A0 Paper Size

Now that you are curious about the A0 paper size, you must be designing your A0 paper. Here are the exact numbers for you.

The A0 dimensions are as follows: 841mm x 1189mm. It's a really big paper.

At the beginning of the 2000s, very bold statements were made about the papers coming out of our lives. But now we are in 2020, and the documents are still in our lives.

Digitization has significantly reduced the use of paper in some sectors. But it did not drop to zero.
In which areas has paper usage been reduced?

Paper usage in document management and archiving has decreased compared to the past. Keeping documents digital has become much more efficient.

However, we cannot give up our desire to put an idea on paper. Taking notes on the paper makes us feel much better.

Perhaps because of our mastery of pen and paper use, the difficulty of using the tool does not prevent us from thinking.

Please let me explain.

You are 27, and you have been using pens since you were four years old. Thanks to your 20-year experience of using the pen, you make no cognitive effort when using it. This does not prevent the thoughts from falling apart while taking notes of their ideas.

But if you haven't mastered the keyboard so much, you can't record your thoughts easily. This causes the head to fall apart.

Of course, the example I mentioned above is not valid for me. Since I have mastered the use of keyboards, I am not looking for the letters' location while expressing my thoughts.


I mentioned the A0 paper size above. Using these numbers, you can print out the correct paper. Each paper size in the A series is designed for a different purpose.

Thank you for reading this article. You can send me your suggestions for developing an e-mail. Ll, see.

Perhaps we feel safe next to the papers. When I go to a house, two things attract my attention. Papers and books. I get severe prejudices about the owners of a home without a library.

Maybe these prejudices are not correct. Indeed, it is wrong, but my brain has specific ideas that the thinking mechanism of an unreadable person may be less developed.