A2 Paper Size Guide

Do you need a big sheet of paper? A2 paper size is just the size you need. It is the third-largest standard paper size. You can also choose the thickness.

A2 paper dimensions are as follows: 420 x 594mm. If you're wondering about the size in inches, here's the answer: 16.5 x 23.4 inches.

The largest paper size after A2 is A1. I had written an article on this subject before. If you are curious, you can access it from this link.

So what paper size comes after A1? The answer is simple. A0.

A0 is used for industrial purposes. It is not suitable for office work. The most suitable paper for office work is A4. It is used to archive documents and does indeed work.

And of course, I also wrote an article on A4. Suppose you want to know its size too. You can click on the following link.

The purposes of using paper in the office environment are generally to store and transmit information. I don't think we need paper and pen anymore, except for taking notes for the creative thinking process, but people's habits develop more slowly than technology. Therefore, the piece is still used in offices.

A2 paper size may be used in design offices. However, it is not used in an insurance company.

If you have noticed, the larger the number next to the letter A, the smaller the paper size. Being aware of this ironic situation helps you in general culture competitions because this confusing situation is often asked in available culture tests.

I shared the dimensions of A2 paper in mm. However, I also shared it in inches. Usually, these two measures are sufficient.

If you want to design your paper, I suggest you enter this measure in editing applications. Because at the end of the day, you create what you developed in an editing program on the computer for printing.

Arranging a design to be printed according to pixel dimensions may cause problems in the future.

By the way, if you have a job like paper design, I recommend you check out Pinterest. As you know, Pinterest is the first site that comes to mind when it comes to inspiration.

Here are the great results I got on my first search. If you dig a little deeper, you can find more outstanding and unique designs.

A2 is a huge paper. Before you go to the stationery to buy this paper, it is useful to know how big it is. Because usually, people are unhappy when carrying big things.

Especially the people around show dissatisfaction with those who carry big things. Taking big stuff in public transport is not officially requested. Because they think those having big things violate other people's spaces.

This is, of course, an absurd thought. It is even an unnecessary thought. But it is challenging to change the way the human brain works.


It's good that you read this article before you go shopping for stationery. Now you know the a2 paper size exactly. Before you leave the house, you buy suitable equipment.

If, after all, that I have told you if you find it difficult to envision the actual dimensions in your mind, let me give a simple explanation.

Arrange four A4 sheets of paper in a rectangular shape. Lay two of them side by side and add two more underneath. The measure you see here is the actual size of the a2 sheet.

This means that a2 is four times bigger than a4. You can take A4 size as a criterion and learn other paper sizes without ever looking on the internet.

For example, let's find the measure of the a0 paper with a simple equation.

If a2 is four times A4, what is the dimension A0? I can quickly find the answer to this equation, but I'm giving you the computational task.

Thus, you can turn the passive reading act into an active learning process. The dynamic learning process method helps you acquire more and more permanent information in less time.

If you are curious about other information about paper sizes, I recommend that you research it online. If you can't find an answer on the internet, contact me. After a more in-depth investigation, I find the correct answer in the public library.

Information that is not available in the public library is easy to find on the internet. It is straightforward to find information that is not available on the Internet in Public libraries.

The internet is an excellent tool for accessing information but not very efficient. Only 20% of the total information on the Internet applies to useful information. The rests are comments, thoughts, and other things.

Information in a2 or other paper sizes is still invaluable and waiting to be discovered.

If you are planning to design a page, you may need color palettes. I have a collection of these. You can also click here to see the list I created with the names of the colors.

All these resources contribute to the design process. This is the purpose anyway. I spend my own time helping you do more with less time. Likewise, you make someone else's job easier. Everyone is rewarded for this system. This is precisely what distinguishes us from other human species.

We can manage to live together.