+20 Transparent Background Apple Logo PNG Image For Free

December 7, 2019

The logo of the world's brand-name high-tech company is an apple shape. The company's name is Apple. Here is the Apple PNG logo collection for you. All free.

Apple is one of the leading technology companies established in the silicon valley. At one point, one of the reasons why rents are so high in Silicon Valley is Apple. And tons of other companies.



Apple started the personal computer revolution. The interface of the computers before Apple was very complicated.

Only those who needed it preferred to use the computer. They had to learn a lot of commands.

Most early computer users know how to write a little code because the interface of old computers consisted of lines and commands.

It was no different from a calculator with too many keys.

Steve Jobs brought this complexity into accessible simplicity. This simplicity led to a change of age.

If Apple's value today is $ 1 Trillion, the sum of users who use an Apple computer and develop something with it is more than that.


You'll notice that Apple is a brand I like. Even though the touch bar is dull in the meantime, and the charge is less lasting than before, I still love it somehow.

If we left everything we loved because of its flaws, we would be very lonely now.

All Apple Logo PNGs in this collection are free of charge.

You don't have to feel owed to us. We did not design this logo anyway.

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