+20 Solana Dex Projects You Should Know

Here are 20 Solana project you should know about if you want to learn about the great potential of this new gen blockchain technology.

Solana is the first high-performance blockchain that can process more than 700 transactions per second with low latency. The project envisions itself as a powerful language to build blockchains and decentralized applications.

Solana is an emerging blockchain development project that all crypto enthusiasts need to know about. Solana is developing a decentralized blockchain-based platform developed on a Proof-of-Stake hashing algorithm and sharding that aims to compete with the speed of centralized networks


Saber info card

Saber is a cross-chain stable cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike most exchanges, Saber offers both instant and atomic trading for pairs of similar cryptocurrencies. 

Saber guarantees liquidity at all times, instantly matching providers with those who need to exchange currencies. Saber doesn't require knowledge of trading or blockchain to use—all that's needed is a computer. 

Saber was created with stability in mind: it's built by Defi, a company dedicated to improving the crypto economy. It boasts infinite leverage while guaranteeing asset safety and eliminating impermanent loss. 

It provides its users with a secure way to earn money on their currency holdings—instantly, easily, and with low slippage.

Lumos Exchange

Lumos Exchange info card

The platform is designed to allow ordinary investors to easily engage in highly speculative market activity using digital assets. Lumos' high performance matching engine, deeply researched digital asset portfolio, comprehensive social features, and transparent fee structure combined with its out of the box tax management, risk analytics, and platform controls all come together to empower crypto traders with an intelligent and profitable trading experience.


CropperFinance info card

CropperFinance is building a blockchain protocol for decentralized yield farming on Proof of Stake blockchains such as Solana. CropperFinance's yield farming solution is designed to be used by SPL project builders that want to earn extra tokens while the network is being built before launch.


Serum info card

Serum is the first high performance decentralized exchange built on top of the Bitcoin network. Serum supports a large number of assets, including all ERC20 tokens, through our off-chain orderbook. This means that you never have to wait for your transactions to go through and your trades are always executed quickly and reliably, at the best price. 


HydraSwap info card

The HydraSwap platform is a hybrid DEX that bridges liquidity between multiple blockchains. HydraSwap functions as a cross-chain bridge — connecting users to their desired trading pairs on alternative blockchains such as Ethereum, EOS, and Bitcoin in order to generate profit for Liquidity Providers (LPs) with both lower fees and greater liquidity than existing on-chain solutions. 

By providing smaller less liquid assets with higher liquidity in the form of 'chained' relays, producers can thrive while simultaneously reducing risk through diversification.


Solend info card

Solend is the leading liquid-backed lending protocol on the Solana platform. It uses smart contracts to facilitate a marketplace for collateralized loans using your assets as collateral. 

You can earn interest by lending and borrowing to meet your short-term financial requirements.  Solend uses an algorithmic pricing model that provides long-term upward price stability, unlike other lending platforms and distributed exchanges where prices are driven by market sentiment.


01 is a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a standard ERC-20 token, with an audited smart contract underlying the frontend trading experience. The 01 platform will allow users to trade Ethereum and Bitcoin denominated fixed return contracts, provides hedging facilities and allows margin trading. One thing to note: 01 has no fiat-backing or banking partnerships. You need to own collateral tokens in order to trade.

Nirvana Finance

Nirvana Finance info card

The Nirvana protocol produces 2 tokens, NIRV and ANA, that work together to develop a sustainable store of wealth with long term gains and no downside risk- the first metastable token with a rising floor price. ANA has all of the perks of a growth token: steady appreciation, positive network effects, loyalty rewards and the ability to buy vaulted coins with its value. NIRV is an economically dominant growth crypto asset backed by ANA. Both ANA and NIRV benefit from the shared liquidity pool which protects both coins. 


Soldex info card

Soldex is a decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. It is built natively on the Solana blockchain and has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to trade quickly and easily. The exchange offers users a scalable infrastructure in which they can purchase tokens directly from the chain, reducing network congestion and enabling zero-fee trading. 

Soldex’s mission is to create an environment for the safe, seamless, and efficient use of crypto assets around the world. 


Jupiter info card

Jupiter is a liquidity network. The Solana network allows a vast array of values and cross-chain assets to become instantly transferable between each other. Jupiter provides a unified infrastructure framework by which the Solana network's many different dApps and users can create and interact with markets that trade across all tokens on the network (even cross-chain). Through its robust API, Jupiter makes it easy for any application to integrate with all of the existing liquidity in the world. We expect developers building smart contract applications on the Solana blockchain will rely heavily on Jupiter as their primary tool for accessing liquidity.