its limited appearance during Launch The Initiated."

Gorag's Opus

If there is one thing an RTS can be called, it's definitely volatile. 

A small mistake can make the difference between a great player and a terrible one with very little room for error. 

That being said, it is often helpful to have a little extra padding on your side with the right talent/technology/spell combo. 

With this talent, you will not only lower the cooldown on your War Stomp to 15 seconds, but also give all of your allies (including your drones and turrets) 50% increased movement speed and 100% increased attack speed for 7 seconds when activated after using War Stomp.

Milky Chrysalis

Milky Chrysalis Info Card

The Milky Chrysalis can only be obtained by picking up the pet item - Crawling Larva.

The Milky Chrysalis's mastery rank requirement is one level lower than the currently unlocked equipment mastery rank.

The item can be found in many areas after breaking down a wall. If no wall is broken, one must use a different item.

Preon Accumulator

This skill can be used to damage enemies, destroy terrain blocks, and detect players through walls. 

The projectiles fired by the Preon Accumulator are faster (and don't flinch / knockdown) than the explosion caused by the ordinary Preon Forge.

The projectile deals damage to the first enemy it hits, then splits into three smaller projectiles that deal damage to enemies within a small radius, then quickly dissipates.

Radar Scanner

Radar Scanner Info Card

Gear icon: A battery icon with a belt. Effect: Marks interactables within 500 meters for 10 seconds. 

The radar scanner can also be used to find secret rooms located behind fake walls.

Royal Capacitor

The capacitor can be charged through melee attacks. When fully charged, it will automatically fire upon the monster being targeted with the reticle. 

Charging is achieved by attacking monsters that are within melee range, movement speed will also charge it. It requires no ammo to use.

This item deals 5% more damage while at full health (compared to 0 health). 

It deals 20% more damage when below 25% health (compared to 50-100% health). It increases reload speed by 10%.

Super Massive Leech

Super Massive Leech Info Card

The Super Massive Leech keeps its owner alive in difficult situations and keeps their strength and power strong and secure.

It currently heals 1/4th of total damage dealt by the weapon that was equipped when the item proc'd, but it can be increased through bonuses on items/talents/mutators, so it's always better to have this equipped if you have Life Steal as a buff. 

There are also other ways to increase this amount.

The Crowdfunder

The Crowdfunder is a community-created primary weapon with the ability to give the Combat Mini-Sentry Gun permanent energy. 

It can be fired normally, or each time it is activated, it will gain heat and spin faster and faster, up to an extremely fast firing rate of 15 shots per second. However, this comes at the cost of losing all of its ammo and gaining +50% more overheating (from 50 to 75 per second for the Engineer and from 65 per second to 85 for the Heavy).

Elite Equipments

Currently, there are ten different types of Elite equipment, with some exceptions. There are no duplicates of any type of Elite equipment.

Each elite equipment has a distinct cosmetic appearance and different ability associated with it which represents its original owner. 

You may then use this equipment to tackle challenges that would normally be difficult or impossible to defeat by equipping up to 4 pieces of Elite Equipment in one loadout.

Her Biting Embrace

Let’s face it: without proper gear, you’re not going to last long in Risk of Rain 2. 

HQM Elite is a more enjoyable experience, but it can be more difficult to acquire some of these rarities. 

The Her Biting Embrace is an elite equipment that will make your run a lot easier with its health regen and cooldown reduction.

N'kuhana's Retort

The N'kuhana's Retort is a Legendary Tool available after completing a series of quests. Composed of a Malachite-infused wooden crossbow, this item was first discovered by a religious merchant trying to make ends meet in the Hushlands. 

In his travels, he had heard rumors of a cult that venerated the Lynx of the Northern Lynxes - an aggressive yet nomadic group of Felines that prowled out from under both caves and villages.

Silence Between Two Strikes

A master of warfare that can be used for both clearing areas and holding strong positions, the Silence Between Two Strikes possesses two hard-hitting primary weapon attacks. 

Its Overload Elite creates an area of effect field around the Maelstrom Soldier which, upon detonation, emits lightning bolts in all directions. These can instantly kill weaker enemies or leave them staggered, allowing the Silence Between Two Strikes to effectively cut off retreat routes.

Ifrit's Distinction

Ifrit's Distinction is a unique piece of equipment that holds both the appearance of one weapon while maintaining the stats of another. 

It grants additional fire damage to its wearer based on their fire weapon skill, has a higher chance to proc fire damage-over-time, and due to being treated as a melee weapon, it can be used with any class - including ninjas - who are restricted from using other ranged weapons.

Lunar Equipments

Lunar equipment is one of the three types of equipment that can be obtained from lunar pouches. They are one-handed weapons with great strength and considerable drawbacks, not much different from passive lunar items. 

Effigy of Grief

Bless is not my most loved skill in Guild Wars 2, so I looked for an alternative. 

This one - the Effigy of Grief seemed like a good choice. 

The reason I've chosen this particular skill was that it can be activated and placed anywhere on the map. Which is great because it allows me to put the debuff on several people if needed! 

The second reason is that it's relatively cheap to use - just two utility points.

Helfire Tincture

Incoming magical fire! Using these scrolls will place a magic circle on the floor. 

While in this circle, your character receives a buff called “Flame” which grants a conflagration of flames to burn out in a 15 meter radius around you. 

The circle lasts for 12 seconds and things in your immediate location will take a lot of damage from it.

Glowing Meteorite

The Meteorite stays active until destroyed by the alien team or turned off by the human team. If it is destroyed, it will respawn approximately 15 seconds after its destruction (5 seconds of counter and 10 seconds to recreate). 

The meteorites cannot be built over and will respawn as part of the map's normal regeneration. 

A Meteorite can be temporarily disabled through the use of the Personal Cloak device.

Spinel Tonic

In Spinel Tonic there is a chance that you will get a special item. This item has a similar effect as the Activated Tonic, but it lasts longer and has a greater effect on your stats. 

You can activate this bonus by clicking on the buff icon above the player's health bar. The bonus will activate straight after, increasing all of your stats dramatically for 20 seconds. 

You can use it as many times as you want during a match. 

That's what I wanted to tell you about this special item that there is a chance to get from using the Spinel Tonic 30 times.

Last Words

This is the end of the Risk of Rain 2 items article. This article can not be finished. It will be updated by me while new items are released.

Have a nice day.