+20 Transparent Background Logo Whatsapp PNG Image For Free

December 7, 2019

Need the logo of the world's most used messaging application? Here is the Logo Whatsapp PNG collection for you. Entirely free and easy to download.

I am one of the early users of WhatsApp. It's not because I'm a messaging lover. I just had a Nokia phone when WhatsApp first came out.


Not everyone knows, but Whatsapp first appeared on Nokia phones.

The Whatsapp Logo hasn't changed a lot since.

I don't remember if I installed it on the phone, or it was one of Nokia's default applications, but I remember Whatsapp.

There were thousands of people in my phone book, but when I opened Whatsapp, there were very few people I could text.

At that time, the Blackberry brand messaging application BBM was fashion. Everyone was crazy about sharing BBM code. Some people added BBM codes to their social media.

But even in the early stages of WhatsApp, I understood that it would surpass all other messaging applications.

There was no need to be a genius to understand that.

Unlike its competitors, Whatsapp did not impose any requirement to use the app. He did not want a monthly payment, nor required a friend request process.

The only requirement to chat with a friend on Whatsapp was that his number was stored on his phone.

It's that simple.

It made sense to me even when no one was using it. I think it would have made sense to Mark's founder, Facebook, to buy Whatsapp for $16 billion.

I think it went down in history as the most significant amount Facebook paid for a single company.

Technology giants like Facebook are continually buying other companies and but giving $ 16 billion to a messaging application? Crazy.

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