Cordovan Color

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cordovan color was named after the Spanish city of Cordoba. It is a dark brown hue that resembles a rose bush. It is a useful color.

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Cordovan Color
Cordovan Color

Cordovan is the color of the darker reddish-brown color of leather made from horsehide. 

Brown cordovan leather was used for English riding boots, hence the term "cordwainer".

It was also used to describe 16th century light tan to near white cordovan boots. 

If you are looking for cordovan mens color then you have come to the right place.

It is an extremely fine quality of leather originally produced in the best part of the city of Cordoba, Spain. 

At first it was used to make the boots of the mounted armies of the West during the 16th century. 

And then by its durability, softness and resistance it became very popular in Europe, being one of the most expensive leathers until the middle of the 18th century.

Cordovan Color in Fashion Design

It is always present in the fashion collections which are presented each year. Cordovan color portrays dominance, confidence and power. 

Because of these emotions that cordovan color brings, it has been getting more popular day by day. 

There are many designers who like to use cordovan color in their creations. If you are an active fashion follower then you would be able to relate that this beautiful color is quite popular in most of the high profile fashion collections.

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