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Having gained fame for his alchemical talents, he's a reclusive person, spending most of his time in Dragonspine. 

He dislikes social interactions, finding it stressful, and thus rarely travels to the city of Mondstadt unless it is to meet up with his fellow alchemists or acquaintances. He prefers being around children, especially Klee, seeing her as a younger sister.

While he has no creativity of his own and little knowledge on how to interact with other people properly, he is just as adept at alchemy as any Geo character, if not more so. 

His grasp on alchemy is such that, at one point, he was even able to create an anti-sickness elixir for Klee and allow her to travel to the city with her friends. When hanging out with him, his mother often requests that he give her new knowledge about alchemy.

Albedo is one of the Geo, a race of beings who live in the closed world known as the Geo Kingdom. Creating Potentials are creatures that are able to create energy in their body. This energy can be transformed into a giant tree-like entity that responds to human thoughts and feelings called Emotions. 

Unfortunately this energy source is unstable, and can be forced out of control by an opposition force called Negatives. These beings are granted various abilities by Albedo, to fight against them and help maintain peace within the world. His potential is visible on his left hand as red marks.

Albedo's casual outfit consists of an olive green jacket, a pink tank top underneath, with matching pants and brown boots. 

His school uniform consists of a pale green dress shirt with a black necktie, a short black blazer, gray trousers, and brown shoes. His summer uniform consists of a white short-sleeved collared shirt under a white shirt, along with navy shorts. 

His swimsuit consists of black trunks with blue stripes. In the anime adaptation, his casual outfit lacks the jacket and his swimsuit is yellow.

While he has no extraordinary abilities beyond his silver tongue, he finds himself in a very unique position as one of Cinder Fall's closest associates. His fate is intertwined with that of the Fall Maiden and her master, Salem.

His eyes are teal, with three black dots in his left iris. His skin is pale and he has long sleeve-less shirts under a leather vest. One sleeve has panels missing with the pants he wears underneath his vest showing. He wears leather pants that are tailored to him and goes down to his ankles.

A member of a civilization known as the Outer Gods, Albedo was responsible for helping them enter the Medium through his dream powers. He later became one of their most powerful minions and has taken on multiple forms--all of which are as creepy as his original form was adorable.

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