Bumper Sticker Size in 2020

December 13, 2019

The bumper sticker is older than you think. You could even see a Bumper sticker on old cars. And it hasn't changed much since that time.

Although the jokes written on it changed, their dimensions remained the same.

These stickers affixed to the back of cars usually consist of funny words. And it could be just as political.

Bumper sticker gives you two different sizes: 3″ X 11.5″ for normal size, 3.75″ X 15″ for larger one.

What is the primary purpose of these sticks? Today, although everyone puts this sticker on the back of their car for entertainment, its primary goal was to advertise.

What do we see the most in traffic? Behind the next car. This situation is enough to make that region a precious advertising space.

What's most interesting is that, although cars are fitted with bumper stickers, their dates are older than vehicles.

Even before Henry Ford made the individual car revolution, bumper sticker-like commercials were stuck behind the carts.

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