+20 Transparent Background Logo Instagram PNG Image For Free

December 5, 2019

In recent years, Instagram has become popular, even in front of Facebook. Officially people now live on Instagram.

If we look at the numbers, Facebook is still ahead, but Instagram is closing the gap.

In the early stages of social media, there was the concept of the most used clocks.

Twitter was used in the morning hours, and facebook and Instagram were used extensively in the evening hours.

But these graphics don't go around much anymore. I guess it's no longer the busiest time. Instagram is active every hour.

When Instagram became very popular, its logo became well known to everyone. If a Logo test is held, Instagram is as well known as Apple.

When the old logo changed to a new logo, individual human unhappiness was revealed. But today when you look at the old Instagram logo, it looks hideous.

The new logo is now famous. I don't remember the old one.

The same thing happened at Starbucks. Starbucks lifted the sign in front of the mermaid and people were very opposed.

But today when I see the Starbucks logo on it, I almost bleed.

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No one will delete this social media app anytime soon — Instagram with us for many years.