Yellow White Purple Black Flag Explained

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Have you seen the Yellow White Purple Black Flag before and don't know what it means? In this article, we will eliminate these ambiguities.

This flag is known as the Non-binary flag. Binary, as you know, is the spoken language of computers. There are 1s and zeros. The general perception in society as gender is that there are women and men.

This flag defends the opposite of this point of view. There are numbers other than 1s and zeros, and there are colors other than black and white.

Non-binary flag.





Argues that gender identity cannot be reduced to two in a complex structure like a human.

Each color has a different meaning in itself: Let's examine the meanings inside the flag one by one, from top to bottom:

Yellow Stripe: Apart from the female and male genders, it has a fluid structure and represents those who live this identity freely and by accepting themselves.

White Stripe: Represents groups that have transitions but are also a racial minority.

Purple Stripe: This color was chosen to highlight individuals who do not transition between the sexes, but who can identify themselves in both ways.

Black Stripe: The nothingness of color will perhaps give you a clue. This color has been added to this flag to represent individuals who do not choose any gender as their side.

As you can see, the white, purple, yellow and black flags are all inclusive of human feelings.

People think that suppressing these feelings will not be different from cruelty to human beings.

History of NonBinary Pride Flag

Have you ever heard of the name Kye Rowan? He's not one of those people we come across in People magazine all the time.

However, this designer managed to go down in history by designing this flag in 2014. 

In a little more than half a century, it has solidified its place in our culture by embodying this mentality.

This symbol is now accepted by everyone around the world. This is the task of the flags, to establish a simple but profound communication with the masses.

Kye Rowen felt that the non-binary group was underrepresented in LGBT in general. That's why she decided to design this flag.

He also interpreted the color representations I mentioned above. 

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