A6 Envelope Size

Do you have an important file for the envelope? Then you better learn a6 envelope size now. Envelope works work wrap important document

The official A6 Envelopes size is 4 3/4 x 6 1/2. A6 Envelope size is smaller than other envelope sizes.

The envelope is a great invention, just like a spoon. One day you can develop more advanced social media than Facebook. Or you could do a better search engine than Google. But can you make a better spoon than a spoon?

So hard.

The spoon was invented thousands of years ago. And it's still in use.

The envelope is the same. Once developed and used without the need for an add. What's missing. What more. Perfect and simple design.

Colored, floral or scented envelopes were made, but they did not contribute to the function.

The envelope is still the same as the envelopes developed centuries ago.

I mentioned above a6 envelope size.

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