Red Gradients

red gradients

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Red Gradient Example in Web Design Works

Red Gradient

‍by Mike | Creative Mints

‍by Tintins

‍by Emmanuel Julliot

‍by Pixelmatters

‍by Pixelhunt

Illustration Example Colored with Red Gradient

‍by Nicholas

‍by Alex Kunchevsky

‍by André Gonçalves

‍by Daniele Simonelli

‍by Saikat Kumar

Icon Design with Red Gradient

‍by Wang Yang

‍by Alejandro Cuffia

‍by Tom Parkes

‍by Denis Nedvěd

‍by Pavlo Karnaukhov

As website owners, we want users to click on some of our buttons. Sometimes the purpose of the site is to just click on the button. If you do not believe it, check out this site. This site receives 2 million visitors every month.

It's really cool. "Hi, I'm an Internet entrepreneur." - "Great, what have you built?" - "I list the useless sites."

You should have noticed it when you're looking at the site

The button was red.

Red CSS gradient perfect choice for buttons. Of course, it can also be used for other site elements.

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