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Ganyu is a Geo Force or a female with half-Geo Breaker blood. Ganyu can be quiet and very reserved at times which is mainly due to her heritage. This is the Ganyu PNG collection. 

She does know that there are people who do not accept things that they consider as abnormal but she has no problem with her own powers anymore as she has accepted them, like when she was fighting Shadow on Geo France.

Ganyu, originally introduced as Png, is a main character in the manhua series . She's known as the wild and ferocious half-danmaku qilin who's more loyal to Beidou than anyone else. A modern day princess with a pure, innocent heart, she's even become a full qilin, thanks to Zuishen's power. Although she is wild and fierce on the outside, her private self is shy and gentle.

She was found by two Geo Archons, Cloud and Wind, in a forest covered in blood. They took her to the Emperor who raised her as his own daughter despite being worried about her strange heritage. Ganyu learnt a lot about politics from her father and thought that nobody would understand her due to him being an emperor and not allowing anyone close to him.

Genshin Impact is a special move Ganyu can perform in battle. To execute it, Ganyu uses her horns to absorb the power of buildings and other objects she can touch to add them to the attack. 

The amount of power absorbed, and thus added onto the attack makes it powerful enough that in some cases it rivals Ganglabe's "Ryuusenken". 

Because of its physical requirements, Genshin Impact is a technique that requires physical contact with the target. During such times, Ganyu can even absorb several objects at once, up to the weight that she is capable of carrying as long as they are kept within reach/touching distance.

Her magic comes from her Dragon ancestry and normally utilizes her horns in battle. She specializes in flashier spells that involve flashy effects, but also has basic elemental power over fire and wind. Some of her spells produce danmaku that fill the air.

She possesses both great wisdom and strength, though her outwardly naive and childish demeanor constantly amazes those she comes across. Over the years, she has developed a liking for vegetarian cuisine, particularly Women's signature dish - fried tofu. 

Each character is meticulously sculpted to capture every detail of their personality. This product comes with a base made specifically for Ganyu Genshin, as well as an extra arm to pose her in different positions. It is cast in polystone, and hand-painted with uniquely blended colors and great detail.

This is the end of the collection. I will update time by time with new ganyu pngs

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