A5 Paper Size

One of the most famous paper sizes after A4 is A5. If you are curious about A5 paper's size, you can find the answer in this article.

A5 Paper dimension is different from A4. Exactly the figures are as follows: 8.27 x 5.83 inches.

Paper sizes are too much. There are A series of dimensions B series dimensions. There is a paper size for almost all purposes. Some are used to print posters, and some are used to print books.

As each goal reveals different paper sizes, a list of paper size names has been created.

I will process the paper sizes in this list one by one in the coming days.

It can be printed on the printer like A4 in A4. Technological advances, though, allow printing of all types of paper on the printer.

But printers, where you can print any paper, are not available in everyone's home.

What is the difference of A5 from A4?

Maybe you noticed. A5 is wider. Because even though A4 is useful, it may be narrow about printing some documents.

This need also allowed the invention of A5 paper.

I shared the dimensions of A5 paper in inches. The correct dimensions of A5 paper in mm are as follows. 210 x 148 mm. If you are wondering in cm, you can reach the correct number by placing a comma in front of the trailing number.

The dimensions of the A5 paper size in pixels are as follows: 1748 px x 2480 px.

As you can follow, the dimensions are similar to a4, but not the same.

If you are preparing an official document and the documents should be in a5 size, do not confuse it with a4.

This carelessness may cause obstacles to public authorities later on.

What other purposes is the A5 used for?

The first one is presentations.

Although we are used to seeing presentations on projectors, these presentations may sometimes have to be printed on paper.

The main reason for this imperative comes from the desire of the audience following the presentation to check the retrospective information.

Especially in important board meetings, these presentations are left to the table of all members.

A5 is of course not only used for this purpose. It is completely left to the creativity of the users and a5 sized papers are used for various purposes.

If you want to produce colorful and designed a5 papers, you can examine the color palettes that I prepared for inspiration.

The biggest feature that distinguishes these color palettes from other color palettes is that these palettes are created not by accident but by being inspired by album covers.

The 5 main colors used on the album covers are listed. I am sure you will find the color palette of an album you like.

I will also share other paper sizes over time. Thank you so much for now.

Good luck.

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