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Are you starting to pick a color for your next design? CSS Gradient Generator is for you. You can access CSS codes with one click without writing any code.

When I was making this site in 2018, I had only one goal—making people laugh. That's why I chose the gradient names on the site hilarious.

I have reached my goal. Eggradients.com reached thousands of people. I get tons of thank you emails every month. It was featured on the home page in Hackernews and Product hunt.

There was news on hundreds of sites related to design. Beyond these, ready-made gradients are used by more than 100k software developers and designers every month.

I paid for the time I spent on Eggradients. However, I missed something. I was not allowing its users to make their gradients.

I had beautiful gradients, but I prepared them. This is the tool I developed to allow users to build their gradients.

CSS gradient generator is a simple to use web software, currently in the beta stage. If there are any parts you think are missing, please contact me.

Currently, it is possible to create linear gradients created with only two colors. I can add multicolor gradient creation options in the future, but I'm not sure. If I receive many request mails on this issue, I will take action, except that I do not want to develop for hours just because the user may use it.

Users tell you what they want to use. Guessing about what the user wants is like gambling with your budgets.

I think this version will be sufficient in terms of both time and cost.

There are a total of two tables of color options in the CSS gradient generator. After choosing the colors, you can also choose the volumes of the colors touching each other. If you like the results, click the button below to copy the CSS code. When you click on this button, all you have to do is paste the code where you dream of pasting. That's it.

It is great if you link my vehicle to the site you developed. I would be pleased with that. However, you do not have such an obligation. I can only graciously expect you to mention my tool on your site; otherwise, I can't force you to do so.

I will not take any action for using colors and not thanking me on your site.

All resources on this site are entirely free to use.

If you have a design profession, the shades of the color page may also be of interest. I also published this page last year. You can find more than 50 versions of the primary colors on a single page. For example, I made a page for shades of red. This example also applies to other primary colors.

Although I have managed projects in design for many years, I learned a lot while preparing these tones.

Three years ago, when I created gradient colors, I made up the gradients’ names I prepared myself. Because the result was my own, and I did not hesitate to name it myself.

However, I did not do the same for the colors on the color page’s Shades because they were not mine. These colors, which were found ten years ago, had worldwide accepted names. It would be disrespectful to put unique names to these colors, but it would also confuse.

I have combined the colors that are currently available in a more accessible way. Because designers and software developers came to my site, I thought offering new content to these people would make my website efficient.

Another tool I made on the site is student discounts. You may wonder why student discounts are included on a site created only for design and colors.

However, when I first published this site, I was still a student, and I developed the site thanks to these student discounts. I usually use no-code tools, and the fees for these tools are expensive.

As a student, I found tools that offer discounts to students to minimize these costs. Most companies offer discounts to students, but these discounts are not very accessible.

I made a list of the discounts companies offer to students not to be aware of these discounts.

Of course, this site was also featured on the Product Hunt homepage.

This is the only project in my side project that does not include design and colors. If you are a student and have a domain ending in .edu, please check out this site.

Gradients are very trendy right now. If you look at the Stripe site, you will know what I mean. It is possible to see gradients even on the product hunt profile page. You already know Instagram's love of gradients.

All this shows that gradients will continue to be in vogue. Large companies usually determine design trends.

Companies with billions of users set design trends, and other smaller companies imitate them. It has to imitate. Because after users have a particular habit, developing an interface outside of those habits may cause users to delete your application.

Because a new interface is something new to be discovered, nobody wants to put their head on it. For example, although I know the premier adobe app is much more advanced, I've gotten so used to using premier rush that I don't want to use any other video editing app.

This is how gradients became popular again, thanks to large companies. I hope the CSS gradient generator helps you.

Thanks to this application, you can generate gradients without downloading and installing anything on your computer. An online gradient maker will make your work a lot easier.

If you are familiar with web design, you already know Dribbble. Dribble is a website where designs designing products for displays upload their works.

Designers load their work and get more job opportunities. At the same time, other artists find the inspiration they need to complete existing work on the Dribble site. Sometimes designers overdo it with inspiration, but that's not such a big deal.

In the world of design, there are enough jobs for everyone.


When you enter the Dribbble site, you will see that gradient colors are used in many designs.

This trend has been around for three years, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere.

As a web developer, my biggest challenge was converting the gradient I liked into code. Please don't get me wrong, converting gradient color to code is not difficult, but time-consuming. I welcome any tool that saves me time.

Time is the most precious asset we have, and most people realize this fact when they have no time left.

CSS gradient generator is a little help to shorten the development process.

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