Toolsmith Minecraft: Trades & Features

The master toolsmith is a villager wearing blue clothing who sells various high-level weapons, armor, and tools. In the trading hall, the master toolsmith has a chest filled with emeralds and various pieces of iron gear.

The higher level this villager has the greater assortment of goods at his disposal to sell and more expensive price for them as well as the color of his buckle will change according to his status.

The toolsmith is a villager who spawns in villages and will trade 16 emeralds for a diamond pickaxe, diamond axe, diamond shovel or iron pickaxe. He also buys diamonds, iron ingots and flint for 8-10 emeralds each. 

Since 1.16, he has also sells bells and emeralds for 1 iron ingot and 10 emeralds each.

To unlock him you must get flint from gravel blocks and then trade emerald with a generic villager until he gets his profession. 

Then you must have to find at least 2 toolsmiths near each other. They will breed and create a new profession known as tool smith.

Toolsmith Trade Chart


Buy Price
Coal x 1
Iron Ingot x 1
Flint x 1
Diamond x 1
Sell Price
Stone Axe x 1
Stone Shovel x 1
Stone Pickaxe x 1
Stone Hoe x 1
Bell x 36
Enchanted Iron Axe x 20
Enchanted Iron Shovel x 21
Enchanted Iron Pickaxe x 22
Enchanted Diamond Hoe x 28
Enchanted diamond axe x 31
Enchanted Diamond Shovel x 24
Enchanted diamond pickaxe x 32

The toolsmith can make different types of weapons and armor, some of the items the toolsmith can sell are on the following list: You will find a detailed description of the item below.

Toolsmith is a great place to buy some essential items that you'll need when starting out. You can receive these items from the toolsmith and use them in your house (where they will be protected) and then sell them back to him later on, when you don't need them anymore.

You can trade with a toolsmith if you have the required items in your inventory. 

The trading menu is the same for all villagers and contains 2 pages of 10 item boxes each.

How to Make Toolsmith in Minecraft

So, if you have a heavily populated village and smithing tables are used by other villagers, it won't work. 

You need to build a separate building with two empty worktables so that the villager can start crafting and changing his profession. Once you’ve found a villager with no bed or profession, you must give him both. 

Your components of hint: 2 occupation tables (smithy), 2 beds, 1 villager.

This will grant the villager the toolsmith profession. You can then trade with the toolsmith tradesman, which will unlock more advanced trades that other villagers won't offer. 

To turn a villager into a toolsmith, you will need doors for the structure and a craftsman’s workbench. The easiest way to do this is to go to your house and create a workbench, farm and bed in Minecraft. However, you can also use other resources to craft these items if you want to create a more advanced village for your villagers.

Smithing Table

Minecraft's Smithing Table is a block used to upgrade diamond gear into netherite gear. Place the item you wish to upgrade in the Smithing Table, click the material you want it made out of and... voila! 

Your diamond tools are now netherite tools! The Smithing Table block also serves as an aesthetic decoration similar to a Crafting Table.

This includes tools, weapons, and armor. This block will not hold enchanted items, or be able to repair them. When used to upgrade diamond gear, the item's durability and enchantments will be transferred over to the netherite item.

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