Weaponsmith Minecraft: Trades & Features

The weaponsmith is a villager who has a chance of spawning in a village. A player can trade with the weaponsmith, who buys iron ingots, emeralds, diamonds and flint, and sells iron swords, iron axes, bells and emeralds. 

The weaponsmith is an elderly villager in brown clothing with black gloves and an eye patch. 

The eye patch is there because he lost his left eye trading with a journeyman-level weaponsmith from a faraway village.

He works at the grindstone, where he sells swords, axes, bells and emeralds. Weaponsmith will also buy your flint, diamonds, iron ingots and emeralds!

Once you trade something with him, he will grant you discounts on his goods and wares. The weaponsmith is one of the most well-known villager types in Minecraft.

He does not make an appearance until the breaking of an Iron Sword, or if a bell is used. If he has been unlocked, he can sell you a variety of items. He can be found in most biomes of Minecraft - if he is there, his hut will always look like it belongs to that biome.

Weaponsmith Trade Table

Buys Price
Coal x 15 x 1
Iron ingot x 4 x 1
Diamond x 1
Flint x 24 x 1
Sells Price
Iron ax x 3
Enchanted Iron Sword x 21
Bell x 36
Enchanted Diamond Ax x 31
Enchanted Diamond Sword x 27

The Weaponsmith is one of the many traders that you find in Minecraft. His job is to sell you weapons, armor and other equipment from swordsmen, archers and more. 

The weaponsmith sells 5 items such as swords, bows, pickaxes and swords. In addition to these 5 items there are also 4 items which can be bought for basic game currency. 

These are the signs of a weaponsmith who buys 8 items in exchange for basic game currency. The weapons on sale are: diamond sword, iron sword, and golden sword. 

The items that can be bought by the weaponsmith in Minecraft are: arrows, crossbow, iron helmet, diamond helmet, and iron ingot.

Make and trade your own Firework arrows, Arrow of Swiftness and more! Hand-made items will only last for a short time, so you’ll need to use your Dragon Scales to upgrade them before they expire.

How to Make Weaponsmith Villager

To make a weaponsmith villager, the bed and grindstone should be placed next to each other. We also recommend placing the stonecutter near these 2 blocks, as the villager will start making axes from stone, which can be handed over to blacksmith for repairs.

Be careful, grindstone and a bed is not enough to ensure that the weapon-maker will start trading. As there may not be enough places nearby for villagers and each of the professions can be seen by no more than two villagers simultaneously.

The first thing to do is to choose a place for the workbench and put it there. The workbench should be located within our walls (and preferably at the same level of elevation). 

Do not place the table between two beds; this does not work either, as in this case the nearby villager will become a toolmaker. 

Nearby we put an unoccupied bed on which we put an unoccupied bed on which we put a villager. Bed must be located within 2 blocks from the table, but next to the table you can be at any height (above or below). Only then can he become a toolmaker.

Grindstone Job Block

When making a grindstone, it is important that the wooden planks and cobblestones are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. 

In the first row, there should be 1 wooden plank in the second box and 1 wooden plank in the third box. 

In the third row, there should be 1 cobblestone in the first box, 1 cobblestone in the second box and 1 wooden plank in the third box.

Grindstones are a type of block that can be used to remove non-curse enchantments from items, repair items and tools at full durability, and combine enchantments. 

Tools that have multiple levels of the efficiency enchantment (e.g. Efficiency III) will lose all levels of the enchantment when placed in a grindstone. Items that break have a chance to drop an item with the same level of damage as well as any enchantments with Level I or higher.

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